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Chikayo Fukuda (福田 考代 Fukuda Chikayo) is a Japanese video game composer credited for composing the soundtracks of All-Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven.

She is the composer for most of CyberConnect2's games, such as the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja and .hack series, and works with vocalist Tomoyo Mitani as part of the duo LieN, notably creating songs for the .hack and Little Tail Bronx series.[1]


Fukuda with the Solatorobo Perfect Sound Track

Chikayo Fukuda first briefly composed music for Sega games such as Ristar before departing for CyberConnect2. Her first soundtrack for the company was for the game Tail Concerto, in collaboration with Seizo Nakata. In 2007, the duo LieN was formed with Chikayo Fukuda as the lyricist and composer and Tomoyo Mitani as the vocalist. The name was chosen as "lien" means "bonds" in French.[1]




Cover Name Composer # of Tracks Release Date
1 All-Star Battle OST Disc.png All-Star Battle OST Chikayo Fukuda 35 August 29, 2013


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