¡Hola AniSalsa! Vol.1

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¡Hola AniSalsa! Vol.1 is the debut album of JIN y su grupo, a band comprising of Jin Hashimoto and the Japanese salsa band Orquesta de la Luz. The album features salsa-styled covers of several songs from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime, primarily those originally performed by Hashimoto himself. It was released on digital platforms on April 27, 2021,[1] and also physically sold through the band's record label FIREWORKS' online shop.[2]


No. Title (English) Time
1. STAND PROUD (Salsa Cover Ver.) 4:26
2. NAKED SILVER (Salsa Cover Ver.) 3:18
3. Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town (feat. NORA) (Salsa Cover Ver.) 3:30
Disc length: 11:14


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