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Araki-sensei, thank you for helping me come this far. (荒木先生、今までお世話になりました。)
—Yasuki Tanaka, Katobure Pass of Hitomi Volume 1

Yasuki Tanaka (田中 靖規, Tanaka Yasuki), real name Yasunori Tanaka (たなか やすのり, Tanaka Yasunori), is a Japanese manga artist. He was an assistant of Hirohiko Araki during Steel Ball Run along with Hiroshi Shiibashi until the serialization of his series Katobure Pass of Hitomi in 2007.[2]


Yasuki Tanaka was born in Wakayama Prefecture. In September 2002, he received the 39th Tenkaichi Manga Award' Honorable Mention for his one-shot "Baku". He was subsequently published in the 2003 winter issue of Akamaru Jump. He publihed several one-shots over the years, such as "DEAD/UNDEAD" in Aomaru Jump on April 1, 2004; "Katobure Pass of Hitomi" in 2006, which was serialized in 2007 in Weekly Shonen Jump.

His next serialized series is "Key Man Kagijin-" in 2009 in WSJ, the a short-term series named "Medabots 7" in "Saikyo Jump" in 2012. In 2014 and 2015, Tanaka had a series named "Gaist Crusher" published in several magazines.

His next series, Summer Time Rendering, was serialized in the digital magazine Shōnen Jump+ from 2017 to 2021. It received an anime adaptation in April 2022.


  • Baku (獏) (One-shot published in 2003 in "Akamaru Jump"『赤マルジャンプ』)
  • DEAD/UNDEAD (One-shot published in "Aomaru Jump"『青マルジャンプ』in 2004)
  • Aerial picture book (空中図鑑) (in "Akamaru Jump"『赤マルジャンプ』)
  • Katobure Pass of Hitomi (瞳のカトブレパス#読切) (One-shot, 2006, WSJ)
  • Katobure Pass of Hitomi, 2 volumes published in WSJ in 2007
  • Jamev (ジャメヴ) (one-shot, 2008, "Akamaru Jump"『赤マルジャンプ』)
  • Key Man -Kagijin- (鍵人 -カギジン-) (One-shot, 2009, "Akamaru Jump"『赤マルジャンプ』)
  • Key Man -Kagijin- (鍵人 -カギジン-) (serialized 2009, WSJ)
  • Medabots 7 (メダロット7) (2012, Saikyo Jump『最強ジャンプ』)
  • Gaist Crusher (ガイストクラッシャー) (serialized from 2013 to 2015 in Saikyo Jump『最強ジャンプ』)
  • Gaist Crusher First (ガイストクラッシャー ファースト) (2013-2014 in "V-Jump"『Vジャンプ』)
  • Gaist Crusher Academy (ガイストクラッシャー学園) (2014-2015 in V-Jump『Vジャンプ』)
  • Summer Time Rendering (サマータイムレンダ) (serialized from 2017 to 2021 Shonen Jump+)
  • GHOST FIXERS (ゴーストフィクサーズ) (2024 - Ongoing, Shonen Jump+)




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