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Every Day Is a Summer Vacation (毎日が夏休み Mainichi ga Natsuyasumi) is the eighth volume of JoJolion and the one hundred twelfth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the "I Am a Rock" story arc and the first chapter of the Every Day Is a Summer Vacation story arc.


Norisuke's ability to visualize scents leads him and Josuke to Yasuho. However, when they arrive on the shore, Yotsuyu Yagiyama, having turned into a rock, ambushes them. The two of them are overtaken by Yotsuyu's incredible strength and Stand ability!


Author's Note

I think everyone has places they admire. As for me, I admire ancient ruins in a desert or deep blue seas and so I make them into settings for manga. I put a strong feeling of "I sure would like to go to this place" to the places where I set my manga. But, well, then once I've done that, I end up actually going to those places as research. And I never really want to go. 'Why should I go, I shouldn't really have to, right?' I think to myself. But then I'll go because it's for work so I guess I just have to. I think I just really don't like traveling. I realized that recently.



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