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"Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town" is the first opening theme song of Diamond is Unbreakable and the fifth overall opening theme of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. The song is performed by the group THE DU, consisting of Jun Shirota, Taisuke Wada, and Jeity. They created the band particularly to perform the song.

"Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town" was written by Saori Codama, composed by Kazusou Oda (Coda), and arranged by MACARONI☆. The single was released on April 27, 2016.

Opening Animation

JOJO OP5 Illustration 1.gif

The opening begins with Josuke Higashikata, Koichi Hirose, Okuyasu Nijimura, and Jotaro Kujo standing on a darkly lit stage illuminated by several multi-colored lights. The lights circle around the stage along with signs saying "JoJo" and "Part 4". It then flashes to colorful pop art portraits of the four of them with several stars and paint splatters in the background; Josuke is brushing his hair; Koichi has his arm reaching out; Okuyasu is holding a fist; Jotaro is holding the brim of his hat. It cuts back to the stage and the four of them point toward the ceiling as lights sparkle above them.

The scenery changes to different locations in Morioh as various silhouettes of all of Morioh's Stand users instantaneously slide across the screen: Josuke and Koichi are shown in front of Morioh Station; Okuyasu, Keicho Nijimura, and Aya Tsuji are shown in front of Josuke's house in Jozenji; Former Tama, Akira Otoishi, Tamami Kobayashi, and Yoshihiro Kira are shown in front of Sun Mart; Masazo Kinoto and Anjuro Katagiri appear in front of a different shot of Morioh Station; Toshikazu Hazamada, Terunosuke Miyamoto, and Shizuka Joestar appear in front of the interior of Budogaoka High School; Yoshikage Kira, Mikitaka Hazekura, Joseph Joestar, and Yuya Fungami appear in front of the house at Boyoyoing Cape; Toyohiro Kanedaichi and Yukako Yamagishi are shown in front of the agricultural area; Rohan Kishibe, Shigekiyo Yangu, Bug-Eaten and Not Bug-Eaten are shown in front of Cafe Menphis; and lastly, Tonio Trussardi, Ken Oyanagi, and Jotaro Kujo appear in front of the Nijimura house.

Clouds fill the screen to reveal an aerial view of Japan with the season's logo as the camera zooms into Morioh, with the view quickly descending through clouds and towards the ground. The logo then shatters into many pieces and the camera zooms closer to Morioh Station. 


Josuke walks on the street near Morioh Station surrounded by people and street signs, which reference different Stands throughout the season: there's a heart-shaped sign that says Crazy Diamond and "JOJO", a rectangular sign that says "DORARA!" below it, a diamond-shaped sign with Rohan's pen nib, a sign that says "ORA ORA ORA", a circular sign with Killer Queen's skull emblem, a diamond-shaped sign with Okuyasu's dollar symbol, and a sign with the Morioh logo. The scene zooms onto Josuke who turns to his left as the scene changes to focus on Koichi. Koichi, surrounded by green and purple backdrops, looks around nervously as it zooms out to reveal his shadow as Yukako Yamagishi gazing at him. The scene then switches to Okuyasu, who is knelt on the ground next to a soft-drink can. Once again, the scene zooms out to reveal Okuyasu's shadow as his brother, Keicho Nijimura, aiming the Bow and Arrow before morphing into their father. The shadows disappear as Okuyasu slowly stands up before kicking the can, leading into a transition of a photo of Josuke on the can.

The can slowly rotates clockwise before transitioning into Josuke walking down Jozenji street as disco lights illuminate him. Josuke strikes a pose, leading to Crazy Diamond appearing from his side as diamond-sparkles fill the scene. It transitions to Koichi running down a separate street with disco lights shining on the pavement, and he also strikes a pose. Colorful ripples then change the scenery to feature Okuyasu strolling down a sidewalk. He then leans backwards, which prompts The Hand to appear from his opposite side, mirroring the pose he's in. The scene zooms into them both before breaking apart to reveal Jotaro standing by himself. Jotaro then strikes his trademark pointing pose, with Star Platinum appearing from his side, mimicking him. Multiple colorful ripples dot across the scene resembling the appearance of stopped time, and the scenery suddenly pans out and upwards towards the sky.

CNBT-Josuke Okuyasu Koichi & Jotaro Final Pose.jpg

The scene transitions into a map of Morioh, with Josuke, Koichi, Okuyasu, Hazamada, Tamami, Yukako, and Tonio all dancing along to the song. Lastly, Jotaro appears and smiles before Crazy Diamond's fist rises upward. He punches the background, destroying it, and reforming it as a plain background with a dotted pattern. The Hand then appears and uses its power to erase the background completely.

It flashes white to reveal Josuke, Okuyasu, and Koichi all standing in front of their high school. Josuke then turns around with a stoic expression on his face as the others turn with him. The scene pans out as the trio gaze upon the town of Morioh in its entirety from atop a hill. It focuses towards the sky itself before immediately cutting to Josuke, Okuyasu, Koichi, and Jotaro all striking a pose in front of a colorful background.

