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Shunichi Ishimoto (石本 峻一, Ishimoto Shunichi) is a Japanese freelance animator who was formerly affiliated with David Production, prominently known for his significant involvement with the TV Anime adaptation of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. He is credited as an animation director for Stardust Crusaders, co-chief animation director for Diamond is Unbreakable, chief animation director for Golden Wind and Stand designer for Stone Ocean. He is also the character designer and chief animation director for the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan OVA series.[3]


Ishimoto read JoJo's Bizarre Adventure when he was a student, noting that the "Ermes's Sticker" story arc left a "strange impression" on him.[4]

Ishimoto's career in animation notably started with the first season of the JoJo anime, where he used the experience as a key animator to learn the basics of animation and improve his basic drawing skills.[2] He has since then become one of the series's mainstay animation supervisors. His genga and corrections are often cited by other staff as very intense.[5][6]

On April 24, 2024, Ishimoto announced that he quit from David Production and became a freelancer.[7]



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Key Animation (原画)[5]

Eyecatch Illustrations

Promotional Artwork (原画)

Personal Artwork


  • Ishimoto's favorite Stand is Star Platinum. He appreciates its ability to take precise measurements.[11]
  • Ishimoto's favorite characters to draw in Golden Wind was Guido Mista, Sticky Fingers and Purple Haze. He notes that Mista was the easiest to draw of the characters, while Purple Haze was one of the hardest.[12]


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