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Enter the Foo Fighters (燃えよフー・ファイターズ Moe yo Fū Faitāzu) is the eighteenth episode of Stone Ocean and the one-hundred-seventieth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The episode covers Chapter 71 to Chapter 74 of the original manga.

The fight against Kenzou continues. F.F. is slowly but surely cornered by Kenzou's seemingly invincible ability. However, she has still a last trick to use against her opponent.


In a panicked state, Jolyne rushes to help F.F., but Anasui stops her as what has happened has already been decided. Kenzou confidently defies Jolyne and Anasui, but Jolyne points out that F.F. is still alive, albeit barely because she's running out of water. F.F. takes Kenzou by surprise when she shoots, wounding his arm in the process. Kenzou hastily retreats into his safe zone, allowing F.F. to think about a strategy. She thus thinks about creating a mirror out of water to misdirect Kenzou but she needs water to heal herself as well.

Kenzou sends F.F. onto an electric chair.

Meanwhile, Kenzou laments his fall since he was imprisoned but now rejoices as his powers will allow him to build another cult where he will be revered as a savior. Kenzou jumps in to attack and orders Dragon's Dream where to strike. He performs a flying kick but F.F. backflips out of danger. She then runs into a fire-extinguishing hose to collect water, pursued by Kenzou. Jolyne tells Anasui to help F.F. but Anasui refuses as he only wishes to protect Jolyne. F.F. reaches the hose and goes for the faucet but then Dragon's Dream appears, warning her that there is no time to drink. Kenzou leaps but surprisingly, F.F. plunges her arms into Dragon's Dream, losing both in the process. Kenzou kicks at her through the fire hose, creating a tear which F.F. enters. Kenzou is confused at his target's abrupt disappearance. F.F. crawls to the faucet from inside the hose and kicks open the faucet, spraying water everywhere. However, her own arms strike her, sending her flying away from the water.

F.F. is sent flying down the staircase at the centre of the hall. Jolyne wonders where it leads and Anasui tells her about the execution room downstairs, equipped with an electric chair. F.F. lands on the execution chair itself while the hose messes with the control board, starting a countdown to electrocution. Panicking, she seeks to escape but she catches her overalls' straps in a belt buckle, making her trip and sit on the chair. She can barely stand up when Kenzou arrives and shoots at Kenzou to distract him while she tries to run past him. Unfortunately, some of Kenzou's decorative ball bearings fall and make F.F. slip back into the chair. She attempts a desperate punch but Kenzou deflects it and kicks her back down into the chair as the countdown reaches zero.

Both Kenzou and F.F. get electrocuted.

The electric chair activates, frying F.F. as Kenzou gloats and plans on becoming a cult leader again. However, Dragon's Dream warns him about F.F., saying she managed to collect some water: Kenzou's own sweat. She's managed to create a mirror reflecting Dragon's Dream and misdirecting Kenzou into an unsafe spot and she's able to grab onto him, electrifying him as well. Both fighters suffer from the deadly electrocution. Jolyne lets herself fall down to save F.F., which surprises Anasui because she's still heavily wounded. Down here, Jolyne notices that Dragon's Dream is still there, meaning Kenzou is still alive albeit barely. Still, she prepares to fight and sends a pointy clump of strings at Kenzou, who avoids it and rushes at Jolyne. However, Jolyne has reached for a small spot of water where a bit of F.F. remains. Jolyne's string gets caught in Dragon's Dream, making Kenzou confident that she'll die from his next attack, but then Anasui intervenes.

Kenzou is defeated when Anasui turns his legs into springs.

Kenzou plunges his feet inside of Jolyne's throat to drown her and gloats but realizes that he's unusually high in the air and knocks his head on the top of the staircase. Confused, Kenzou orders Dragon's Dream to find him a lucky spot but he falls, only to bounce on the floor. It turns out that his legs are twisted in a strange way and now act like springs, making Kenzou unable to find his footing. Indeed, Anasui and his Diver Down, which was hidden inside of Jolyne's body, modified Kenzou's legs as soon as he touched her, turning them into horrific springs. Kenzou bounces everywhere as F.F. regains her consciousness. Even Jolyne is stunned at Anasui's extreme methods, only for the man to enjoy her attention. Kenzou ends out of commission, stuck in a bucket and unable to move.

Jolyne tries to stand up but she can barely maintain her balance. F.F. tells her to wait so that she can heal her, but Jolyne is in a hurry to save her father Jotaro. Meanwhile, we see Jotaro in the care of doctors from the Speedwagon Foundation.


