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I'm in control is the thirteenth track of the Battle Tendency (Musik) Anime Soundtrack. The song was used in the first season which adapted the second part of the series, Battle Tendency. It was performed by Shinya Ogura (Underland).


English Lyrics
I feel the heat that's burning inside me
I'm feeling hot
So now Let it begin
All the things I don't like will not leave
I will fight my way to get what I want
I can tell what his next move gonna be
I even know what his next word is
No one else can tell what can happen next
Everything goes in my own pace
I'm not trying to be good
I'm not trying to be nice
No one can stop the path I take
Nothing will make me change my faith
Nothing will make me change my pride
I have fear but I know
Every battle have their own reason
I need to keep fighting
I have to keep winning the battle
Don't wanna kneel down
Don't wanna fall down
Don't wanna lose myself
Don't wanna lose my faith
Don't wanna lose my mind
Don't wanna lose my pride
Don't wanna lose my reason of fighting
Every scar makes me strong
This is the battle inside myself
I need to keep fighting
I have to keep winning the battle
I never kneel to the ground
I never fall in your hands
I never lose myself
I never lose my faith
I never lose my mind
I never lose my pride
I never lose my will
I never lose my soul
I'm gonna blow your ways to fight
I am gonna burn your power to fight
I am gonna ruin your skill to fight
I am gonna take your chance to win
Get in your way
In your eyes
In your mind
In your face
In your sleep
In your lies
In your pride
You're in my hands
You're out of control
out of control (x3)
I'm in control (x3)
I rise again in front of you

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  • The lyrics reference several aspects of Joseph's personality, including his ability to predict an enemy's words.


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