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Yasuhiro Makino (蒔野 靖弘, Makino Yasuhiro) is a manga artist and illustrator. He was an assistant of Hirohiko Araki during the serialization of Cool Shock B.T..[1]


Yasuhiro Makino was born in Tokyo. He worked with Hirohiko Araki during the serialization of Cool Shock B.T.. He makes his debut in the 1980s with Penguin Club for a magazine named COMIC HOUSE (コミックハウス). During this period, he worked on several series over times. His most representative work during this period is Pink-chan V (コミックハウス) serialized in Young Comic.

He learns to create CG and works on a game adaptation of Kekko Kamen.

As Yasuhiro Makino lived in Sendai, his personal life and work were affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami as his house was destroyed. After that, he gradually resumed activities such as participating in a "Girls und Panzer" anthology and designing tarot cards for the animated movie of the "Strike Witches" multimedia franchise.

Since 2015, his series cafeBIKER's is serialized in Young Champion Retsu and in 2018, his series Bakuon!! - Amano Onsa no Nikoichi Hanjōki was serialized in the magazine Champion Cross.


  • Ruriiro A La Cult (瑠璃色ア・ラ・カルト) (serialized in "Comic Burger"『コミックバーガー』)
  • Magical Girl Pretty Sammy (魔法少女プリティサミー): (Serialized in "Monthly Comic Dragon"『月刊コミックドラゴン』)
  • Pink-chan V (ピンクちゃんV):(Vol.1 to 3, serialized in "Monthly Young Comic"『月刊ヤングコミック』)
  • I will Heal (いやしてあげる) (1 volume, serialized in "comic candor"『comicキャンドール』)
  • Aruko Rhythm (あるこリズム):( 2 volumes, serialized in "Comic XO"『コミックXO』)
  • Akiba-kei Net Idol Project (アキバ系ネットアイドルプロジェクト):(『ナマイキッ!』連載竹書房刊 バンブー・コミックス)
  • Hakobiya (はこびや)(serialized in "Namaiki!"『ナマイキッ!』=
  • Mangetsu Himeraku (満月姫楽〜TYPE―MOON傑作選)
  • Kekko Kamen けっこう仮面:原画(for PC-9800 series and Ides
    • おしおきパラダイスの巻
    • おしおき伝説の巻
  • Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人)(serialized in "Famitsu DS" ファミ通DS)
  • Tokume Ikibo (とくめいきぼう)
  • Virgin ♥ love (バージン♥ラブ)
  • Woman's girl a little H !? ~ Please be kind ~ (女のコちょっとH!?〜やさしくしてね〜)
  • Campus Angel (キャンパス・エンジェル)
  • I hate taking it off! (脱がしちゃイヤ!)
  • Beautiful girl H school (美少女Hスクール)
  • Ecchi BEAT at will! (気ままにエッチBEAT!)
  • Asamiko-sensei's punishment (麻美子先生のおしおき)
  • Violets bloom (スミレ咲きます)
  • MANKAI Sakurako (MANKAI桜子)
  • Pray to the virgin (処女に祈りを)
  • Please protect the pearls! --- "I want to protect! Gravure idol !! (お願い 満珠を守って! - 「守ってあげたい!グラビアアイドル!!) (9 episodes under the name Uniabo)
  • Akane-chan PANIC! (茜ちゃんPANIC!)
  • akuon !! ~ Nikoichi Prosperity of Amano Onsa ~ (ばくおん!! 〜天野恩紗のニコイチ繁盛記〜)(Serialized in "Champion Cross" 『チャンピオンクロス』web comic distribution site)
  • Over 50 other works.


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