Stone Ocean - Chapter 23

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Ermes's Sticker, Part 3 (エルメェスのシール その③, Erumesu no Shīru Sono 3), originally Another One Bites the Dust (地獄へ道連れ, Jigoku e Michizure) in the WSJ release, is the twenty-third chapter of Stone Ocean and the six hundred seventeenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Continuing the memory in the DISC, Whitesnake exclaims how evil McQueen is. He has no malice nor animosity, but his evil is that which brings others down with him. The DISC falls into the toilet. Using his belt, McQueen hangs himself, causing his Stand to appear on Ermes's neck. The Stand pulls Ermes into the air by her neck.

She creates a sticker and attaches it to McQueen's belt. She then takes off the sticker, causing the belt to merge and break. They both fall to the ground. Ermes asks what's wrong with him. Surprised that Ermes saved him, McQueen explains that he only approached her because she was investigating him. Ermes becomes upset, asking why he would hang himself. He explains that he has been depressed since coming to the prison. When asked about his ability, he claims ignorance to it.

McQueen tells her that next time he gets a suicidal urge he'll go see a doctor or priest, and then immediately goes over to the sink and drowns himself. His Stand, Highway to Hell, appears around Ermes's mouth and begins to drown her. By using a sticker and mop, she is able to get McQueen out of the sink. McQueen begs Ermes to just let him die, believing himself to be pathetic and useless. Ermes warns him to stay away from her and grabs the DISC out of the toilet on her way out. McQueen sees this, and, believing the DISC to be his, wonders if she'll ever give it back.


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