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Josuke, Go to the Higashikata Family (定助 東方家へ行く Jōsuke Higashikata-ke e Iku), originally Meet the Higashikatas (東方家の人々 Higashikata-ke no Hitobito) in the UJ release, is the seventh chapter of JoJolion and the eight hundred fifty-fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


We are introduced to Norisuke Higashikata IV who happily chitchats with Josuke and Yasuho while he drives to the Higashikata family estate. Norisuke also talks about his family business which is fruit trade, a business going back to Norisuke Higashikata I.

As Josuke and Yasuho enter the house, Joshu the second son, Hato the first daughter, Daiya the second daughter, Mitsuba the daughter in law, her son Tsurugi and the maid Kyo Nijimura are introduced and greet them.

Norisuke decides to take a commemorative photo, in which Josuke invites Yasuho and holds her hand. Jealous, Joshu comments that the eldest son Jobin isn't here, prompting Norisuke to cancel the photograph. Norisuke carries on by presenting the entire house to Josuke, but ominously command him not to pry on the upper room and to obey his every order. As a new member, Josuke is hired to take care of Daiya, who suffers from blindness.

Yasuho is then seen off by the maid, who warns her not to approach the house again, or harm will befall her.

Meanwhile after Josuke helps Daiya make tea, she tells him to "act natural" as she knows every nook and cranny of the estate. Josuke cannot help but assist her anyway. Daiya's Stand appears and a piece of Daiya's leg is destroyed, much to Josuke's confusion.


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