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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Episode List

Episode 1 to 10

# Image Episode Title Original Air Date
1 Episode 1.png Dio the Invader
Shinryakusha Dio)
October 5, 2012
Englishman George Joestar mistakenly assumes Dario Brando had saved his life during a carriage accident, and decides to adopt his son, Dio. Heir to the Joestar Estate, Jonathan Joestar, attempts to befriend Dio, but Dio's plan from the start is to drive JoJo to madness and earn George's trust so that he can become the heir to the Joestar fortune. Dio violently beats JoJo in a boxing match, turns his friends against him, steals his girlfriend Erina's first kiss, and even burns his dog Danny to death in an incinerator.
2 Episode 2.png A Letter from the Past
Kako kara no Tegami)
October 12, 2012
Seven years have passed since Dio came to the Joestar mansion.George is shown to be sick in bed. At first, it was thought to be a common cold, but it seems to be getting worse. Jonathan learns that Dio killed his father, Dario, and he is trying to use the same poison to kill George.After confronting Dio, Jonathan goes to London searching for the origin of the poison not knowing what awaits him there.
3 Episode 3.png Youth with Dio
Dio to no Seishun)
October 19, 2012
Having found an antidote and given it to his father, JoJo prepares to turn Dio in to the police. Dio tries to get JoJo's guard down by saying he will turn himself in, but Speedwagon, who has followed JoJo from London, sees through Dio's lies, presenting the druggist who sold Dio the poison, whilst George reveals that he has heard everything. As JoJo attempts to handcuff Dio, Dio attempts to stab him, only to stab George who got in the way to protect JoJo. With George's blood, he activates the stone mask on himself before the police shoot him. Before George passes away, he tells his son not to blame Dio, saying it was his fault for not being able to see through Dio's earlier treachery and apologizes for having been too harsh for his son. Just then, Dio comes back to life as a vampire, proving invincible to firearms and draining the blood of one of the cops. As JoJo prepares to fight Dio, believing he can defeat him by destroying his brain, the cop reanimates as a zombie, though JoJo manages to kill it quickly. As several attempts to kill Dio fail, JoJo sets the mansion ablaze and leads Dio to the roof so Speedwagon can escape. JoJo attempts to kill Dio with a suicide attack, dragging him into the flames of the mansion with him and manages to use the mansion's layout to both land safely and impale Dio on a statue, assuming that he has been killed. Wang Chan later attempts to salvage the mask from the burnt ruins, but Dio's charred hand emerges and drains his blood.
4 Episode 4.png Overdrive
October 26, 2012
With the battle between him and Dio over, Jonathan spends the next few days with his long lost childhood romance, Erina, who had returned to tend to his injuries. While the two are out for a walk, a strange man by the name of Will Anthonio Zeppeli appears and heals Jonathan's broken arm. He warns Jonathan that Dio is still alive and the only way to defeat him and the Stone Mask is through an old fighting technique known as the "Ripple." Zeppeli spends the next few days training Jonathan and soon after Jonathan, Zeppeli as well as Speedwagon set off on their journey to the town of Windknight's Lot, where Dio lies. On the road there, the group encounters Jack the Ripper, who has been turned into a zombie and a faithful servant of Dio. With Zeppeli's help, Jonathan manages to learn the secret of the Ripple Overdrive.
5 Episode 5.png The Dark Knights
Ankoku no Kishitachi)
November 2, 2012
On the way to Windknights Lot, Jonathan's group encounters a kid by the name of Poco, who attempts to steal their luggage. Poco is easily captured, but they soon realize that he was under hypnosis, and was simply bait to lure them into a graveyard. As night falls, they are greeted by none other than Dio who had healed most of his injuries since the mansion battle. At first, Dio, using his newly found vampire powers, summons several zombies, but they are easily defeated by Zeppeli and Jonathan via the Ripple. Zeppeli attempts to release an overdrive on Dio, but Dio grabs hold of his hand and then use his ability to lower his body temperature and freezes his own hand, along with Zeppeli's. With the blood frozen in his arm, Zeppeli is unable to use the Ripple and is severely injured. Jonathan attempts a quick defense, but both he and Zeppeli are easily defeated. Dio decides that it is pointless for him to fight and summons the two undead legendary Dark Knights, Tarkus and Bruford. Dio allows Bruford to solo Jonathan and the two commence their battle.
