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Breeeeze Girl (BREEEEZE GIRL) is the tenth single released by Base Ball Bear. The single was released on June 24, 2009. The single is most notable for featuring an illustration of Yukako Yamagishi from Diamond is Unbreakable on the cover, as well as featuring a live-action version of the character for the music video.


The reason why Yukako Yamagishi was chosen for the cover was because Yuichi Kodama, a long-time music video director for Base Ball Bear, showed an A4 copy of a panel of Yukako to vocalist Yusuke Koide while they were discussing one of the lyrics of Breeeeze Girl.[1][2] The lyric describes a "masterpiece of a girl with black fluttering hair," which Koide was surprised to see fit the scene of Yukako perfectly.[2] Seeing as there weren't any of other images they could use, he ended up asking Araki if they could use his illustration for their cover.[1][2] After Araki approved, they begun designing the cover for the single. The limited edition version of Breeeeze Girl also featured a taller case and was titled "Deluxe Love Cover" (デラックス・ラブ・ジャケット Derakkusu Rabu Jaketto), named after Yukako Yamagishi's Stand Love Deluxe.[1]

Music Video

This section requires expansion.[3]

The music video was also included as a bonus CD in the limited edition version of the single.[2]

Track List

  1. Breeeeze Girl
  2. Breeeeze Girl II
  3. Love Mathematics (Shibuya-kai "True Love" Remix) (LOVE MATHEMATICS (渋谷会"TRUE LOVE"REMIX))



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