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When All Curses Are Broken (全ての呪いが解けるとき Subete no Noroi ga Tokeru Toki) is the twenty-seventh and final volume of JoJolion and the one-hundred thirty first volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the Go Beyond story arc and The Radio Gaga Incident story arc.


Josuke finally succeeds in attacking the Head Doctor's main body. Meanwhile, Kaato Higashikata appears in front of the dying Tooru. Tooru, who has eaten the fruit of the New Locacaca, tries to heal his own wounds through "Equivalent Exchange". However, Kaato has other plans...! And what will be the fate of Josuke and Yasuho...?!


Author's Note


Who's stronger, Godzilla or Ultraman? That's always been on my mind ever since I fantasized about it as a child. Even when writing JoJo, this type of topic is not something I can avoid. Who is the strongest villain? What is strength and what is peak fortune?

I've decided that the strongest and most terrifying adversary one can face is called "calamity." Calamity attacks irrationally, but is actually bound by a certain logic, and will encroach every person equally.

It’s too powerful and trying to overcome it might in itself be beyond hope. This is the conclusion of JoJolion.




Volume Differences

Volume Differences



Vogue Italia Dec 2007 Patterns 3.jpg
  • The volume cover art aesthetic is likely a reference to a December 2007 Vogue Italia Editorial called "Patterns".


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