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Light Mode Kars, Part 1 (光・流法(モード) カーズ その①, Hikari Mōdo Kāzu Sono 1), originally Race Toward the Cliff of Death (死の崖へつっ走れ, Shi no Gake e Tsuppashire) in the WSJ and tankobon releases, is the forty-second chapter of Battle Tendency and the eighty-sixth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Joseph is conflicted as to how to handle the situation at hand with Kars; Pondering whether to run away but leave the Red Stone, or to fight him with a low chance of victory. Kars successfully grabs the Stone from the injured Stroheim, but Stroheim retaliates with a UV laser fired from his right eye, forcing him to drop the Stone.

The Stone begins to slide down the snowy slope towards a cliff. Lisa Lisa and Caesar appear, and witness both JoJo and Kars chasing after the stone. While JoJo is closer to it, Kars's speed is far superior. JoJo also internally mentions that he can't run at full speed or he would end up falling off the cliff to his death. JoJo kicks at Kars in an attempt to keep him away from the Stone and send him off the cliff himself, but Kars dodges, reaching for the Stone with his foot. JoJo reveals that his kick wasn't intended to hit Kars, instead kicking the snow and allowing him to slow down and grab the Stone. However, in that moment, Kars pierces JoJo's shoulder with a Light Blade from his foot, dragging him off the cliff with him.


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Author's Comment

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I recently witnessed this famous magic routine called "Spellbound"! It was so flamboyant that I ended up thoroughly enjoying it.
評判のマジック『スペルバウンド 』を見た!ハデハデの私好みのショーで、十分楽しめた


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