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Stroheim's Unit Strikes Back, Part 3 (シュトロハイム隊の逆襲 その③, Shutōrohaimu-tai no Gyakushū Sono 3), originally Kars "Light Mode" (カーズ”光の流法(モード), Kāzu "Hikari no Mōdo") in the WSJ and tankobon releases, is the forty-first chapter of Battle Tendency and the eighty-fifth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Stroheim, having been revived as a cyborg thanks to Nazi technology, challenges Kars to a fight, believing himself to now be on equal fighting grounds with the pillar men. Joseph walks in, though Kars is more interested in fighting Joseph for killing Esidisi, Stroheim is able to antagonize him after ripping a piece of Kars's hand off with his mechanized arm.

Stroheim then reveals a Gatling gun in his abdomen and opens fire onto Kars. Kars takes the full force of the gunfire and is blasted outside through the wall. Nonetheless, Kars uses his Light Blades, which function similarly to chainsaws, to quickly dispatch Stroheim's bullets. He follows by cutting Stroheim's arm off, along with his lower body. Though Stroheim is still alive due to being a cyborg, Kars lifts him up and attempts to retrieve the Red Stone from him.


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