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Soul Beat : Replica is an original soundtrack used for various promotional animated shorts hosted on the Steel Ball Run Promotional Website in 2010. The soundtrack was composed by poeyama and released independently under their own label.

On their website, poeyama claimed that this was a soundtrack made for a fictional story that they imagined. It was inspired by their involvement in creating the background music for videos on the official website of a "certain comic" over the course of seven years.

Although the original release of the album states that the soundtrack is unaffiliated with Shueisha and Steel Ball Run,[1] many of the track names are callbacks to the part and were used to promote JoJo on Shueisha's website. The soundtrack was released on December 16, 2011.


Track No. Title Length
1 Replicated Story 1:33
2 Silent Beat Run 2:02
3 Monument Valley 3:31
4 Successor 13:56
5 Whispers 2:37
6 The World of Mandom 4:07
7 In a Sandish Way 3:43
8 Sugar Fountain 3:43
9 Straits of Mackinac 3:55
10 Hidden Scars 3:21
11 Dirty Method 3:10
12 Music for Multiple Dimensions 4:39



Limited CDR Release
  • When the album first released, a limited physical release could be ordered by mail.
  • While the original distribution began in 2011, it wasn't until late 2020 that Soul Beat : Replica was added to digital storefronts such as Amazon Music and iTunes.
  • The cover artwork of the album, was done by "ammi", an artist who poeyama states was in charge of the finishing touches for the JOJO-D Digital Color Version of Steel Ball Run.[1]


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