Il mare eterno nella mia anima

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Il mare eterno nella mia anima (lit. "The eternal sea within my soul") is the seventeenth track of the Battle Tendency (Musik) Anime Soundtrack. The song was used in the first season which adapted the second part of the series, Battle Tendency. It was the theme of Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli and was performed by Kohei Yamamoto.

According to staff and voice actor commentary, the song was composed specifically for the final scene in episode 20.[citation needed]


Italian Lyrics English Translation
Soffia dolcemente un venticello A light breeze gently blows in
Spirate nel mio cor Blow into my heart
mia dea Fortuna! my goddess of fortune!
Sulla volta celeste Beyond the blue sky
C'è il mare eterno nella mia anima there lies the eternal sea within my soul
Con un sol fulmine With one bolt of lightning
capirai tal leggenda you will know of my legend
Quando pensi a me, sempre Whenever you think of me, I shall always
bisbiglierò whisper
Sulla volta celeste On the surface of the blue sky
C'è il mare eterno nella mia anima There lies the eternal sea within my soul
Ovunque tu vada Wherever you go
Ovunque io vada Wherever I go
C'è il mio amor nella tua vita My love lies deep within your life
c'è l'amor nella tua giornata My love remains in your days
Basta un tuo sorriso It takes just one of your smiles
un tuo sol sorriso One single smile
Non morirà l'alma mia. È immortal! My soul shall never die. It is immortal!
Non serve versar lacrime It is no use shedding tears for me

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