Altered Versions

CNBT-Koichi 5.jpg

Starting from the seventh episode onward, the opening includes Koichi's Stand, Echoes. The scene where Koichi used to be posing alone now includes Echoes ACT1 alongside him, which produces the word MYSTERY in green. The "MYSTERY" word then flies toward the screen, transitioning it to Okuyasu's scene. Later on, near the end of the opening, Echoes ACT1 appears on the new background that Crazy Diamond recreates, appearing like graffiti. It slightly moves upward and then The Hand erases the background like the original.

In DU Episode 8 and 9, "Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town (EDM Arrangement ver.)" is used instead of the original version. The opening credits were accordingly modified to reflect the usage.


Keicho Nijimura
(Silhouetted cameo)
Aya Tsuji
(Silhouetted cameo)
(Silhouetted cameo)
Akira Otoishi
(Silhouetted cameo)
Yoshihiro Kira
(Silhouetted cameo)
Masazo Kinoto
(Silhouetted cameo)
Anjuro Katagiri
(Silhouetted cameo)
Terunosuke Miyamoto
(Silhouetted cameo)
Shizuka Joestar
(Silhouetted cameo)
Yoshikage Kira
(Silhouetted cameo)
Mikitaka Hazekura
(Silhouetted cameo)
Joseph Joestar
(Silhouetted cameo)
Yuya Fungami
(Silhouetted cameo)
Toyohiro Kanedaichi
(Silhouetted cameo)
Rohan Kishibe
(Silhouetted cameo)
Shigekiyo Yangu
(Silhouetted cameo)
(Silhouetted cameo)
Not Bug-Eaten
(Silhouetted cameo)
Ken Oyanagi
(Silhouetted cameo)
Father Nijimura
(Silhouetted cameo)
Stray Cat
(Silhouetted cameo)
Atom Heart Father
(Silhouetted cameo)
Achtung Baby
(Silhouetted cameo)


Japanese Kanji
Japanese Rōmaji
English Translation

すれ違ってく 顔のない視線
胸の穴が 変えてった日常
境界なんてなく出会う アタリマエの奇妙 U-yeh,

Surechigatteku kao no nai shisen
Mune no ana ga kaetetta nichijō
Kyōkai nante naku deau atarimae no kimyō U Yea!

There are faceless gazes passing by
The hole in my heart changed my daily life
No limit to ordinarily bizarre encounters - Oh yeah!

いつもどおりの朝が うわっ面で笑う
正体不明のままに 惹かれあう Mystery
はじまりも言わず じっと潜んでる、この町のどこか

Itsumo dōri no asa ga uwatsura de warau
Shōtai fumei no mama hikareau misuterī
Hajimari mo iwazu jitto hisonderu kono machi no dokoka

Just like any other morning with a smile on my face
I'm drawn to unidentified mysteries
Without giving away its origin, it's lurking somewhere in this town

だけど今日も上々に 文句なんか言いあって
日常を踊る Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

Dakedo kyō mo jōjō ni monku nanka iiatte
Nichijō o odoru Kureijī Noijī Bizāru Taun

But today's a great day to share our complaints
Dancing the day away in this Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

しなる弓が妖しく占う つらぬく矢で試す可能性
了解なんてない 生まれる才能に聞くんだ U-yeh,

Shinaru yumi ga ayashiku uranau tsuranuku ya de tamesu kanōsei
Ryōkai nante nai umareru sainō ni kikunda U Yea,

A flexible bow eerily foretells of possibilities to be tried by a piercing arrow
Can't understand it, ask the ability born within you - oh yeah,

臆病を確信は 沈黙を破る
身勝手なくらいに 結ばれる Destiny
すぐ傍にいるぜ じっと目を凝らす、この町の気配

Okubyō wo kakushin wa chinmoku wo yaburu
Migatte na kurai ni musubareru Desutinī
Sugu soba ni iru ze jitto me wo kogorasu, kono machi no kehai

Cowardly convictions will break the deafening silence
Because of our Destiny that is tied so selfishly
Around the corner lurking your senses better sharpen for that presence in this town

だけど今日も上々に ジョークなんか言いあって
おれ達で踊れ Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

Dakedo kyō mo jōjō ni jōku nanka iiatte
Ore-tachi de odore Kureijī Noijī Bizāru Taun

But today's a great day to crack some jokes
So dance with us in this Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

だけど今日も上々に 文句なんか言いあって
日常を踊る Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

Dakedo kyō mo jōjō ni monku nanka iiatte
Nichijō o odoru Kureijī Noijī Bizāru Taun

But today's a great day to share our complaints
Dancing the day away in this Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

だけど今日も上々に ジョークなんか言いあって
おれ達で踊れ Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

Dakedo kyō mo jōjō ni jōku nanka iiatte
Ore-tachi de odore Kureijī Noijī Bizāru Taun

But today's a great day to crack some jokes
So dance with us in this Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town


All lyrics are written by Saori Codama; all music is composed by Kazusou Oda.

