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Neki Matsuzawa (松澤 ネキ, Matsuzawa Neki), real name Chiaki Matsuzawa (荒木 利之, Matsuzawa Chiaki), is a Japanese voice actress and announcer. She is credited for her work as the host for several JoJo's Bizarre Adventure events, such as JOESTAR The Inherited Soul.

She is also well known for her roles as announcer and news reporter in several series, such as My Hero Academia, Concrete Revolutio, and Digimon Adventure tri.


Neki Matsuzawa was born on January 28, 1985. Matsuzawa graduated from the Nihon University College of Art.

After graduating from college in 2007, Matsuzawa worked as an economics reporter at Nikkei CNBC, an economics channel of The Nihon Keizai Shimbun, where she was in charge of morning, noon, and evening economics programs. as well as stock market reports, interviews with executives, and various other duties. Starting in 2009, she began working at TBS News, where she was in charge of various kinds of news reports, from regular news to election coverage, on-site reporting, and sudden responses to incidents and accidents. Currently, Matsuzawa is working in her specialty genres such as anime, manga, and games.[1]

On January 28, she announced she would be using the name "Neki Matsuzawa" in public appearances. Matsuzawa explains that she's been using her real name during her career as announcer so far, but that she decided to adopt the "Neki" persona given to her by guests in many programs and events. "Neki", short for "Aneki" (meaning "big sis") is a Japanese internet slang word which is used for a dependable elder woman.[2]

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Roles

Title Media Year
Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Record of Bizarre Tales and Anecdotes OVA Event 2019
JOESTAR The Inherited Soul Anime Event 2021
Stone Ocean Pre-Distribution Event Anime Event 2021
Stone Ocean Final Episodes Pre-Broadcast Screening Anime Event 2023



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