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It's a Summer Vacation Everyday, Part 3 (毎日が夏休み その③, Mainichi ga Natsuyasumi Sono 3), originally Game Two (第2局, Dai-2-kyoku) in the UJ release, is the thirty-sixth chapter of JoJolion and the eight hundred eighty-third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Yasuho begins to realize the existence of her Stand, Paisley Park, and experiments with it a bit. She is interrupted when Tsurugi rings at her door, and asks her to come with him to help Josuke find the location of the fruit.

After Jobin shaves his eyebrow without hesitation, Josuke tries to leave, only for Joshu to halt him, accusing him of cheating, theorizing (correctly) that Josuke planted pheromones in the ring. Jobin stops Joshu; reacting surprisingly well to his defeat, smiling and saying that he feels like a kid in a summer vacation again. Interested in Josuke, he demands that Joshu supports Josuke from now on as he challenges him again at a beetle fight. Josuke tries to refuse, saying that his Palawanicus' mandible is broken. Jobin, however, retorts that the beetle remembers what it's like to win a fight, which makes it more able to win again. Josuke then accepts the challenge, having waited for that moment, and proposes another bet. This time Josuke wants Jobin's Lamborghini Gallardo, as Tsurugi explains to Yasuho, investigating the Lamborghini's event data recorder will lead to the location of the fruit.

Jobin accepts the bet and gets an Allotopus Rosenbergi stag beetle to fight. The second bout begins, and Jobin then asks Josuke to let him lick his eyeball if he loses. After a few seconds, the two beetles begin to lock each other with their mandibles. The Palawanicus begins to push the Rosenbergi toward the borders of the ring, but it suddenly dives under the Palawanicus, hitting its underbelly. The Palawanicus' legs then start to retract and it is flipped over, confusing both Josuke and Joshu. Strangely, the Rosenbergi proceeds to methodically cut off the Palawanicus' legs, severely injuring the beetle. The Palawanicus then gets back up, but the Rosenbergi knocks it away again, sending it at the border of the ring, where it hangs onto it by one leg. As the Rosenbergi attacks, Josuke asks for an insect guide and learns that beetles will play dead when they feel strong vibrations to their leg joints. As the Palawanicus is being pushed out of the ring, Josuke realizes that Jobin is somehow cheating through the Rosenbergi.


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