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Masato Naka (中 祥人 Naka Masato) is a Japanese manga artist. He was one of Hirohiko Araki's assistants from Stardust Crusaders to Diamond is Unbreakable. He joined Lucky Land Communications during the serialization of Stardust Crusaders alongide Hirohisa Onikubo and Kei Sanbe.


In 1990, with the aspiration of becoming a manga artist, Naka moved to Tokyo at the age of twenty and studied under Hirohiko Araki to learn the basics of manga theory and techniques. Naka studied under Araki for three years and four months, meanwhile working as an assistant during the serialization of Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable.[1]

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  • Still a Devil (『それでも悪魔』) (1993)
  • Strawbwrry Lips (『Strawbwrry Lips』) (1994)
  • City of Violence - Young Jump (『暴力の都』ヤングジャンプ) (1996)
  • City of Violence (『暴力の都』) (1997)
  • Bluff (『ブラフ』) (1998)
  • CUISINER (『キュイジニエ』) (2000)
  • City of Violence: Special Edition (『暴力の都・特別編』) (2002)
  • Pigeon Rally (『ピジョンラリー』) (2002)
  • Dark Floyd (『ダーク・フロイド』) (2003)
  • Dark Floyd 2 (『ダーク・フロイド2』) (2003)
  • BOUNTY HUNTER (『バウンティハンター』) (2004)
  • "I want to live more..." (『「もっと、生きたい…」』) (2005)
  • Chiyujo -The Story of Chukyo Women's University Wrestling Team- (『ちゅうじょー中京女子大レスリング部物語ー』) (2008)
  • Golden Boy (『ゴールデンボーイ』) (2009)
  • Regno della pasta (『パスタの王国』) (2009)
  • Boiled Kofu Bird Story (『甲府とりもつ煮物語』) (2010)
  • Unsolved Cases -Glico Morinaga Case- (『未解決事件〜グリコ・森永事件〜』) (2012)
  • Unsolved Cases -Aum Shinrikyo- (『未解決事件〜オウム真理教〜』) (2012)
  • Tobe! Bonenkai -Kyo wa Bureiko- (『飛べ!忘年会〜今日は無礼講〜』) (2012)


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