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Head Out! Time for Heaven (向かえ! 天国の時 Mukae! Tengoku no Toki) is the eleventh volume of Stone Ocean and the seventy-fourth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the second half of the Whitesnake - The Pursuer story arc and the first half of the Jail House Lock! story arc.


Author's Note

"How do you stop tiring yourself out when drawing?" "When you're drawing the small parts, don't go too much into the details!" Yes, I keep repeating that to myself before letting the pencil run on the page again, but it's just like that, I cannot help it. I know that the damage that this kind of person suffers is huge, and my sigh is like the deep breath a sportsman takes before a long run on the field... But I suppose I'm the only one who takes this so seriously...



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