Steel Ball Run - Volume 20

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Love Train - The World Is One (ラブトレイン-世界はひとつ Rabu Torein - Sekai wa Hitotsu) is the twentieth volume of Steel Ball Run and the one hundredth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers part of the D4C story arc.


Author's Note

I'm afraid of false eyelashes falling in my house... Great long ones fall off in hallways and in the bathroom. When there's bad lighting, they really freak me out. I imagine they might be moving. Talk about horror! (I can't say whose specifically, but) when I picked some up and threw them in the garbage, their owner said "Why are you throwing those away? I'm still using them!" Then they picked the things up and put them on a shelf. I was really indignant, but even more terrified.




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