Stone Ocean - Chapter 84

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F.F. - The Witness, Part 2 (F(エフ)F(エフ)-目撃者 その② Efu Efu - Mokugekisha Sono 2), originally Hallelujah (ハレルヤ Hareruya) in the WSJ release, is the eighty-fourth chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred seventy-eighth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


F.F. muses over what to do, weighing the importance between getting caught by Pucci and killing D an G. As she decides that killing D an G is the most important thing to do, Pucci is seen counting prime numbers on his fingers. F.F. gathers that Jolyne is still alive, based on D an G's shoulder wound.

Meanwhile, Pucci exclaims that he wishes to get all the details of what happened from D an G excitedly. He finds and speaks to Guccio's corpse, inserting a disc into his head to make him play a symphony (specifically, the Hallelujah chorus from Handel's Messiah), much like a human stereo in celebration.

The guards decide to leave D an G's questioning until later and to start a thorough search of the building to find the other prisoners; Pucci declares that the interrogation will begin now, not later. He then notices a gun phasing into one of the guard's hands when he goes after the ambulance, realizing that this guard is actually F.F. She holds her gun at D an G, and Pucci panics, as he won't be able to ask for details if D an G is dead. F.F. attempts to shoot D an G, but a guard with a Disc implanted in his head suddenly grabs her wrist and makes her miss. As F.F. realizes in a flash that Pucci is Whitesnake, the latter Pucci patronizes her, asking her if his own death is more important than D an G's.


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