6 Episode 6.png Tomorrow's Courage
Ashita no Yūki)
November 9, 2012
After having barely managed to avoid JoJo's underwater overdrive, Bruford ensnares JoJo with his hair once more. However, JoJo manages to block Bruford's attack and channels an overdrive through a kick into Bruford's sword, which causes one of his arms to disintegrate. From here, Jonathan is able to escape, and unleashes a Sunlight Yellow Overdrive barrage against him. As Bruford's body starts to disintegrate, he regains his human soul, feeling at peace and leaving JoJo his sword before completely disintegrating. Tarkus then attacks, but JoJo and Zeppeli manage to get Speedwagon and Poco to safety using a bunch of leaves as a hang glider. As they make their escape, Zeppeli recalls how he learned to control the Ripple from a man named Tonpetty. Tarkus leaps after them, causing them to touch down at a knight's training ground in order to stand against him. Tarkus manages to crash into one of the outer walls and enters the training grounds first. JoJo is pulled inside the grounds, thrusting him into a Chain Neck Deathmatch, in which one must decapitate the other in order to free himself. Realizing JoJo will be killed if no one does anything, Poco overcomes his nerves and enters the grounds via a window, managing to unlock the door so Zeppeli can get inside.
7 Episode 7.png Sorrowful Successor
November 16, 2012
Zeppeli recalls how Tonpetty foretold where his death would take place;The description fits with the very place he is at that moment. Knowing this, Zeppeli fights against Tarkus with the intention of finding a way to free JoJo. However, Tarkus ensnares him with a chain and rips his body into two. Using the last of his strength, Zeppeli transfers the last of his Ripple energy to Jonathan, allowing him to heal his injuries, break free from his chains, and defeat Tarkus easily. Following the battle, Zeppeli tells JoJo that he has accepted his fate and has passed his will onto him before passing away. As JoJo, Speedwagon, and Poco make their way back to Windknights Lot, they encounter Mr. Adams, one of the villagers who at first reacts friendly to their arrival, but his urge for blood reveals his true nature as a zombie. He attacks Poco with his tongue, but Jonathan defeats him easily by taking his tongue and stomping on his face using the Ripple. A moment later, a stranger attacks Jonathan with a kick that restraints both his arms. Jonathan, surprised at first, manages to evade by counterattacking with a headbutt. Before the battle continues, the stranger confesses that he is a human and only wanted to test Jonathan's power. He introduces himself as Dire, one of Zeppeli's Friend and a Ripple User. Straizo, another student, makes his entry and shortly after him, Master Tonpetty. Along with his students, he joins JoJo on his journey. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Poco's sister has been kidnapped by Dio.
8 Episode 8.png Bloody Battle! JoJo & Dio
(血戦! JOJO & DIO
Kessen! JoJo & Dio)
November 23, 2012
After defeating the monster Doobie and saving Poco's sister, Jonathan climbs the stairs and reaches the final room where Dio awaits. Jonathan challenges Dio to one final match to avenge the death of his friends. However, Dire pushes Jonathan out of way and challenges Dio himself but is killed after Dio freezes his legs and shatters him. Dire's head manages to survive and launches a Ripple infused rose, impaling Dio in his right eye. This gives Jonathan an idea; in order to combat Dio's freezing by contact technique, Jonathan infuses the sword he had received earlier, Luck & Pluck, with the Ripple. As the battle begins, Jonathan cuts Dio's arm off and slices him in half. Dio manages to break Luck & Pluck after freezing Jonathan's arm and the two unleash one final attack at each other. Jonathan's double fist overdrive succeeds and Dio falls off the ledge and slowly melts away.
9 Episode 9.png The Final Ripple!
Saigo no Hamon!)
