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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Theme Song Best "Generation" is an album featuring the opening and ending themes of the first two seasons of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation.[1] It was released on August 23, 2017.

A special "Opening Collection" version of the album, which omits the licensed ending themes, was released one week later on August 30, 2017, exclusively on digital platforms.


  1. Part 1 OP: "JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~"
    By Hiroaki "TOMMY" Tominaga
  2. Part 2 OP: "BLOODY STREAM"
    By Coda
  3. Parts 1 & 2 ED: "Roundabout"
    By Yes
  4. Part 3 (1st half) OP: "STAND PROUD"
    By Jin Hashimoto
  5. Part 3 (1st half) ED: "Walk Like an Egyptian"
    By The Bangles
  6. Part 3 (2nd half) OP: "JoJo Sono Chi no Kioku ~end of THE WORLD~"
    By JO☆STARS ~TOMMY, Coda, JIN~
  7. Part 3 (2nd half) ED: "Last Train Home"
    By Pat Metheny Group
  8. Bonus Track Part 3 Special ED: "Akuyaku◇Kyōsōkyoku"
    By Oingo (Makoto Yasumura) & Boingo (Motoko Kumai) & Hol Horse (Hidenobu Kiuchi)




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