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Yuko Takehara (竹原 裕子, Takehara Yūko), also known as Yuko T., is a former Japanese video game composer and Capcom employee credited for composing the music for Heritage for the Future alongisde Setsuo Yamamoto.

She is also credited for composing the music for the Street Fighter Alpha, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes series of games.


Takehara first joined Capcom in the early 90s, first composing music for the Final Fight and Mega Man series of games. In her earlier works she is credit by her first name, Yuko, but has also gone under the alias pop'n. She usually works alongside Setsuo Yamamoto.




Cover Name Composer # of Tracks Release Date
1 HFTFCover.jpg JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Original Soundtrack Yuko Takehara & Setsuo Yamamoto 52 February 20, 1999



  • While composing the music for Heritage for the Future, Takehara notes that she had a tough time creating themes for characters with Stands that differ in appearance from their users.[1]
  • Takehara wishes she had the Cooking Stand from Part 4, so she could fix her stiff shoulders.[1]
  • Takehara composed some of the tracks for Street Fighter Alpha. Most notably, the theme for the character Rose, who was heavily based on Lisa Lisa.


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