November 30, 2012
As Dio falls following his battle with JoJo, he decapitates himself before the Ripple reaches his head, which is recovered by his zombie servant Wang Chung. Meanwhile, with the Stone Mask destroyed, JoJo marries Erina and they head off on a honeymoon to America on a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean. As JoJo and Erina enjoy their cruise, JoJo discovers that Wang Chung has snuck aboard, meaning Dio is still alive. As JoJo comes face to face with Dio, who wants his body to replace his own, Erina arrives on the scene just as JoJo receives a near-fatal attack to his neck. Meanwhile, the ship starts to run amok with zombies after Wang Chung spreads the infection. Using the last Ripple energy he has, JoJo manages to decapitate Wang Chung, making his body obstruct a piece of the cruise ship's mechanism, setting the ship on a path to explosion. As Erina resolves to die by JoJo's side, JoJo tells her to live on so she can protect a baby whose mother was killed. As the ship starts to explode, Dio makes a last ditch attempt to take JoJo's body, but JoJo stops him, passing away with Dio's head in his arms whilst Erina and the baby hide in Dio's bomb-proof coffin to protect them from the explosion. Erina is eventually rescued near the Canary Islands a day later, and vows to pass on the truth of what happened on that night, 8 February 1888, through the generations, starting with the child she conceived with JoJo before his untimely death.
10 Episode 10.png New York's JoJo
Nyū Yōku no JoJo)
December 7, 2012
It's been 49 years since Jonathan Joestar's death, and a much older looking Speedwagon and Straizo travel to Mexico to investigate a mysterious underground cavern. There they find it filled with similar Stone Masks to the one that was destroyed many years ago, as well a body integrated into a stone column. Meanwhile, in New York, Jonathan's grandson, Joseph Joestar (also nicknamed "JoJo"), saves a young African-American pick-pocket named Smokey Brown from some corrupt policemen using the Ripple. After saving him, Smokey tags along as Joseph and Erina head to a restaurant. Back in Mexico, Speedwagon is betrayed by Straizo, and presumably killed. Straizo had apparently envied the youth that the Stone Mask had granted Dio and dons one himself. After dealing with a mafia henchman at a restaurant, JoJo, Erina, and Smokey meet a mafia acquaintance of Speedwagon's who informs them that Speedwagon has been murdered by Straizo. Later that day, JoJo is confronted outside a cafe by Straizo, who had regained his youth as a vampire. Straizo plans to kill Joseph before he can unlock the full potential of the Ripple, but Joseph quickly pulls out a Tommy-Gun and promptly blasts Straizo through the cafe window.

Episode 11 to 20

# Image Episode Title Original Air Date
11 Episode 11.png The Game Master
Gēmu no Tatsujin)
December 14, 2012
As expected, Straizo recovers from Joseph Joestar's attack and uses the same high pressurized blood laser eye attack Dio used. Joseph dodges this attack using a mirror trick prepared in advance and, manages to attack Straizo with the Ripple. Straizo absorbs it using a scarf woven from beetle muscles, but JoJo manages to sneak some grenades onto his person. Despite being blown apart, the vampire pulls himself together. Smokey asks Joseph if he has some plan, but Joseph simply says to run away and does so. Straizo catches up with them in a bridge and takes a woman hostage in order to goad JoJo into facing him. After Joseph becomes provoked, Straizo once again attacks with his Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, but JoJo manages to reflect it back at him using Ripple charged shot glasses. Joseph finishes Straits off with a punch and sends him flying off the bridge. Before he falls ,though, Joseph grabs his hand. He tries to get information out of him, but Straizo warns JoJo about a Pillar Man who will soon awaken before killing himself with his own Ripple. Meanwhile, it is revealed Speedwagon is alive and is being held captive in Mexico, where a German military general named Rudol von Stroheim interrogates him about the Pillar Man, which they have excavated from the cave and intend to revive. Meanwhile, JoJo also makes his way to Mexico, unaware that he is being followed by a strange assassin.
