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Bucciarati Is Coming (ブチャラティが来る, Bucharati ga Kuru)[1] is the second episode of Golden Wind and the one hundred fifteenth episode overall of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation. It covers the first half of Chapter 444 through Chapter 447, as well as the first page of Chapter 448 of the manga.

Giorno's tragic past is revealed. In the present, Giorno now has to fight the gangster Bruno Bucciarati, who too possesses a Stand ability named Sticky Fingers. Inexperienced, Giorno must still defeat Bucciarati to escape the gang's vengeance.


A young Giorno left alone

Giorno Giovanna was fathered by DIO with a Japanese woman, who for unknown reasons managed to leave DIO and safely go back to Japan. Giorno's mother was beautiful but neglected her son, leaving him alone in his home while she went partying. Beyond terrified, Giorno couldn't even cry for help. When he was four, Giorno's mother married an Italian man and he went to Italy, but his step-father was revealed to be an abusive man who regularly beat the child when Giorno would attempt to know how he felt. Moreover, Giorno was the perfect target for racist bullies and he came to think he was the scum of the earth, fated to become a hopeless person.

Giorno's growth over time

One day, Giorno saw an injured man lying in the shadow of an alley, suspicious men came and asked where the man was, prompting the child to lie as he felt a connection with him. One of the gangsters thought to look in the direction of the alley, but the wounded man was then hidden by herbs, an unwitting awakening of Gold Experience allowing that miracle. From this day on, the grateful man would watch for Giorno, prompting his stepfather to stop beating him, the bullies to suck up to him, and the locals to act nice. This man, the first to treat Giorno like a human being, became his role model. One evening, Giorno also witnessed his hero's darker side: the man had just shot someone. Indeed, he was a gangster with violent methods, but the man he killed was a drug dealer who sold his merchandise to women and even children, justifying his execution as this was an infringement of their code of honor. Despite the drug dealer's son crying in front of them, Giorno only looked up to his hero further. Inspiring himself from the gangster, Giorno would forge a dream to become a "Gang-Star".

Bucciarati getting punched

A recap of the last episode is shown until Giorno is punched across the funicular by Bruno Bucciarati. Forced to fight for his life, Giorno decides to summon Gold Experience just as Bucciarati dashes in to punch the boy. Bucciarati is punched by Gold Experience and notices that he's become unbelievably fast and strong. Growing confident, he evades Gold Experience and tries to punch Giorno only to see his fist go through Giorno's head. Bucciarati then understands too late that his spirit was overwhelmed by the life energy, creating a delusion of strength while the body remained still. Gold Experience thus punches Bucciarati in the jaw, the gangster feeling a long agonizing moment as the Stand punches one of his teeth out. Thrown at the bottom of the wagon, Bucciarati is now at a disadvantage.

Bucciarati and Sticky Fingers

Giorno walks forward as Bucciarati asserts the danger his opponent poses. The gangster understands that Giorno is indeed the culprit, but the misunderstanding can only end in blood for the two determined men. Bucciarati decides to fully summon his Sticky Fingers; ensues a short but intense fistfight showing Bucciarati's advantage in strength. However, the gangster decides to flee anyway. Giorno is forced to pursue Bucciarati in the streets of Naples up to a dark crowded alley. Bucciarati takes advantage of the civilians to disappear, and Giorno understands that one of the citizens is a hiding spot. A fly starts to bother one of them, who swats the fly, only for Bucciarati to emerge out of him, hurt. Giorno had transformed Bucciarati 's tooth into a fly to track down his adversary.

Final showdown

Now in the open, Bucciarati is forced to directly confront Giorno. Flaunting his arm before Giorno, Bucciarati faces off the boy who summons Gold Experience, which punches said arm. Gold Experience jumps in to follow-up on the attack, but Bucciarati surprisingly retaliates and opens up zippers all over Giorno. Indeed, Bucciarati has baited Giorno with the arm of the civilian he attached to himself via his Stand's zippers. When Bucciarati drops the arm and pauses for a moment, Giorno uses the opening to attempt a last ditch attack. Bucciarati, wasting no time moves in to finish Giorno off, before Giorno rips out his unzipped arm so as to get his attack in first and throws it at Bucciarati, who is then influenced by Gold Experience's life energy again. Vulnerable, Bucciarati sees with dread the boy approaching to finish him off, but Giorno stops his attack.

