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Sho Aimoto (藍本 松 Aimoto Shō) is the creator of the one-shot spin-off manga Fujiko's Bizarre Worldly Wisdom -Whitesnake's Miscalculation-.

She is most notable for writing and illustrating Hokenshitsu no Shinigami and Kemono Jihen. Kemono Jihen is currently being serialized in Jump SQ.


Aimoto was a former assistant of Akira Amano, creator of the series Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. She won the 33rd "Jump Twelve Newcomer Manga Award" (judged by Tsugumi Ohba) for Hanasaka Hime in December 2005. The same work was published in the 2006 Summer issue of Akamaru Jump, marking her debut.

Her one-shot MUDDY was first published in Jump the REVOLUTION! 2006. It was then published again in the 36th and 37th combined issue of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2007 as an entry in the 3rd Gold Future Cup. MUDDY ended up getting serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from the 3rd to the 16th issue in 2008.

Hokenshitsu no Shinigami was her first most successful manga, serialized from the 41st issue of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2009 to the 29th issue in 2011.

Kemono Jihen is her current ongoing manga, which has been serialized since the January 2017 issue of Jump SQ. It received an anime adaptation which aired from January to March 2021.

In 2007, Aimoto stated that her favorite manga are Dragon Ball, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Level E.[1] She is a fan of video games, especially the Megami Tensei series.[2][3][4] Jolyne Cujoh is her most liked JoJo.[5][6] 


On December 18, 2021, Aimoto received multiple death threats from Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English users online after posting preview pictures of her Jolyne one-shot on Twitter. The previews were posted to thank Hirohiko Araki and the editorial staff at Ultra Jump.[7][8]


Release Date
Blooming Princess
花咲か姫 (Hanasaka Hime)
Akamaru Jump Summer 2006
September 25, 2006
Jump the REVOLUTION! 2006
Weekly Shonen Jump 2007 No. 36/37
November 1, 2006
August 6, 2007
Weekly Shonen Jump 2008 No. 3-16
December 17, 2007 - March 17, 2008
Space Diplomacy Salesperson Sharumero
宇宙外交販売員シャルメロ (Uchu Gaiko Hanbaiin Sharumero)
Akamaru Jump Summer 2008
September 25, 2008
The Infirmary's Death God
保健室の死神 (Hokenshitsu no Shinigami)
Akamaru Jump Spring 2009
June 9, 2009
The Infirmary's Death God
保健室の死神 (Hokenshitsu no Shinigami)
Weekly Shonen Jump 2009 No. 41 - Weekly Shonen Jump 2011 No. 29
September 7, 2009 - June 27, 2011
Weekly Shonen Jump 2012 No. 3/4
December 19, 2011
W.C. Friends
W.C.フレンズ (W. C. Furenzu)
Weekly Shonen Jump 2013 No. 20
April 15, 2013
ウルトラマリン (Urutoramarin)
Jump NEXT! Summer 2013
October 1, 2013
Devil's Face
悪魔の顔 (Akuma no Kao)
Jump SQ. CROWN Autumn 2015
November 2015
Please Do ○○○.
○○○してください。 (○○○ Shite Kudasai.)
Cocohana July 2016
May 28, 2016
Monster Incidents
怪物事変 (Kemono Jihen)
Jump SQ. January 2017
December 2, 2016 - Present
Fujiko's Bizarre Worldly Wisdom -Whitesnake's Miscalculation-
フジコの奇妙な処世術 -ホワイトスネイクの誤算- (Fujiko no Kimyō na Shosei-jutsu —Howaitosuneiku no Gosan—)
Ultra Jump January 2022
December 18, 2021



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