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Every Day Is a Summer Vacation (毎日が夏休み Mainichi ga Natsuyasumi) is the eighth volume of JoJolion and the one hundred twelfth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the "I Am a Rock" story arc and the first chapter of the Every Day Is a Summer Vacation story arc.


Norisuke's ability to visualize scents leads him and Josuke to Yasuho. However, when they arrive on the shore, Yotsuyu Yagiyama, having turned into a rock, ambushes them. The two of them are overtaken by Yotsuyu's incredible strength and Stand ability!


Author's Note

I think everyone has places they admire. As for me, I admire ancient desert ruins and the deep blue sea, and so I make them into settings for my manga. I draw these settings with a strong feeling of "I really want to go there." But, then what? After drawing those places, when it comes time to actually go on a research trip, I don't always want to go. I just end up thinking, "Why should I go anywhere I don't have to go?" I'm sure the reason I hate traveling is because I feel like I have to for my job. I've realized that lately.

Volume Differences

JJL Volume 8

V112 change 001 mag.png

V112 change 001 vol.png

JJL Chapter 33 (Page 12)
Added speedlines.

V112 change 002 mag.png

V112 change 002 vol.png

JJL Chapter 33 (Page 13)
Changed (ふた)() to 2().

V112 change 003 mag.png

V112 change 003 vol.png

JJL Chapter 33 (Page 18)
Added stone screentone on Iwasuke.

V112 change 004 mag.png

V112 change 004 vol.png

JJL Chapter 33 (Page 22)
Added speedlines.

V112 change 005 mag.png

V112 change 005 vol.png

JJL Chapter 33 (Page 22)
Added speedlines.

V112 change 006 mag.png

V112 change 006 vol.png

JJL Chapter 33 (Page 27)
Added price tags.

V112 change 007 mag.png

V112 change 007 vol.png

JJL Chapter 33 (Page 29)
Added floor screentone.

V112 change 008 mag.png

V112 change 008 vol.png

JJL Chapter 33 (Page 47)
Added speedlines and thickened sfx outline.

V112 change 009 mag.png

V112 change 009 vol.png

JJL Chapter 33 (Page 48)
Added speedlines.


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