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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (いともたやすく行われる えげつない行為 Itomo Tayasuku Okonawareru Egutsunai Kōi) is the sixteenth volume of Steel Ball Run and the ninety-sixth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the Both Sides Now story arc.


Author's Note

I love horror movies more than eating a good three meals a day. The cheaper they are, the more B-rated they are, the more I love them. I watch these movies with the utmost respect for them, and their cinematic vision somehow gives me a sense of ease.
However, There are some elements of horror movies that I can never agree with:
Number 1: Whenever one of the characters try to call someone on their cell phones, they either have no service, or they've run out of batteries.
Number 2: Even though the character only has a limited number of bullets, they get trigger-happy during the worst times and then they run out of bullets later.
Number 3: When the camera slowly zooms in on a main character's back, but when he or she turns around to look behind him or her, no one is there. What's the point of using that camera technique if no one is there?! I can't forgive this. I always want to tell them to go and redo the damn scene.



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