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"Heaven's falling down" is the second opening theme song of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean and the eleventh overall opening theme of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation as a whole. The song is performed by sana (sajou no hana), with lyrics by Shoko Fujibayashi and composition by Yugo Kanno. The opening animation sequence was produced by Kamikaze Douga.[5] Karen Aoki is the lyricist of the English version.[6] A digital single featuring the full length cut, an English language edition and an instrumental was originally released on December 2, 2022. The "Dawning" version used in the season finale was later released as a digital single on April 8, 2023.

Opening Animation

Jolyne in the opening.

The opening begins with Jolyne standing in front of the night sky with her back turned. As she turns around, it transitions to her father Jotaro, who summons Star Platinum to do a punch barrage against The World. The World then cracks as light shines through it. Star Platinum punches through the rubble and it zooms out to reveal the Stand on the reflection of a DISC. Savage Garden carries the DISC away and flies off into the sky. The scene pans diagonally downward to Romeo's car in the rainstorm. It quickly shows the back of his car, then Romeo holding the bloodied hitchhiker, and then a side view of Jolyne standing in shock by the car.

Jolyne holding the pendant.

The scene cross-dissolves into a black and white shot of Jotaro visiting Jolyne in the meeting room. Jolyne's stone pendant and hand appears on the center of the screen, transparent. The pendant falls onto her hand and she grasps it. More of Jolyne's body is revealed as it shows a frontal view of her holding the stone pendant with butterflies, her tattoo, and stars on her body. Meanwhile, the background transitions to Jotaro affected by Whitesnake's acid. Fully visible, the locket is open to reveal the photo of Jotaro and Jolyne's mother, which Jolyne tearfully looks at. Jotaro is shown sitting in bed, being treated by the Speedwagon Foundation. It fades back to Jolyne with a shot of her back and the Star Birthmark visible. She holds the pendant to her chest and turns around, looking at a light in the sky.

Jolyne and her companions.

The center of the screen flashes with the effect of a CRT TV turning on, opening up to reveal a transparent Ermes with Kiss's stickers overlaid on her. The background is black and white with Sports Maxx torturing a man by a car. Kiss appears behind Ermes as the background wipes to Gloria Costello's corpse in the sea. Kiss starts punching while Ermes screams, leaving the screen for a transparent Anasui with wheels on his body to emerge after. Anasui poses while the black and white background shows his ex-girlfriend in bed having an affair. The background shifts to wheels and various items that Anasui took apart when he was younger, while a transparent Diver Down appears behind him. Anasui then runs off the screen and a transparent Emporio appears with a baseball and baseball glove pattern on his body. He throws a baseball up while the background shows his mother's skeleton. A transparent Weather Report springs up with clouds and synoptic map symbols on his body and the background also covered in clouds. The scene distorts and squeezes downward with another flash, resembling a TV turning off.

Jolyne against Pucci.

Ermes, Emporio, Anasui, and Weather are now all by Jolyne's side, looking at the lone light in the sky. A close-up of Enrico Pucci's face zooms out to a frontal view with Whitesnake as well as silhouettes of DIO's sons (Ungalo, Rikiel, and Donatello Versus) in front of him. At the prison courtyard, a clock zooms outward and rotates upside down as Jolyne falls upward. She spins around and leaps toward a bright sky. The clouds shoot past to reveal the sun and Jolyne jumps downward with Stone Free punching. Ermes and Kiss do a diagonal kick downwards as Anasui and Weather each appear afterwards with their Stands. Emporio shoots his ghost gun with a panicked expression as cars and various other objects are floating in the background. The scene pans downward to Pucci looking up with DIO's shadow beneath him.

Series title.

The scene fades to the wetlands where F.F. spins and flies up to the clouds. Finally, Jolyne confronts Pucci, as it shows her feet stepping in water. Pucci turns around as Whitesnake prepares to battle. Jolyne also readies herself and summons Stone Free. She and her Stand calmly walk forward before she starts running until her eyes are close up with her pupils filled with the flames of rage, similar to the ending of JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~, and she punches the screen. The Stone Ocean logo is overlaid on the imprint of her punch and snail shells can be seen on the bottom.

Dawning Ver. (SO Episode 38)

Jotaro and Star Platinum stopping time.

In the final episode of Stone Ocean, the opening animation is significantly changed.

The text of the credits is overlaid with a slight TV static effect. During the shots where Weather Report's silhouette is visible, the background is now revealed, showing the death of Perla Pucci.

