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Henry Thurlow is an American animator credited for his work on the TV adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure by David Production, particularly as a key animator for multiple episodes of Golden Wind.

Graduating from both Delaware College of Art and Design and Pratt Institute, Thurlow was originally a freelance animator based in New York City where he was involved in shows like Superjail!.[2] He would eventually move to Japan a few years into his professional career to pursue animation work primarily from Studio Pierrot. During these years, Thurlow worked as an in-between and 2nd-key animator on various anime adaptations like Yona of the Dawn, Tokyo Ghoul and Naruto .[3]

In 2016, Thurlow established his own animation studio called D`Art Shtajio, alongside Arthell and Darnell Isom. Thurlow has since then key animated for series like One Piece, Overlord, and Attack on Titan, and directed shows like Sturgill Simpson`s Sound and Fury and Indigo Ignited.[4]




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