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Under World (アンダー・ワールド, Andā Wārudo) is the twenty-ninth episode of Stone Ocean and the one-hundred-eighty-first episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. The episode covers from the rest of Chapter 121 to Chapter 124, and 4 pages of Chapter 125 of the original manga.

Jolyne and Ermes attempt to avoid being burned to a crisp in the memory of a crashing plane. Meanwhile, Donatello Versus grows weary of Pucci's advice and devises a plan to reach Heaven himself.


Jolyne trapped in the memory of a fighter jet.

Weather Report and Narciso Anasui are outside of the hospital. While Weather feels the presence of Enrico Pucci, Jolyne and another kin, he is unable to determine their precise position.

In the sinkhole, Jolyne and Ermes are trapped in the memory of a plane due to crash, which has been summoned by Donatello Versus's Under World. Jolyne decides to open the door on the side of the plane to reach the Stand user. Giving another string to Ermes, she opens the door and jumps out to strike Donatello with Stone Free. However, Stone Free only hits glass. It turns out Jolyne is trapped in another memory, the memory of a jet fighter which has been hit and will also crash soon. Humourously, the pilot asks Jolyne to check out the damage to the plane. Jolyne tries to climb back, but the string snaps and the two planes pull away from each other. Jolyne then projects her string and snatch the phone of a policeman who was looking over the sinkhole to contact her allies. Pucci explains all of this to Donatello, who's losing his cool over being treated like an incapable.

Versus digs up a memory of Pucci.

A flashback details Donatello Versus's flashback. Donatello doesn't know who his biological father was. During his childhood, he was seemingly the unfavorite, his parents doting on his half-sisters. Donatello fled his home at the age of 13. One day, a pair of precious baseball cleats fell on him by accident. Donatello tried them on but was soon arrested by the police. The court harshly judged he was the culprit and refused to believe his testominy and thus was sent to a detention centre. The real culprit was caught four months later but Donatello was still traumatized by his stay in prison. He recalls accidentally tripping on a hole and cutting himself on a hidden knife. Not only was he beaten by another inmate who had hidden said knife, he also witnessed strange occurrences like worms bursting out of his wounds, and skeletons hidden in the walls. Donatello lived a bitter existence until now, but after acquiring his power, Donatello starts conspiring against Pucci and plans on reaching Heaven by himself. Donatello decides to sneakily dig out a memory of Pucci and steals the DISC containing Weather Report's memory.

Jolyne & Ermes escape from the crash and beat Versus.

In the jet fighter, Jolyne tries to call Emporio. She asks how to activate the ejection seat but the pilot says that they are unusable since he didn't get to use his seat either before crashing. When Emporio finally answers, Jolyne hastily tells him the situation, which confuses him. There is less than one minute left to the passenger plane crash. However, Jolyne makes the jet fighter crash into the plane, using the technicalities of Under World's memories to join with Ermes. Meanwhile, Emporio is looking at articles mentioning the crash and tells her where two survivors were seating. Jolyne and Ermes run to the back of the plane, pursued by Under World who wants to destroy the seats. Jolyne manages to trap Under World against two walls. The duo reaches the seat, but it turns out Under World has taken three sick and injured children and let them fall into the seats. Donatello intends to force the heroes into a sadistic choice to make her hesitate and at worst, weaken her spirit with guilt. The duo is facing a nearly impossible dilemma as the plane finally crashes and a great ball of flame engulfs everything.

Weather regains his memory.

