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Mitsuru Kobayashi (小林 満 Kobayashi Mitsuru) is the founder and CEO of GENIALÒIDE Inc., a graphic design studio located in Kagurazaka, Tokyo. Kobayashi has designed the covers for various short stories and art books by Hirohiko Araki, including Rohan au Louvre, HIROHIKO ARAKI WORKS, JoJonium and JOJOVELLER.[1]


After working for a graphic design and printing company in Osaka, Kobayashi moved to Tokyo where he worked as a designer for the editorial department of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump.[2]

In 1999, Kobayashi established GENI A LÒIDE, an independent graphic design studio focusing on designing covers for manga, art books and novels. The studio also focused on designing book bindings, magazines, advertisements, logos and various merchandise.[3]



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