12 Episode 12.png The Pillar Man
Hashira no Otoko)
December 21, 2012
Joseph is confronted by one of Stroheim's men, Donovan, but manages to subdue him, learning that Speedwagon is still alive in the process. He sneaks into the Nazi Base after attempting to seduce the guards by dressing as a girl. When that failed, he knocked them out and puts on their uniform. Meanwhile, Stroheim manages to awaken the Pillar Man, naming him Santana, after the winds of Mexico. To test him, Stroheim sends a vampire after Santana, which he absorbs into his body to feed itself. To Stroheim's shock, Santana manages to escape his cell by contorting his body through the air vents and launches himself into the body of one of his men. The possessed Nazi becomes bloated and begins firing bullets from his finger. Just then, Joseph, who had managed to sneak into the base, reveals himself and tears out some of Stroheim's hair. Santana emerges from the body he had taken over and begins firing more bullets from his fingers. Joseph infuses Ripple into Stroheim's hair and throws it into the air, causing them to deflect all the bullets. Joseph removes his coat and confronts Santana.
13 Episode 13.png JoJo vs. The Ultimate Life-Form
(JOJO vs.究極生物
JoJo tai Kyūkyoku Seibutsu)
January 4, 2013
At first, Joseph attempts to make peace with Santana, but is instead greeted by an attack from Santana's ribs; this almost neutralizes Joseph had he not blocked the attack with his Ripple. Joseph realizes his attacks are not effective, so he feigns unconsciousness, and attacks Santana from the inside after the latter attempted to absorb him. With the Pillar Man in half, Joseph chains the upper portion and tries to drag Santana to the entrance of the base to destroy the body using the sunlight. Unfortunately, Santana grabs hold of Joseph's leg and immobilizes him just before reaching the door. Stroheim comes from behind to help, but he too is ensnared. Joseph is forced to chop Stroheim's leg off as a request allowing Stroheim to open the door. However, Santana avoids the sunlight by seeping his way into the stub where Stroheim's leg was cut off. Stroheim walks on one leg into the sunlight and pulls out a grenade. From there, he tells Joseph that the Germans had uncovered other Pillar Men in Europe and that he must go to Rome to learn how to defeat them. With that said, Stroheim ignites the grenade and destroys his own body. As a last ditch effort, Santana attacks Joseph and the two go flying into a well. Joseph reveals that the water at the bottom of the well acts as another light source due to its ability to reflect sunlight. Being hit by sunlight in two directions, Santana turns into stone and is defeated.
14 Episode 14.png Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times
Taiko kara Kita Kyūkyoku Senshi)
January 11, 2013
Speedwagon brings the statued remains of Santana to the headquarters of his foundation in Washington, D.C., where it is shown he is still alive and has scientists keep his body under UV light. Realizing from Stroheim's words that there are three more powerful Pillar Men somewhere in Europe, Speedwagon takes Joseph to Rome to meet Zeppeli's grandson, Caesar, who is also skilled in using the Ripple. As Caesar questions Joseph's abilities, he fights against him using his own Ripple abilities formed from clothes filled with soapy water, encasing Joseph in a bubble, but Joseph manages to break free using a sneak attack. As Caesar makes plans for Joseph and Speedwagon to be taken to see where the Pillar Men are being kept, one of the Pillar Men, Wamuu, breaks free, killing a group of German soldiers and awakening his masters, Kars and Esidisi, a Pillar Man destroys half of Caesar's friend Mark's body simply by bumping into him as he is walking past. As Caesar is forced to use his Ripple to peacefully end Mark's suffering, he vows vengeance against the Pillar Men.
