Diamond is Unbreakable - Chapter 78 [343]

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Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly, Part 2 (吉良吉影は静かに暮らしたい その②, Kira Yoshikage wa Shizuka ni Kurashitai Sono 2), originally A Hard Predicament! (ハードな危機!, Hādo na Kiki!) in the WSJ release, is the seventy-eighth chapter of Diamond is Unbreakable and the three hundred forty-third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Kira decides to follow Shigechi and take the bag back, as the severed hand inside it is still wearing a ring that the police could trace back to him. Attempting to take it from behind, Kira is averted when Josuke and Okuyasu appear once again to converse with Shigechi. The three discuss plans of sneaking into Shigechi's middle school gym storage room to eat lunch and pilfer some free drinks, but Josuke and Okuyasu decide to opt out in the end.

At the storage room, Shigechi sits down to eat the sandwich but decides it would be more appropriate to get a drink first. Using this chance, Kira sneaks into the room and tries to nab the bag as Shigechi is distracted, but once again is foiled as Josuke and Okuyasu, who had apparently changed their minds, climb into the room. Kira takes cover underneath a vaulting box and contemplates his options for grabbing the bag with three people around.

With Josuke and Okuyasu looking the other way, he slides a coat hanger through the slits of the box and over to where the bag is just a few inches from him. He manages to grab the bag by its sealed handle, but due to the weakened adhesive sticker, it falls off the hangar and lands on its side. Kira begins to panic again as part of the hand can be seen sticking out of the bag.





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