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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind O.S.T Vol.1: Overture (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の風 O.S.T Vol.1 Overture) is the first original soundtrack for the Golden Wind anime adaptation, composed by Yugo Kanno. A special edition "Golden Wind" vinyl was released by Milan Records on July 7, 2023.[1][2]


No. Title (Italian) Title (English)
1 il vento d'oro Golden Wind 4:55
2 alba Dawn 1:40
3 crepuscolo Dusk 3:02
4 tensione Tension 2:04
5 passione Passion 2:04
6 il primo assassino The First Assassin 2:05
7 bugia Lie 2:26
8 attacco Attack 2:19
9 esperienza d'oro Gold Experience 2:25
10 misterioso Mysterious 2:06
11 crisi Crisis 2:21
12 pace Peace 3:22
13 il sole The Sun 1:37
14 male Evil 2:44
15 riproduzione Replay 2:07
16 ristorante bar Restaurant Bar 2:31
17 proiettile Bullet 2:19
18 canzoni preferite Favorite Songs 2:24
19 aereo da caccia Fighter Plane 2:07
20 spensierato-rabbia Carefree-Anger 2:01
21 virus Virus 2:02
22 situazione difficile Difficult Situation 1:54
23 nella cerniera In the Zipper 2:05
24 legame Tie 3:31
25 un sogno A Dream 3:30
26 squadra Squad 2:40
Disc length: 1:04:21

Golden Wind Vinyl

On May 22, 2023, Milan Records announced a special edition "Golden Wind" vinyl, the first such vinyl released for the anime.[1][2] The vinyl package contains two 140g color vinyl discs housed in a gatefold jacket with a 12×12 inch insert. The North American variant is colored yellow, RightStufAnime has an exclusive pink variant, Barnes & Noble has an exclusive gold variant, and the international version is colored yellow-orange with a cloudy pattern.


All Music Composed & Arranged by Yugo Kanno

except M18 Lyrics by Daisuke Hasegawa Composed & Arranged by Yugo Kanno

  • Sound Producer: Yugo Kanno
  • Co-Producer: Yoshikazu Iwanami, Hiroyuki Omori
  • Director: Lucy☆Diamonds
  • Recording & Mixing Engineer: Yoichi Kuzushima
  • Assistant Engineer: Takuro Korenaga
  • Studio: Sony Music Studios Tokyo, ONEMUSIC STUDIO
  • Mastering Engineer: Yuji Chinone
  • Mastering Studio: Sony Music Studios Tokyo


  • Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards & Other Instrumental Programming: Yugo Kanno
  • Bass: Hitoshi Watanabe appears by the courtesy of GEMMATIKA Records
  • Guitars: Ushio Yoshimoto
  • Electric Guitar: Hisashi Tenkyu
  • Strings: Masatsugu Shinozaki Group
  • Horn: Yoshiyuki Uema, Yuji Kobayashi, Yuka Bando, Eri Yanagawa
  • Trumpet: Kenichi Tsujimoto, Cheonho Yoon
  • Trombone: Kojiro Fujihara, Hiromichi Nakamura
  • Bass Trombone: Hiroki Sanda
  • Tuba: Takuro Mayuzumi
  • Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax & Flute: Masato Honma
  • Accordion: Hirofumi Mizuno
  • Piano: Keiko Kanno
  • Vocal: Daisuke Hasegawa, Marie Kocho
  • Cello Solo: Shunsuke Yamanouchi
  • Production Coordinated & Managed by Koji Nozaki (ONEMUSIC), Satomi Takizawa (ONEMUSIC)
  • Supported by Yoshihei Ueda
  • Music Copyist: Natsuko Yamamoto

Special Thanks to Takako Cho, Ruby[3]




  • The cover image of Giorno Giovanna is a reused frame from GW Episode 1.
  • Track 16's lyrics are influenced by a couple of rap songs, such as Ying Yang Twins's "Shake it like a salt shaker" (from their album Me & My Brother) and Lil' Wil's "Bust It Open" (from their album Dolla$, TX).
  • Track 17 samples DJ Biglia's 'Free Your Body (Free your soul)' from their Movin And Groovin EP.


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