Battle Tendency - Chapter 33 [77]

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Go! Ripple Master (行け! 波紋マスター, Ike! Hamon Masutā), originally The Results of Grueling Training (しごきの成果, Shigoki no Seika) in the WSJ and tankobon releases, is the thirty-third chapter of Battle Tendency and the seventy-seventh chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Joseph reasons that Esidisi must be after the Red Stone of Aja. This is confirmed when Esidisi discards Loggins's body and heads towards Air Supplena Island. Joseph notices that Loggins's lungs along with a good portion of his chest were absorbed through Esidisi's kick, leaving a perfect hole in his chest. Joseph reflects on his experiences with Loggins's training, mourns, and decides to fight Esidisi for his poison antidote.

Joseph intercepts Esidisi as he walks over a spike pit and challenges him to a fight. Esidisi, believing Joseph is still weak, initially tries to push him aside, but Joseph stops him with a single finger. Esidisi is stunned at this display of power, and, seeing this, Joseph rubs it in by pushing his finger through Esidisi's hand. Esidisi is amazed at how Joseph has improved, but quickly snaps out of it and attempts to break his arm and absorb it. Joseph leaps into the air above Esidisi and ties a silk wire coated with animal oil around his arm. Esidisi wonders how he missed the wire this whole time, but then notices the wire was originally tied to Loggins's corpse and was unwound from his hand. Joseph charges the silk wire with Ripple energy and pulls the wire so that it severs Esidisi’s lower arm.


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