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Hato's Boyfriend (鳩ちゃんのボーイフレンド Hato-chan no Bōifurendo) is the twelfth volume of JoJolion and the one hundred sixteenth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the Hato Brought Her Boyfriend Home story arc and the first chapter of the Vitamin C and Killer Queen story arc.


Yasuho investigates a young man, Josefumi Kujo, who could be Josuke. Can she find information that connects the two? Meanwhile, the Higashikata family is puzzled by a man that Hato has brought home. This man that runs a laundry shop in Morioh is suspicious...


Author's Note

I made a set of personal standards to judge whether the things I see in life are OK or not OK. When I go to my office, I travel through a residential area, where you can see a house that's got things hung to dry on the veranda. I don't know whether the owner of the house is elderly or young, but the washing pole is stuck straight through the sleeves of their shirts and the legs of their pants, and so on. That's not something you see too often... They also put their shoes on the handrail to dry after washing. Now, is this OK or not OK? Verdict: OK! (Standards to be continued on the next volume)



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