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Baoh the Visitor Original Soundtrack (バオー来訪者 オリジナル・サウンドトラック Baō Raihōsha Orijinaru Saundotorakku) is the original soundtrack released for the Baoh the Visitor OVA. The soundtrack was composed by Hiroyuki Namba. It was released by Toshiba EMI under their Futureland label.


No. Title Title (English)
1 THE MUTEKI! The Muteki 3:42
2 明日を感じてる Tomorrow Feels Bright 4:21
3 ESCAPE Escape 1:23
4 BAOH覚醒 Baoh Awakening 2:47
5 暗殺者 Assassin 1:42
6 襲撃 Attack 0:39
7 武装現象(アームド・フェノメノン)I Armed Phenomenon, Part 1 4:29
8 寄生虫 Parasite 1:39
9 殺戮集団 Slaughter Group 1:21
10 武装現象(アームド・フェノメノン)II Armed Phenomenon, Part 2 1:18
11 ドルド Dordo 1:07
12 RESCUE Rescue 1:27
13 武装現象(アームド・フェノメノン)III Armed Phenomenon, Part 3 1:21
14 ウォーケン Walken[1] 0:47
15 死闘 Mortal Combat 1:31
16 育郎 Ikuro[2] 2:49
17 悲壮戦士 Heroic Warrior 2:23
18 (主題歌)永遠のSoldier Eternal Soldier 4:44
19 心が話してる The Heart is Talking 4:43
Disc length: 44:13

Alternative English Ending

In later re-releases of the OVA, an original English ending track is added after the Japanese credits, played alongside a set of English credits for the English dubbing and production. The song is left unnamed, as well as uncredited, and has not been released outside of playing during the end credits.

"Can't Stop Lovin' You"[3]
I can't believe that you've gone away,
there's not a thing that I can do or say -
to bring you back today.
I'm gonna miss everything you do.
It's gonna seem like my whole world is through.
I'm so in love with you.
I will wait for you forever.
Someday soon we'll be together.
It's a simple matter -
of time.
Can't stop -
lovin' you. (x4)
You had no choice, wasn't up to you.
There wasn't even a single thing you could do.
I know you love me too.
You were taken in a flash of light.
All I can do is dream of you in the night -
hidden far from sight.
I will wait for you forever.
Someday soon we'll be together.
It's a simple matter -
of time.
Can't stop -
lovin' you. (x3)
Can't stop -
lovin' you. (x4)


Music Staff
*Yasuhiko Shigemura (M-01, M-18 - Ending Theme)
  • Hiroaki Sei (M-01)
  • Hiroyuki Namba (M-19)
Hiroyuki Namba (M-01, M-02, 03~17, M-18 - Ending Theme, M-19)
Yoshihiko Ando
Musical Staff 
  • Performers: Steve Nicks [スティーヴ・ニックス] (M-01), Noriko Hidaka (M-02), Yoshito Machida (M-18 - Ending Theme), Noriko Hidaka[4] (M-19)




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