15 Episode 15.png A Hero's Proof
Hīrō no Shikaku)
January 18, 2013
Caesar engages Wamuu in battle for killing Mark, using his Bubble Launcher technique to surround the Pillar Man in Ripple infused bubbles. Once Wamuu realizes he is facing a Ripple user he uses his mysterious headgear to unleash a wind that bursts all of the bubbles. However, his attack is not yet over, as the movement created hundreds of miniature tornadoes that shred Caesar's skin, leaving him incapacitated and temporarily blinded in one eye. His boasts that he need not see to fight the Pillar Men amuses them, as Ripple users of two millennia past said the same things to them before they killed them. Kars and Esidisi head to the surface, allowing Wamuu to finish Caesar off as the only Ripple user left, only for Joseph to make himself known, proclaiming that he has developed his own special Ripple technique using a pair of clackers that he channels the Ripple through. Wamuu allows him to fight, slicing through his wrist to the artery to make the battle last only a minute. His first attack, the Ripple Clacker Volley, appears to miss its mark, embedding a steel ball into a pillar behind Wamuu, but this is all part of a ploy to engage his other technique, Clacker Boomerang, where he has thrown another Ripple empowered pair of clackers behind Wamuu, catching onto the original clacker, and actually landing a blow on Wamuu. Angered, Wamuu allows Joseph to continue to strike him with the clackers while he prepares his counter, the Divine Sandstorm. Wamuu claims his attack has been hindered by his eyesight and a pillar blocking Joseph, but Joseph is left barely alive. Playing dead, Joseph tries to run away, seemingly stranding Caesar and Speedwagon, but it is all a ploy to lure Wamuu away before he can kill the others. Joseph takes Wamuu on a mine cart ride through the ruins, intending to use a stick of dynamite to destroy him, but Wamuu anticipates these events and sends them flying, intending to kill Joseph for his insolence. However, Joseph proclaims that he could possibly be even stronger in a month's time, intriguing Wamuu, who decides to let Joseph live to get stronger with the Ripple in only a month, implanting a "Wedding Ring" in Joseph's body around his aorta that will release a deadly poison in thirty-three days' time, unless Joseph can get the antidote held in his lip piercing by killing him in battle. Esidisi, who has come to see what has been holding Wamuu up, also decides to enter in on the wager (after consuming the stick of dynamite before it explodes), implanting another poison-filled ring around Joseph's windpipe, with the antidote in his own nose piercing. Kars, however, passes on the game, and the Pillar Men leave in search of the Red Stone of Aja, and Joseph passes out from the strain of the battle. Caesar, who has been watching the whole time, realizes Joseph's resolve and promises to also get stronger with him.
16 Episode 16.png Lisa Lisa, Ripple Coach
Hamon Kyoushi Risa Risa)
January 25, 2013
Wanting to teach Joseph to control his Ripple powers, Caesar takes him to Venice to meet his teacher, Lisa Lisa. Lisa Lisa orders Joseph to wear a mask that limits his breathing for the duration of his training. To start their training, Lisa Lisa tasks Joseph and Caesar to climb the Hell Climb Pillar, a 24-meter pillar covered in oil, using only the Ripple or else starve to death. Observing Caesar's efforts, Joseph learns to climb up by focusing Ripple energy in his fingertips. As the days pass as they struggle to climb, Joseph assumes there's an easy break when he spots a crack in the pillar, but this turns out to be a trap, causing the pillar to start spewing oil at high pressures from its 20-meter mark. Caesar manages to break through the barrier by using Ripple energy to simultaneously grip the pillar with his feet and repel the barrier, eventually reaching the peak. Joseph eventually manages to get past by traveling across the barrier to its weakest point so he can leap over it. As Joseph ends up running out of breath at the last meter, Caesar helps him up. As Joseph becomes pleased with the results of his training and asks for the next test, Lisa Lisa brings in her servants, Messina and Loggins, to teach them how to master the Ripple over the next few weeks.
17 Episode 17.png The Deeper Plan
Fukaku Wana o Hare!)
February 1, 2013
Lisa Lisa explains to Joseph and Caesar how the creator of the Stone Mask, Kars, is seeking a gem known as the Red Stone of Aja to power the Stone Mask and become the ultimate life-form. Lisa Lisa reveals she herself possesses this gem which can amplify the power of the Ripple into a powerful beam, saying that it is needed to defeat the Pillar Men. With a week left until the rings inside Joseph dissolve and kill him, Lisa Lisa pits Joseph and Caesar against Loggins and Messina respectively for their final lesson. However, when Joseph reaches his destination, he finds Loggins has been killed by Esidisi. Angered, Joseph decides to confront the Pillar Man over a bed of spikes. Thanks to an intricate trap, Joseph manages to use a wire set-up on Loggins to sever Esidisi's arm. However, Esidisi manages to repair himself by taking Loggins' arm before attacking Joseph with his burning blood. Despite nearly falling for a trap himself, Joseph manages to ensnare Esidisi in conductive wool thread and hit him with the Ripple, managing to destroy him and retrieve his antidote, safely dissolving the ring around his neck. Relieved, Joseph heads back to the castle, unaware that Esidisi's brain is clinging onto his back.