Bucciarati asks why he was spared, but Giorno has seen that Bucciarati was disturbed by the arm of the civilian, full of needle scars due to drug use despite only being thirteen years old. Consequently, Giorno has understood that Bucciarati was a decent man who felt conflicted about the drug flowing in Naples. Explaining his reasons, Giorno claims that from now on, Bucciarati will become his ally in trying to get rid of the drug trade. He finally and boldly announces his intention to overthrow the Boss of the gang, take over the organization and cleanse the city to become a Gang-star.


Dio Brando
Giorno's Mother
Man X
(1st appearance) (Flashback)
(Mentioned only)
Koichi Hirose
(Mentioned only)
Antonio Rossi
(1st appearance)
Sticky Fingers
(1st full appearance)


Script (脚本)
小林 靖子
Storyboard (絵コンテ)
Hideya Takahashi
高橋 秀弥
Episode Director (演出)
Hideya Takahashi
高橋 秀弥
Chief Animation Director (総作画監督)
石本 峻一
Animation Director (作画監督)
横山 謙次
千葉山 夏恵
Assistant Animation Director (作画監督補)
石本 峻一
Action Animation Director (アクションディレクター)
片山 貴仁
Key Animation (原画)
Takahito Katayama
Yasutoshi Iwasaki
Rin Ogawa
Haruka Tanaka
Wakako Shigemoto
Kenji Yokoyama
Kiko Morifuji
Masashi Nomura
Gin Kugumiya
Yui Kinoshita
Sayaka Anesaki​
Yuta Shinohara
Tetsuro Taira
Takeshi Itou
Hideyuki Sugiura
Yuichi Nakazawa
Mahora Muraki
Nobuhiro Masuda
Eita Toyoshima
Kohei Ashiya
Daiki Fujii (Graphinica Asagaya Studio)
片山 貴仁
岩崎 安利
小川 隣
田中 春香
重本 和佳子
横山 謙次
森藤 希子
野村 雅史
木下 由衣
姉崎 早也花
篠原 佑太
平良 哲朗
伊藤 岳史
杉浦 英之
中澤 勇一
村木 麻保良
増田 信博
芦谷 耕平
藤井大輝 (グラフィニカ阿佐ヶ谷st)
2nd Key Animation (第二原画)
Masaki Takasaka
Kentaro Ishikawa
Nana Yamazaki
Miyuki Kawano
Kotaro Okazaki
Sumire​ Fukazawa
Kayoko Ezoe
Kumiko Kawahara
Mizuki Miyata
Hikari Tanaka
Saya Takamatsu
Rina Morita
Daiki Watanabe
Natsuki Orikasa
Jin Hirakawa
Sari Matsumoto
Animation Planet
Doog Wood
White Line
Studio μ
Big Owl
Asahi Production
高阪 雅基
石川 健太郎
山崎 菜奈
河野 美由紀
岡崎 耕太郎
深沢 純怜
江副 加代子
河原 久美子
宮田 瑞生
田中 日香里
高松 さや
平河 仁
松本 さり
White Line
Big Owl
In-between Animation Inspection (動画チェック)
David Production
Nana Nomiya
野宮 菜那

In-Between Animation Inspection Assistance
David Production
Sho Tamae
玉栄 翔
In-between Animation (動画)
Digital In-Between Animation
David Production
Daiki Ito
Yuri Kiuchi
Shun Takahashi
Haruka Watanabe
Manato Onishi
Neito Hirohara
Nao Kui​
Mito​ Ichikawa​​
Daichi ​Imai
Kazuya Aoki​
Rie Takahashi
伊東 大輝
木内 祐里
高橋 俊
渡邉 はるか
尾西 真成人
廣原 寧人
久井 菜央
市河 碧都
今井 大地
青木 一哉
高橋 梨恵
Powered by CACANi
Asahi Production
Big Owl
Doog Wood
Big Owl
Design Cooperation (デザイン協力)
Hirohisa Onikubo
Sayaka Anesaki
姉崎 早也花
David Production
P. Taweeporn
Takayuki Okumura
Naka Mori
奥村 崇之
毛利 奈花
Digital Works (デジタルワークス)
David Production
P. Taweeporn
Tomoaki Makitera
Atsushi Ozawa
牧寺 智昭
小澤 篤志
Eyecatch Illustration (アイキャッチ原画)
岸田 隆宏
石本 峻一


