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Goodbye, Morioh - The Golden Heart (さよなら杜王町-黄金の心 Sayonara Moriō-chō - Ōgon no Kokoro) is the nineteenth and final volume of Diamond is Unbreakable, the first volume of Vento Aureo, and the forty-seventh volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers the end of Part 4, the Gold Experience story arc and the first half of the Bucciarati Is Coming story arc of Part 5.


Part 4

Part 5

Author's Note

Apparently, in Italy, they don't use the letter J, except in foreign or obsolete words, so, the name "JoJo" doesn't exist, and would be pronounced something like "yoyo," so for Part 5, starting on Page 71, I stayed faithful to the Italian language and made the main character's name "GioGio."
As a side note, it seems they don't have an "H" sound either, so "Hirohiko" would become "Iroiko." Like, what? Who is that?


Exclusive interview between Hirohiko Araki and French published Tonkam, added in the French version of Volume 47.

Tonkam: Since you created your own universe with JoJo, what are your artistic references?

Hirohiko Araki: Babel II (a Japanese comic book) and Dirty Harry (an American film with Clint Eastwood).

Tonkam: You've been working on the same series for over twenty years. How do you manage to keep going for so long?

Hirohiko Araki: I have a healthy lifestyle. I go to bed early, I get up early, etc., which allows me not to be too tired.

Tonkam: Where did you get the idea of Stands?

Hirohiko Araki: In general, paranormal powers are invisible and therefore difficult to represent. Here, I wanted to give them a real appearance, so that we can properly realize what they are.

Tonkam: Do you have a permanent supply of Stands, or do you create them on the fly?

Hirohiko Araki: When ideas come to me, I always take notes so I can use them or not. So I have a reserve that I feed as I go along and from which I draw according to my needs.

Tonkam: Who is your favourite character in JoJo?

Hirohiko Araki: Josuké Higashikata from Diamond is Unbreakable part 4?

Tonkam: And your favourite stand?

Hirohiko Araki: Buccellati's Sticky Fingers and its zipper, in part 5.

Tonkam: For many readers, Golden Wind is considered the best part of JoJo. To what do you attribute this popularity?

Hirohiko Araki: I think that, compared to the other seasons, such a success is probably due to the class and the style of the characters, different from usual. Unless it's simply the past and the tragic fate of these people.

Tonkam: Why did you go to Italy all of a sudden?

Hirohiko Araki: I think Italy is a very dramatic country, full of meaning and well suited to stories of destiny. Moreover, from a Japanese point of view it is a very beautiful country, just like France.

Tonkam: When will there be a JoJo part set in France?

Hirohiko Araki: I would indeed like to try. Unfortunately, French is a difficult language and I think it would be difficult for me to get information.

Tonkam: A little word for your French fans?

Hirohiko Araki: For me, France is the country of art, and has a great sensitivity for beautiful things. I am very honoured to have readers there.

Tonkam: Thank you.



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