18 Episode 18.png Von Stroheim's Revenge
Shutorohaimu tai no gyakushuu)
February 8, 2013
After his fight with Esidisi, Joseph heads back to the manor without realizing that Esidisi's brain had latched onto his back. Meanwhile, Lisa Lisa prepares for her bath while Suzi Q has trouble deciding on which blouse her master should wear. Suzi Q runs into Joseph downstairs, not recognizing him due to lacking the mask he'd been wearing the past few weeks. She informs Joseph that Lisa Lisa had asked to see him and advises him to wait for her to finish her bath. Suzi Q leaves and Esidisi is shown to have left Joseph's body. Joseph goes upstairs and notices Suzi Q handing off a package to a mail boat at the docks. Joseph decides to peep on Lisa Lisa bathing through the keyhole and sees Suzi Q inside, to which he expresses confusion as he had seen Suzi Q down at the docks only moments before. Lisa Lisa notices that the Red Stone of Aja is missing, and Esidisi (inside Suzi Q's body) reveals he had mailed it away in order to get it to Kars. Joseph comes in, but Esidisi intends to stall them by holding Suzi Q hostage, as in order to kill Esidisi they would have to kill her. Caesar returns and is told by Joseph and Lisa Lisa to catch the mail boat before it arrives in Venice. Esidisi attacks Caesar and blocks the doorway, preventing anyone from leaving. Joseph and Caesar used their combined Ripple to force Esidisi out of Suzi Q and neutralize any damage to her. Esidisi is disintegrated by the sunlight and Joseph admits his respect for him. Suzi Q reveals that the Stone is aboard a train headed to Switzerland and Joseph, Caesar, Lisa Lisa, and Messina drive off to catch the package before it reaches its destination. Meanwhile, Kars wonders why Esidisi had not reported back to him and assumes that something must have happened to him. A dog is nearly run over by a pair of drunk drivers, but Kars uses his Light Blades to kill them. Joseph wakes up to find that the train had been stopped by customs and that Nazi's have retrieved the package from the train, stating that they are taking it for research. A Nazi who speaks to Joseph as if he was familiar with him tells the group to talk with him in a log cabin up ahead. Later on that evening Kars approaches the cabin and senses the body heat of several soldiers inside, killing them with his Light Blades shortly afterwards. When he enters he notices that there is still one soldier left in the room, the one who addressed Joseph. Confused as to why he can't sense his body heat Kars attacks the soldier, who blocks with his hand. The soldier's glove rips from Kars' attack and reveals that it is mechanical underneath. Joseph enters the room and identifies the solider as Stroheim, much to his surprise.
19 Episode 19.png A Race Toward the Brink
Shi no Gake e Tsuppashire)
February 15, 2013
Stroheim starts using his new mechanical body, which was designed to surpass Santana and to fight against Kars. However, it proves futile against Kars' blades, which cuts him down to size. As Kars attempts to retrieve the stone, Stroheim fires a beam at him, sending the stone sliding towards a cliff edge, forcing JoJo and Kars to chase after it. JoJo pulls off a trick to grab the stone, but Kars pulls him off the cliff with him. JoJo manages to save himself by using the stone as a shield and prevents his fall with help from Caesar. The next day, Caesar and the others discuss ambushing Kars' hideout before Wamuu arrives, but JoJo objects to it, believing it unwise to fight on their home turf, leading to him and Caesar getting into a fight. Feeling a sense of duty to his grandfather, Caesar decides to go alone, with Messina ordered to follow him, whilst Lisa Lisa explains to JoJo that Caesar has a secret past.
