Stone Ocean - Chapter 64

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The Secret of Guard Westwood, Part 5 (看守ウエストウッドの秘密 その⑤, Kanshu Uesutouddo no Himitsu Sono 5), originally Cracks (ヒビ, Hibi) in the WSJ release, is the sixty-fourth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred fifty-eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jolyne frantically tries to escape Westwood's chokehold; detaining prisoners is Westwood's job, and he has become very skilled at it over the years. She looks up at the two holes in the ceiling; remembering his ability, she becomes determined to escape the hold. She pierces his eyes and ears with strings, but is too late as she sees two meteors raining down into the prison.

By pulling at the strings, Jolyne maneuvers them so that she only gets scraped by a meteor. The other heads directly towards Westwood's face, but burns up before it can reach him. Planet Waves, the Stand of Viviano Westwood, is able to draw meteors toward its user, burning them away before impact. Before more meteors can arrive, Jolyne uses a string to peel off the top of his big toe. She exclaims that she will skin his entire body before the next meteor hits.





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