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WELCOME TO THE WORLD is the first track of the Battle Tendency (Musik) TV Anime soundtrack. The song was used in the first season which adapted the second part of the series, Battle Tendency.


Original Lyrics
What a Show! Merde!
Welcome to the World.
Get up, man! You're ready?
This is the doom.
Don't trust anyone over the 30's
Was ist das? Ha ha ha
You're not so bad.
Carry on. Hush! Bash!
Such a riot.
What you're gonna do, my son?
Chap, chap warrior.
Can't get enough!
(rap) Achtung Bitte!
Meine Damen und Herren.
lassen Sie mich heute Nacht
den besten, größten
und stärksten Kämpfer
auf der Welt vorstellen.
Do it all right
You're just a kid
Foolin' around
Yet to be satisfied
Make it all tight
I ain't comin' down
Down on your spine
Watch out, dude!
'Cos I'm not your dad
Freakin' out!
Oh, yeah I'm the Mastermind.
Never mind. You never care.
Leave it behind.
Whatcha gonna do? Hu-hm
Can't get away out.
Breakin' out
of your own mind
Fever bites, you did it, right?
Dinosaur bros'
Don't you read me? Words of mouth.
Chat, chat. No way!
(Still) can't get enough!
(rap) I'm not talkin' 'bout me,
And you'll know when it happens
You may ask yourself,
if it's really the end
Again and again and again!
Take it all right.
You're a piece of shit!
Foolin' around
To be sacrificed
Make it all real
I ain't comin' down <Shivering!>
Down on your spine
Watch out, dude!
'Cos I'm not your man

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