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Dawn of the Higashikata Family (東方家の夜明け, Higashikata-ke no Yoake) is the fourteenth volume of JoJolion and the one hundred eighteenth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the "Walking Heart" story arc and the "Milagroman" story arc.


When Tamaki Damo discovers that Josuke's true identity is Josefumi fused with the deceased Kira, he changes his target to Josuke and decides to get rid of him. However, Hato learns that she has been betrayed and strikes back! A Stand attack suddenly hits Damo. Is this the end of this tragedy in the Higashikata family!?


Author's Note

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I'm going to write a few maniacal comments, so bear with me. When I listen to music, there are artists that make me wonder, "How have I not heard about an artist this talented and this amazing for decades? Where were they, and how did I not hear about them? Why were they hiding from me until now? What a shocking encounter." I'm referring to Leonard Cohen and Curtis Mayfield, among others. One is a band named Can with a song called "Vitamin C". The vocalist is Damo Suzuki. That's why the enemy character's name is Kan Damo.

(Note: The kanji for Tamaki Damo's given name can also be read as Kan.)
共感を無視して、マニアックなコメントを書きます。音楽を聴いていて、なぜ、これほどまでの才能のある凄すぎるアーティストが、これっぽちも、何十年も僕の耳に触れなかったのか?という人たちがいます。噂も届かず、どこにいたの? なぜ今まで隠れてたの? 衝撃の出会い。という人たち。名前は『レナード・コーエン』『カーティス・メイフィールド』など。




Printing error in Volume 14 of JoJolion
  • During Japan Expo 2019, Delcourt/Tonkam revealed Volume 14 of JoJolion in advance. However, they forgot to place the title on the cover.


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