Donatello and Pucci see the plane explode. Pucci asks Donatello if he doesn't feel guilty, to which Donatello rejects the blame of the children's fate on Jolyne. Suddenly, Pucci sees the body of one of the survivors which has been partially duplicated by Kiss and protected one of the children. The two remaining children were kept safe on the seats, while Ermes hid between the copies of the second surviving passenger, and Jolyne unraveled herself to hide inside of Ermes. Thus, everyone was able to survive the crash. Jolyne sneakily ties Donatello by the legs before she regathers herself, shocking Donatello. He summons Under World but Stone Free pummels him and hangs him on a rock. While Jolyne and Ermes are eager to confront the priest, Pucci calmly laments Donatello's fate to lose. In anger, Donatello sends Under World to the surface. Pucci notices the theft of the DISC and warns Donatello of the danger he's putting everyone through. However, Donatello is taken by ambition and anger. Donatello warns Jolyne that Weather is actually not on her side and that his power was sealed because it was extremely dangerous. Suddenly, the hole is filled with rainbows. On the surface, Under World has just inserted the DISC into Weather, who turns into a violent spiteful man.


Dio Brando
(Mentioned only)
(Eyecatch) (Ability only)
Weather Report (Stand)
(Ability only)


Script (脚本)
Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
ふでやす かずゆき
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
Mamoru Kurosawa
黒沢 守
Episode Director (演出)
Tatsuya Kyogoku
京極 竜矢
Animation Director (作画監督)
Nana Yamazaki
Kazunori Shibata
Eita Toyoshima
Takashi Mutarani
Satoru Kobayashi
Hiroyuki Sugawara
Masashi Nomura
山﨑 菜奈
柴田 和紀
豊島 英太
村谷 貴志
小林 理
菅原 裕幸
野村 雅史
Effects Animation Director
石川 健太郎
Mechanical Animation Director (メカ作画監督)
Kei Ohashi
大橋 圭
Key Animation (原画)
Eita Toyoshima
Kentaro Ishikawa
Yasuhiro Saiki
Mahora Muraki
Keitei Tomita
Toshihiko Masuda
Hiroaki Shimizu
Kaori Ikeda
Yuka Sato
Kayoko Suzuki
Kumihiko Kawahara
Yoko Komaki
Yuna Fueki
Atsushi Itou
Hiroki Sugawara
Hiroshi Yoneda
Mayumi Yamamoto
Michiko Ishida
Setsuko Unno
GK Sales
豊島 英太
石川 健太郎
才木 康寛
村木 麻保良
冨田 佳亭
増田 敏彦
清水 博明
池田 佳織
佐藤 夕香
鈴木 佳代子
河原 久美子
小牧 容子
笛木 優奈
伊藤 篤志
菅原 浩喜
米田 宏
山本 まゆみ
石田 充知子
海野 節子
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
David Production
Eri Kamata
Rie Ishiwatari
​Mina Inagaki
Mio Morishita
鎌田 英理
石渡 理衣
​稲垣 美奈
森下 みお
Eyecatch Illustration (アイキャッチ原画)
石本 峻一
新妻 大輔


Stone Ocean Episode 29: Under World
Start End Title OST Description

From Darkness
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Weather senses the three nearby birthmarks
Hurry Up!
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Jolyne's string breaks
Golden Wind: Overture
Versus grows impatient
Heaven's falling down
Heaven's falling down
Golden Wind: Overture
Donatello Versus backstory
Dark Rebirth
Stardust Crusaders (Departure)
Versus plots against Pucci
Hurry Up!
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Desperate to escape the jet
Life-and-Death Matter
Stardust Crusaders (Destination)
Jolyne explains the situation to Emporio
Desperate Situation
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Emporio getting information on the Flight 2882 disaster
High Tension
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Emporio recaps the disaster to Jolyne & Ermes
Creep on
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Children have fallen underground
Impending Crisis
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
The flight explodes
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Jolyne and Ermes have survived
Theme of Stone Ocean
Stone Ocean O.S.T.
Jolyne and Ermes catch Versus
Golden Wind: Finale
Versus sends Weather's memory DISC
Diamond is Unbreakable ~Good Morning Morioh Cho~
Weather regains his memories
Distant Dreamer
Distant Dreamer

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Japan Japanese アンダー・ワールド Under World
United States of America English Netherworld
Israel Hebrew שאול Nether
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