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Ticket to Ride (涙の乗車券(チケット・ゥ・ライド) Chiketto u Raido) is the eighteenth volume of Steel Ball Run and the ninety-eighth volume of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It covers part of the D4C story arc and the Ticket to Ride story arc.


Author's Note

As I've been writing Steel Ball Run, I'm beginning to notice a common thread between the characters: namely, that they want to go home. Or rather, they're looking for places to go home to and meanings for their going home. That even applies to Gyro, who has a hometown to go back to. So far, the only one among all the characters who was able to find that was Mountain Tim. Even as the author writing Steel Ball Run, it feels really harsh, and sometimes I just want to leave this race and go home. But I can't go home yet. Not until I can find meanings for the characters' going home.



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