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Coda Piano Trio is the self-titled debut album of Coda Piano Trio, a band comprising Coda on vocals and piano, Ryosuke Tanaka on bass, and Yousuke Omiya a.k.a. HAZE on drums. It features jazz piano covers of several songs from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. It was released on digital platforms on January 12, 2021.[1] It features tracks originally included on "ebony & ivory", as well as all other JoJo's Bizarre Adventure theme songs.[2]


No. Title (English) Time
1. Coda Piano Trio's Theme 2:19
2. JOJO -sono chi no sadame- (CPT Cover ver.) 4:39
4. STAND PROUD (CPT Cover ver.) 5:08
5. IGGY WALK (CPT Cover ver.) 5:32
6. Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town (CPT Cover ver.) 3:04
7. chase (English ver.) 2:21
8. The traitor Requiem (CPT Cover ver.) 3:53
9. Fighting Gold (English ver.) 4:12
10. Crazy my Beat (CPT Cover ver.) 4:18
11. Great Days (CPT Cover ver.) 4:31
Disc length: 44:37


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