Golden Wind Episode 2: Bucciarati Is Coming
Start End Title OST Description

Fighting Gold
Fighting Gold
Golden Wind: Overture
Beginning of Giorno's backstory
Golden Wind: Overture
Giorno discovers injured gangster
un sogno
Golden Wind: Overture
Gangster watches over Giorno
Golden Wind: Overture
Giorno witnesses gangster hit
un sogno
Golden Wind: Overture
Giorno is inspired by Gangster
lotta feroce
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Giorno begins his battle with Bucciarati
il vento d'oro
Golden Wind: Overture
Golden Wind: Intermezzo
Giorno's intent to kill Bucciarati
Golden Wind: Overture
Gold Experience and Sticky Fingers clash fists
Golden Wind: Overture
Bucciarati escapes
situazione difficile
Golden Wind: Overture
Giorno's and Bruno's final clash
Golden Wind: Overture
Giorno's attack fails
esperienza d'oro
Golden Wind: Overture
Giorno extends his range and lands a blow
Golden Wind: Overture
Giorno plans to become a gang-star
Freek'n You
Freek'n You
il vento d'oro
Golden Wind: Overture
Next Episode Title

Manga/Anime Differences

  • Extended Giorno's flashback with additional scenes, some of which were only narrated in the manga.
    • At a bar, a friend of Haruno's mother asks if she should really be leaving her kid home alone since he's only two years old.
    • Young Giorno's stepfather pretends to be friendly with him when he's in public. After the man's wedding with Haruno's mother, he pats Giorno's head while smiling and tells him to come take photos with them. While his cruelty towards Giorno is the same as in the manga, an extra scene showing reasonable treatment from his stepfather is added, downplaying his cruelty to potentially tolerable and justifiable levels.
    • Young Giorno is pushed face-first into a rain puddle by a group of three older boys.
    • Extra scenes of the gangster watching over young Giorno, such as an ice cream shop giving him extra scoops for free.
    • Giorno hears a gunshot and goes to see what happened. He discovers that the gangster he admired just killed a man in an alley along with his partner. A kid runs up and points a gun at the man, threatening to get revenge because the gangster just killed his father. The man explains that the boy's father "was scum" and broke the rules of his turf by selling drugs to even women and children. Unable to bring himself to pull the trigger, the kid breaks down crying and also calls the gangster scum in return before the gangster walks away. The narration then describes that Giorno thought the gangster wasn't scum in the least, transitioning into the manga's original lines afterward.
    • It is implied in the visuals that Man X may have not necessarily employed coercion towards all of Giorno's oppressors into treating him well, excluding his stepfather.
  • In the scene where the gangster approaches young Giorno and thanks him, it is raining and the two are holding umbrellas, as opposed to the encounter happening on a sunny day. They also face each other when they stop.
  • After his consciousness is separated by Gold Experience, Bucciarati attempts to run back to his body when he sees Gold Experience's punch about to make contact.
  • The bystander threatening to call the police before Giorno calms him has a different appearance.
  • Bucciarati thinking to himself that he knows Giorno is not lying about killing him by observing his skin and sweat has been removed.
  • A physical fistfight between Gold Experience and Sticky Fingers has been added, Sticky Fingers effortlessly blocking Gold Experience's attacks and thus demonstrating its strength advantage.
  • Giorno's chase after Bucciarati is extended, with the two running through various alleys.
  • When Bucciarati reaches his hand out to Giorno, his line about it being stupid to try and kick him has been removed.
  • After Gold Experience strikes Bucciarati's replacement arm, Bucciarati no longer retaliates by simply punching Giorno after giving a sly smile, but Gold Experience leaps at Bucciarati to strike him before Bucciarati punches the Stand and forces it out of the way. He then runs up to punch Giorno.
  • Bucciarati attempts to finish Giorno off in response to Giorno trying to tear his own arm, rather than Giorno tearing his arm in single motion once Bucciarati got close enough.
  • Bucciarati's consciousness is seen separated from his body again when Gold Experience strikes him at the end of the fight.
  • Bucciarati's consciousness no longer visibly screams aloud with his eyes wide open when he believes Giorno is about to finish him off.
  • The boy who Bucciarati hides in is named in the anime as Antonio Rossi since his student ID is visible.
  • When Bucciarati shows that his arm is not his arm, his lacy vest undergarment does not fall off, making it seem as if it was a tattoo.
  • Giorno's lines about Bucciarati's belief in personal freedom and the freedom to use drugs are omitted.
  • Giorno walks away while Bucciarati is talking to him to overlook Naples, comments on its view, then resumes the conversation.
  • Giorno takes a seat on a railing with one leg over the other when revealing to Bucciarati his dream to become a Gang-Star.