Later, DIO's sons are fully revealed. As the shot transitions to the courtyard, the clock is shown running at an accelerated pace. Suddenly, time stops and Jotaro Kujo appears with Star Platinum, the latter preparing to punch towards the screen. However, time quickly resumes, surprising Jotaro and Star Platinum. Before they can recover, Pucci appears to confront them.

Jolyne vs Pucci, 2nd version.

The scene changes to the underground tunnel to Windknight's Lot seen at the very start of the opening animation of JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~. Manga panels featuring each of the JoJos in chronological order appear in quick succession. Jolyne emerges from her own panel as the doors at the end of the tunnel open to the staircase of the Joestar Mansion. The scene spins to reveal Pucci posing alongside Made in Heaven in the place of the Statue of the Goddess of Love as time accelerates. A starry backdrop can be seen outside the mansion as it begins to crumble apart.

A shot of the Joestars posing in front of an abstract background, along with a thread connecting the Stone Mask, the Red Stone of Aja, the beetle Arrow and DIO's Bone, is shown. Jolyne extends her thread as the camera pans to her, and the crumbling staircase is shown once more. As the camera rotates and flies upwards, Jolyne and Pucci can be seen confronting each other alongside their respective Stands, reminiscent of Dio and Jonathan at the end of Sono Chi no Sadame as well as DIO and Jotaro during the tarot card sequence in STAND PROUD. Stone Free launches a punch toward Pucci as the camera flies up again, with the mansion now fully torn apart. Jolyne and Pucci fade into the background, and everything disappears in a flash of light both making references to JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~ and STAND PROUD.

Second title card.

Finally, the season's logo appears with a brief flash in front of a shot of space. Jolyne's Stone Pendant appears from a spiral-shaped galaxy and falls into a layer of clouds. The camera pans beneath the clouds, revealing a road in the midst of a rainstorm as a car drives into the distance. The opening animation ends with a fade to white.


Romeo Jisso
Sports Maxx
Gloria Costello
(Flashback) (Corpse)
Emporio's Mother
(Flashback) (Corpse)
Donatello Versus
Dio Brando
(Shadow) (Cameo)


Japanese Kanji
Japanese Rōmaji
English Translation

Destiny is mine 恐れ知っても
Shoot a thread of light

Destiny is mine osore shittemo
Subete no mirai togirenu yō ni
Shoot a thread of light

Destiny is mine, in spite of all my fear
So that the future may continue on its path
Shoot a thread of light

心は鋭利に 研ぎ澄まされる
(Never give way)
繰り返される 宿命の最果てで
Getting through 生きる意味を

Itami o norikoeru tabi
Kokoro wa eiri ni togisumasareru
(Never give way)
Kurikaesareru shukumei no sai hate de
Hikari chiru umi ni chikau
Getting through ikiru imi o
Sekai ni nokosu kara

Every time we manage to surpass pain
Our hearts and minds can only grow
even sharper than before
(Never give way)
When the cycle of our fate is
finally pushed right to the very edge
I swear on the glimmers in the sea
Getting through is the meaning of life
That's what the world has passed down to me

Heaven's falling down 空を落としても
望みを砕こう 狂気の神の
Destiny is mine 恐れ知っても

Heaven's falling down sora o otoshitemo
Nozomi o kudakou kyōki no kami no
Destiny is mine osore shittemo
Subete no mirai togirenu yō ni
Tomosu honō ga...

Heaven's falling down! And if the sky should fall
If God himself's gone mad, we'll
break right through his will
Destiny is mine, in spite of all my fear
So that the future may continue on its path
My fire will burn...

自由の翼を 奪われぬように
(In the darkness)
微かに見える 道に祈りが射せば
Stay with me 共に行こう

Unmei wa erabi toru mono
Jiyū no tsubasa o ubawarenu yō ni
(In the darkness)
Kasuka ni mieru michi ni inori ga saseba
Kakete miru kachi wa aru
Stay with me tomo ni ikou
Kono mi wa horobi demo

Fate is a choice that we all make every day
Don't let your wings of liberty be
enslaved and torn apart
(In the darkness)
I see glimmers of a path, and
now at last I seem to understand
Betting on all this is worth the price
Stay with me, let's move forward as one
Regardless of whether I survive

Heaven's falling down 世界が朽ちても
この血に宿る 正義は枯れず
Destiny is mine降伏はしない
鼓動の限り 希望を放つ
Shoot a thread of light

Heaven's falling down sekai ga kuchi temo
Kono chi ni yadoru seigi wa kawarezu
Destiny is mine kōfuku wa shinai
Kodō no kagiri kibō o hanatsu
Shoot a thread of light

