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Every Day Is a Summer Vacation (毎日が夏休み Mainichi ga Natsuyasumi) is the eighth volume of JoJolion and the one hundred twelfth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the "I Am a Rock" story arc and the first chapter of the Every Day Is a Summer Vacation story arc.


Norisuke's ability to visualize scents leads him and Josuke to Yasuho. However, when they arrive on the shore, Yotsuyu Yagiyama, having turned into a rock, ambushes them. The two of them are overtaken by Yotsuyu's incredible strength and Stand ability!


Author's Note

The place of your dreams... I am certain you do have one too, don't you? For my part I have a predilection about the ancient vestiges of the desert, or the beauty of an azure sea. And so, I put these on paper, in my mangas, driven by the irresistible wish to go there someday. And yet... When the opportunity to go presents itself to me, here goes my desire? I tell myself: What's the point to go there, why should I get so worked up? Finally I go there half-heartedly because it's part of my job. In fact I think that I hate travels. But of course, that's it, I only just realized that.



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