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My Dream Is to Be a Gang Star (ぼくの夢はギャング・スター, Boku no Yume wa Gyangu Sutā) is the second volume of Vento Aureo and the forty-eighth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the second half of the "Bucciarati Is Coming" story arc, the "Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall" story arc and most of the "Joining the Gang" story arc.


Author's Note

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I went to Italy to do some research, and there was something that I found a bit strange: their policemen. Policemen in airports or jails carry machine guns. This made me wonder if things were pretty dangerous, but then I saw policemen wearing capes and carrying swords — the old-fashioned kind that soldiers in the past used to carry. And then I thought, do they use both the swords and the machine guns to fight against evildoers? The more I use my imagination, the more intense the battle seems to me in my mind.



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