Ultra Security House Unit Prisoners
(Corpse only)


Script (脚本)
Shogo Yasukawa
ヤスカワ ショウゴ
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
吉田 泰三
Episode Director (演出)
Toko Nagai
長井 惟杜子
Animation Director (作画監督)
Yumenosuke Tokuda
Yi Zhang
Tetsuro Taira
徳田 夢之介
張 益
平良 哲朗
Yuji Hakamada
Jung Nam Kim
Hui Min
Ming Guang
Xin Yue
袴田 裕二
金 正男
慧 敏
明 光
鑫 月

Chief Animation Director (総作画監督)
徳田 夢之介
Assistant Animation Director (作画監督補)
Eita Toyoshima
豊島 英太
Key Animation (原画)
Naoki Hisatsune
Hiroaki Shimizu
Mayumi Nakamura
Aya Tajima
Ryoko Kawamura
Yoko Komaki
Maki Fujita
Kururu Shiozawa
Yuki Morishita
久恒 直樹
清水 博明
中村 真由美
田島 彩
河村 涼子
小牧 容子
藤田 麻貴
塩澤 枢
森下 勇輝
Jin Handa
Akio Kitahara
Jing Yuan
Long Guang
Liang Jiaxuan
Liu Meitong
半田 仁
北原 章雄
景 圆
龍 光
梁嘉 炫
劉 美彤
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
David Production
Eri Kamata
Rie Ishiwatari
鎌田 英理
石渡 理衣


Yang Yang Wu
Wu Lan
Huang Jie
Liu Feng
呉 洋洋
呉 兰
黄 潔
劉 峰

Kazumi Nakatsu
Yuka Sato
Chino Sorano
Yuki Onozuka
Shunsuke Itai
Satoshi Kaizawa
Mayumi Yoshiwada
Atori Ozawa
Miho Sekimoto
Hiroko Morikawa
中津 和美
佐藤 夕香
昊乃 ちの
小野塚 有紀
板井 俊祐
貝沢 聡
吉和田 真弓
尾沢 あとり
関本 美穂
森川 寛子

Kampon of Kadiliman

Jhun Zulueta
Adrian Alejo
Jhun Zulueta
Adrian Alejo

Shuka (朱夏)

Megumi Miyagawa
宮川 めぐみ
Nintama Akiyama
秋山 桐丸

Nakamura Production
In-between Animation Inspection (動画チェック)
David Production
Masato Ujibe
宇治部 正人
Inspection Assistance
David Production
Yuta Hasegawa
Sakiho Yajima
長谷川 雄太
矢島 幸歩
In-between Animation (動画)
Studio Hibari Osaka
Aika Oshima
Ayaka Iwai
Fuka Takeda
Yuko Kameoka
大島 愛加
岩井 彩華
武田 風花
亀岡 裕子

Studio PaTHoS

Tao Atoyama
Yoko Abe
Shinichi Kinoshita
Tororo Kombu
Keisuke Nakazawa
Yoshimi Murafuji
Yui Yamada
後山 汰央
阿部 陽子
木之下 慎壱
中澤 佳祐
村藤 芳美
ヤマダ ユイ


Kaito Arakawa
Shoya Saito
Kota Suzuki
荒川 海斗
斉藤 翔也
鈴木 航太

Shuka (朱夏)

Erika Ono
Azusa Honda
Hibiki Hirosawa
Haruna Yoshikawa
小野恵 理華
本多 梓
廣澤 響希
吉川 榛奈

Studio Lings

Yumi Hitora
人羅 優実

Top Gear
Asahi Production
Shanghai Phantom
Shanghai Honghuang Art
GK Sales
Rad Plus
Hikari no Sono
Triple A
Rad Plus
Triple A
Design Cooperation (デザイン協力)
Eri Kojima
Yuki Morishita
小島 えり
森下 勇輝
IKIF+, Inc.
IKIF+, Inc.

CG Animator

Yudai Ueno
Hiroyuki Sato
Kiyoshi Hara
Shotaro Namekata
Yuuko Okumura
上野 雄大
佐藤 博行
原 聖
行方 将太郎
奥村 優子
3D Modeling (3Dモデリング)
CG Modeling
Yoshiki Sato
Marina Watanabe
佐藤 良樹
渡部 里奈

CG Modeling Cooperation

Shin Miyahara
Yukana​ Mori
Tatsuki Ishida
宮原 信
森 悠哉
石田 龍樹
Digital Works (デジタルワークス)
2D Works
Kanako Yamada
山田 可奈子
Eyecatch Illustration (アイキャッチ原画)
宝谷 幸稔
石本 峻一


SO Episode 18: Enter the Foo Fighters
Start End Title OST Description

Crime Scene Express
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Daydream~
Anasui's intervention in the fight
Bizarre Premonitions
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Daydream~
Kenzou is trapped in a trash can out of commission

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Westwood's body is added when F.F is falling into the execution chamber.
  • When the electric chair is activated, it countdowns from 15 seconds in the manga. In the anime, it starts counting down from 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • A new shot is added with the Little Prisoner holding DIO's bone, leading up to the Birth of the "Green" arc.
  • The scene of F.F. healing Jolyne's wounds is moved earlier, before the scene of Jotaro with the Speedwagon Foundation doctors. It is also significantly expanded, featuring dialogue between Jolyne and F.F.



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