Heaven's falling down! Even if the world decays
The justice in my blood will never be erased
Destiny is mine, and I will not give in
As long as my heart beats, I'll radiate hope
Shoot a thread of light

受け継がれる 星は深い
闇の中ほど 強く輝く
Destiny is mine 恐れ知っても
すべての未来 途切れぬように
灯す炎が 命の煌めき

Uketsugareru hoshi wa fukai
Yami no naka hodo tsuyoku kagayaku
Destiny is mine osore shittemo
Subete no mirai togirenu you ni
Tomosu honō ga inochi no kirameki
(Destiny wa benkei jā nai)

Starlight from the depths is what I have received
The darker the sky becomes, the brighter it will shine
Destiny is mine, in spite of all my fear
So that the future may continue on its path
My fire will burn, the glimmer of my life itself
(Destiny's not invincible)

Official English Version

Destiny is mine
My fear won't bother me
That never-ending flow of love is in my heart
Shoot a thread of light

I feel no pain
That one is gone with the wind
My heart and soul are sharpened by
The brightest light of all (Brightest by far)

On and on I hear your voice
Your voice will guide me as in my fate
So I swear to the shining ocean now
Guide me through
I will survive and show you someday
The reason I'm here

Heaven's falling down
The sky is breaking down
But I know I will survive
Until the end of time
Destiny is mine
My fear won't bother me
That never-ending flow of love is in my heart
Shoot a thread of light

I chose my fate
No one can take it away
The wings of hope and freedom will
Always be on by my side (On by my side)

I see fading lights ahead
And I can hear a prayer in my heart
I believe this is worth fighting for
Stay with me
I need you by my side
No matter how hard it might be

Heaven's falling down
My world is breaking down
It's all in my blood
Until the end of time
Destiny is mine
I won't surrender
As long as I can fight
The power is in me
Shoot a thread of light

The stars shine more
In darkest blaze above
So I turn the flame of light
Will burn bright in me

Destiny is mine
My fear won't bother me
That never-ending flow of love is in my heart
Shoot a thread of light
The glow of life is in my eyes


Digital Single

  1. "Heaven's falling down" (3:36)
  2. "Heaven's falling down -English Ver.-" (3:36)
  3. "Heaven's falling down (Instrumental)" (3:36)

Dawning Ver.

  1. "Heaven's falling down -Dawning Ver.-" (1:34)


Director (演出)
Takafumi Utsunomiya
宇都宮 隆文
Animation Director (作画監督)
Art Director
Yuai Nakano
中野 友愛
Modeling Director
小林 涼

Photography Director

Manabu Kadono
上遠野 学
CG Director
Maki Takahashi
高橋 真樹
Graphics Model Cooperation
Other Credits
Opening Animation Cooperation
Tetsuro Satomi
里見 哲朗
Omi Nagahata
長畑 大海

Music Staff



Opening Videos

Full Audio


  • According to Karen Aoki, the lyric "The sky is breaking down" in the English version's chorus is based on the "Break Down!" refrain from Great Days.[7]
  • The manga montage from the Dawning version doesn't share any panels with Sono Chi no Sadame except Jolyne's, which is taken from Stone Ocean Chapter 96: Jail House Lock!, Part 1. In the opening, it is slightly tweaked for Jolyne's 3D model, notably lacking her prisoner bracelet.
  • Throughout the original version of the opening, there are four shots of different phases of the moon, referencing the coming of the new moon as the final step of the Way to Heaven. In chronological order, 0:25 shows the full moon, 0:34 shows the waning gibbous, 0:47 shows the waning crescent, and lastly, 1:11 shows the new moon. However, the last phase is omitted in the Dawning version, alluding to the fact that Pucci has achieved his goal early.
  • According to Kamikaze Douga, during the scenes in which the main characters stand looking at a bright star in the night, the star itself represents Jotaro, with the green light on the left representing the Green Baby. The three stars furthest to the left of the scene represent the three sons of DIO.[8]
  • Emporio is the only main character drawn completely in 2D in this opening. Kiss, Diver Down, and Weather Report are also drawn in 2D. This is not the first time a main character has been animated in 2D in a Kamikaze Douga opening, as Iggy in Sono Chi no Kioku is also animated fully in 2D.
  • The scene in the original version where Jolyne activates her Stand and runs toward the camera is confirmed to be an homage to a similar scene in Sono Chi no Sadame, where Jonathan runs up a set of stairs to reach Dio.[9]


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