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The Ultimate Dilemma (究極のジレンマ Kyūkyoku no Jirenma) is the twenty-fifth volume of JoJolion and the one-hundred twenty-ninth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers more of The Wonder of You (Your Miraculous Love) story arc.


The mysterious ecology of Rock Organisms, another path for life, is becoming clear! Facing off against the Head Doctor, who has deployed a type of Rock Insect into the lab, Josuke steels himself to pursue the bug. But a question hangs in the air... Can the flow of calamity ever truly be stopped?!


Author's Note

We all want to stop the spread of corona, but we also don't want to stop people from going out, or halt the economy. This world is full of contradictory rules or "dilemmas".

It applies to manga too; we have to adhere to a set number of pages, but we also want to keep the story moving. As an author, there are various things I'd like to draw, but I'm sadly forced to cut them. The medium is riddled with legitimate "dilemmas".

These "dilemmas" cannot be solved by theory alone, and only in the world of fiction can we tackle these "dilemmas". This 25th volume depicts such a "dilemma".

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Volume Differences



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