20 Episode 20.png Young Caesar
Shīzā Kodoku no Seishun)
February 22, 2013
Lisa Lisa tells JoJo of Caesar's childhood, in which he took to crime at a young age after being abandoned by his debt-ridden father, Mario. However, when Caesar turned 16, Caesar came across the wall containing the Pillar Men, which was booby-trapped by Kars. Mario saved Caesar from the trap, getting absorbed into the wall, but lived long enough to tell Caesar to find Lisa Lisa and learn the Ripple. As Caesar arrives at the hotel, he is attacked by Wamuu, who is using streams of moist air to both protect him from the sunlight and reflect the light around him. Caesar launches an attack on Wamuu after he drags Messina into the hotel, but Wamuu manages to retreat inside the hotel, prompting Caesar to go in after him. Using a series of refractive bubble lenses, Caesar manages to redirect the sunlight inside the hotel to pin down Wamuu. However, Wamuu takes advantage of the split-second the sun is blotted by Caesar's attack to deliver a critical counter-attack. Too injured to continue for the fight, Caesar uses the last of his strength to steal the piercing containing the antidote for the ring around JoJo's heart. He then uses his Final Ripple to create a blood bubble to deliver the piercing and his bandana to JoJo before being crushed by the collapsing ceiling. Wamuu, finding Caesar's fight and loyalty to be admirable, allows the bubble to remain. JoJo and Lisa Lisa are attracted to the hotel after Messina does not return, and unknowingly see the light of Caesar's Final Ripple. They discover the state of the hotel, finding the bubble with the antidote and Caesar's scarf, and soon realize that Caesar has died, and weep over the loss of their friend and ally.

Episode 21 to 30

# Image Episode Title Original Air Date
21 Episode 21.png A Hundred Against Two
Hyaku tai Ni no Kakehiki)
March 1, 2013
Whilst following Wamuu's trail of blood, JoJo and Lisa Lisa encounter another vampire named Wired Beck, but Lisa Lisa manages to defeat him easily. As they press on, JoJo states he will not take the antidote he received until he has beaten Wamuu as a promise to Caesar. They soon arrive before Wamuu, where Kars is also waiting for them, along with a hundred vampire minions. Lisa Lisa manages to hold off their attack with a bluff saying that if both she and JoJo are killed, a time bomb will destroy the stone. Thus, she proposes that JoJo fights against Wamuu whilst she fights against Kars with the stone on the line. Wamuu and Kars arrange a place for the battle at midnight, keeping Lisa Lisa as insurance to make sure JoJo brings the stone. Whilst retrieving the stone, JoJo finds a picture of Erina from fifty years ago, becoming curious as to why Lisa Lisa would have it. Upon meeting at the arena, Lisa Lisa reveals that she was the baby that Erina rescued from the ship that fateful day, further explaining how she was raised by Straizo, who was the one who taught her about the Ripple and gave her the stone. As JoJo and Wamuu's battle is revealed to be a chariot race using vampire horses, JoJo puts on Caesar's bandanna and prepares for battle.
22 Episode 22.png A True Warrior
Shin no Kakutōsha)
March 8, 2013
Before the match begins, it is revealed that during each lap, there will be a different weapon for whoever can grab it from a pillar first. JoJo manages to get a headstart by obstructing Wamuu's wheels with rubble, allowing him to get ahold of a sledgehammer. However, Wamuu grabs hold of the pillar itself, forcing JoJo to abandon his chariot, though JoJo manages to use the hammer to avoid getting trampled by Wamuu's horses. Wamuu launches an attack on JoJo by hiding in his horse, but JoJo manages to use his cunning to turn his sandstorm attack against him with the Ripple. In order to regain his focus, Wamuu gouges out his own eyes and grows a horn that can sense the wind in its place. As the second lap offers a pair of crossbows, JoJo ends up picking one that is too big for him to use whilst Wamuu uses the wind to guide his shots with the smaller crossbow, managing to hit JoJo's sides with a reflected shot. As he is thrown to the ground, he uses the momentum of the fall to cock his crossbow without the others noticing. JoJo appears cornered but manages to hit Wamuu with a Ripple-charged shot from his crossbow by distracting his senses with pebbles. Wamuu makes a desperate last attack by firing his severed arms at JoJo to cut off his breathing before gathering up wind for his final attack.