1."Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town" (Arrangement: MACARONI☆)3:06
2."Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town ~EDM arrange Ver.~" (Arrangement: Yoshito Tanaka, Hideyuki "Daichi" Suzuki)3:07
3."Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town (Instrumental)"3:06
4."Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town ~EDM arrange Ver.~ (Instrumental)"3:05
Total length:12:26


"Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town" peaked at 18th place on the Oricon's Weekly Album Charts and appeared for 9 weeks.[2] On Billboard Japan's Hot 100, it debuted at 16th place[3] and dropped to 98th two weeks later before leaving the chart the week after.[4] On Billboard Japan's Hot Animation chart, it debuted and peaked at 5th place.[5] On their Top Singles Sales, it debuted at 18th place.[6] Three weeks later, it dropped to 82nd place and then dropped off the chart on the week after.[7]


Animation Staff

Storyboard (絵コンテ)
津田 尚克
Director (演出)
津田 尚克
Chief Animation Director (総作画監督)
西位 輝実
Animation Director (作画監督)
石本 峻一
Action Animation Director (アクションディレクター)
三室 健太
Key Animation (原画)
Aiko Sonobe
Marie Ino
Yukitoshi Houtani
Tomoko Tanaka
Masashi Yamada
Kenta Mimuro
薗部 あい子
井野 真理恵
宝谷 幸稔
田中 智子
山田 まさし
三室 健太
In-between Animation Inspection (動画チェック)
david production作画室
Background Line Art (美術設定)
Bihou, Inc.
P. Taweeporn
Color Design (色指定)
Yuko Sato
佐藤 裕子
Finish Animation Inspection (仕上検査)
Yuko Sato
佐藤 裕子
Other Credits
Photography (Compositing)
Asahi Production
Kiyoshi Hirose
廣瀬 清志

Music Staff

Music Staff
Yoshito Tanaka / Hideyuki "Daichi" Suzuki (EDM ver.)
Saori Codama
Musical Staff 
  • Trumpet: Atsuki (from FIRE HORNS)
  • Saxophone & Flute: Juny-a (from FIRE HORNS)
  • Trombone: Tocchi (from FIRE HORNS)
  • Chorus: Jin Hashimoto, Coda (from JO☆STARS)
  • Vocal Trainer: Jin Hashimoto
  • All Other Instruments: MACARONI☆
Production Staff 
  • Sound Producer: Sumimasa Morita
  • Director: Sumimasa Morita, Coda
  • Recording & Mixing Engineer: Tsutomu Okada
  • Recording & Mixing Studio: STUDIO696
  • Mastering Studio: parasight mastering
  • Mastering Engineer: Hiromichi Takiguchi
  • Sound Production: FIREWORKS
  • Producer: Hiroyuki Omori (Warner Bros. Japan)
  • A&R: Keiichiro Sawada, Ikumi Koga (Warner Bros. Japan)
  • Advertising: Hideki Nakanishi, Risa Arimura, Shinya Tsuruoka, Akane Nakasuji (Warner Bros. Japan)

Illustration Staff

Illustration Staff
Art (原画) 
西位 輝実
Coloring (仕上) 
Junko Tatezaki
立崎 順子
Special Effects (特効) 
Finish (フィニッシュ) 


Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town
Episode Duration

03:06 - 04:20
00:00 - 01:14
01:38 - 02:52
02:11 - 03:25
02:52 - 04:06
00:42 - 01:58
02:02 - 03:16
01:05 - 02:19
01:20 - 02:34
02:18 - 03:32
00:00 - 01:16


Opening Videos


  • This is the first JoJo opening song not made by Kamikaze Douga, instead opting for traditional animation.
  • As Josuke walks down the street, different street-signs can be spotted. The designs include: the town emblem of Morioh, a dollar sign similar to the ones on Okuyasu's uniform, the skull from Yoshikage Kira's tie, Rohan's pen nib, "Crazy Diamond JOJO" with peace signs and a heart with Jotaro's "hand emblem" in the middle; as well as signs with both "Ora Ora" and "Dorarara" in katakana.
  • Although hinting at characters and events throughout Part 4, the initial airing of this opening only shows characters through the Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food arc. In addition, it does not reveal Koichi Hirose's eventual Stand until the episode after it awakens in the battle against The Lock (despite showing both Okuyasu and The Hand prior to their revelation in the story).
  • During the song's chorus where the characters are shown dancing, Tamami prematurely appears (as if out of nowhere) walking into the montage in the first edition of the opening. After the opening alteration which introduced Koichi's Stand, this mistake was fixed by having him walk into the scene naturally from offscreen.


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