In other languages

Language Title Translation
Japan Japanese ブチャラティが来る Bucciarati Is Coming
United States of America English (Sub) Bucciarati Is Coming
United States of America English (Dub) Bucciarati Appears
Spain Spanish Viene Bucciarati Bucciarati Is Coming
Brazil Portuguese Bucciarati Vem Aí Bucciarati Is Coming
France French Voici venir Buccellati Here Comes Buccellati
Germany German Bucciarati erscheint Bucciarati Appears
Israel Hebrew בוצ'רטי מגיע Bucciarati Is Coming
Flag of the Arab League Arabic بوتشاراتي قادم Bucciarati Is Coming
Italy Italian Arriva Bucciarati Here Comes Bucciarati
Russia Russian А вот и Буччарати Here Comes Bucciarati
Poland Polish Nadchodzi Bucciarati Bucciarati Is Coming


We were able to see what Giorno experienced as he was brought up. I was moved by the parallels between his past and the scene in the first episode where he orders the gelato for the little boy. Giorno must not have forgotten how he felt when he was given that extra scoop. This episode showed just how much of an influence Man X had on his life.
—Kensho Ono, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries
This series really loves introducing children who don't look like children at all. The thirteen-year-old from the second episode is no exception, of course. Just like the various fangirls that show up throughout the seasons, these "kids" are a regular occurrence in the series.
—Hiroyuki Omori, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries
1. Giorno's Childhood

Director Takahashi introduces one of Golden Wind's central themes, "sorrow". Sorrow falls with the rain when Giorno reencounters Man X, and again with the last of the day's sun drifting bleakly through the alley where a child points a gun at Man X, who stays protected within the shadows.

2. JoJo Poses

The second episode features many famous JoJo poses. Takahashi recalls that it was a struggle to find a way to animate the poses naturally without hindering the action, but he is proud of how the animation flowed into the final pose of the first half of the episode.

3. This Battle's No Joke!

Compared to previous seasons, Takahashi felt that Golden Wind leveled up with how head-on the Stand battles were, so he incorporated more direct combat. "The action animation director Katayama drew frames with such captivating movement that everything ended up much better than I had imagined!"

4. Giorno's Grand Ambition

The backdrop references a place found during location scouting and was designed with the help of Director Kimura. Giorno's pose as he makes his statement about becoming a gangster was created with Director Tsuda's advice. Takahashi recalls that this scene helped him understand the series on a much deeper level.
—Hideya Takahashi, Blu-Ray limited edition commentaries



  • The director of the Golden Wind anime, Yasuhiro Kimura, revealed that the setting of the scene where Giorno witnesses his hero having committed a hit on a drug dealer is inspired by a location on the Via dei Carrozzieri a Monteoliveto in Naples.[2]
  • When Bucciarati beckons Giorno to fight him after finally being found, the color palette changes Buccirati's usual color scheme similar to a one from Volume 54's Spine Art.



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