23 Episode 23.png The Warrior of Wind
Kaze ni Kaeru Senshi)
March 15, 2013
Launching his Final Mode attack, Gathering Gale, which starts peeling away his own body, Wamuu begins firing a stream of wind capable of cutting stone towards Joseph. After a failed attempt at attacking him with a firebomb, Joseph strikes at Wamuu with Caesar's flaming bandana, which Wamuu shreds with his wind. However, this is all parts of Joseph's plan, as both the oil from the bomb and the burning embers of Caesar's bandana are breathed in by Wamuu, causing him to explode from the inside. Deciding Wamuu's wounds from the Ripple are fatal, Joseph gives him some of his blood to ease his passing as a sign of respect, similar to the respect Wamuu showed Caesar. When the other vampires suddenly attack, Wamuu uses the last of his strength to kill them, not wanting them to interfere until the end. Upon Wamuu's request, Joseph drinks the antidote from his ring, allowing Wamuu to pass away with no regrets. It is soon time for Lisa Lisa's battle with Kars, with Lisa Lisa apparently getting the upper hand with her Ripple-infused scarf. However, Kars cheats by using a body double before stabbing Lisa Lisa from behind, showing no respect for the honor of battle unlike his compatriot, Wamuu. After claiming the Red Stone of Aja for himself, Kars sends his vampire army after the weakened JoJo. However, he is rescued by Stroheim and his men, along with Speedwagon and Smokey, who use ultraviolet lights to fight off the vampires whilst Joseph goes to face Kars. As Kars uses Lisa Lisa to force JoJo into a vulnerable position, Smokey reveals that Lisa Lisa is, in fact, Joseph's mother.
24 Episode 24.png The Ties That Bind JoJo
JoJo o Musubu Kizuna)
March 22, 2013
Being forced to cling onto a rope to stop Lisa Lisa from falling to her death, Joseph is at a huge disadvantage against Kars. He manages to trick Kars however using an elaborate snare and pushes into the crystals below. A flashback initiates revealing Lisa Lisa' pasts beginning with her meeting and marriage with Air Force Pilot, George Joestar II. It is also revealed that soon after Joseph's birth, George was murdered by a zombie who had presumably hidden away since the battle with Dio as an air force officer. When Elizabeth discovered the treachery, she hunted down the zombie and easily killed him with her Ripple powers, but she was caught in the act by an RAF official who thought she murdered a human in cold blood and burned the body to hide the evidence. Wanted throughout all of Europe, Elizabeth became a fugitive until she met with Speedwagon once more, using his foundation's resources to erase all traces of her past, and placing her on Venice's Air Supplena Island where she changed her name to Lisa Lisa. Back at the present, Stroheim attempts to finish off Kars with multiple blasts of ultraviolet beam, but Kars suddenly puts on the Stone Mask with the Red Stone of Aja in place. Before Stroheim can call off the attack, the artificial sunlight from all the German soldiers and Speedwagon Foundation operatives channels through the Super Aja, activating the Stone Mask and sending its undiluted energy into Kars, who undergoes a dramatic transformation.
25 Episode 25.png The Birth of a Superbeing
Chō Seibutsu no Tanjō!!)
March 29, 2013
Kars demonstrates his new powers, turning his hand into a flesh-eating squirrel that deals damage to Stroheim. The sun rises, killing the rest of the vampire minions, but Kars remains standing, immune thanks to the power of the stone. Joseph grabs the stone and runs off with Smokey to lure Kars away from the others whilst thinking of a plan. Leaving Smokey behind before he can tell him about Lisa Lisa, Joseph boards a plane to lure Kars away further. Joseph theorizes he may be able to beat Kars if he drops him into a volcano and heads towards a volcanic island of Italy. As Speedwagon attempts to stop Joseph by telling him about Lisa Lisa, the feathers that Kars had launched on JoJo's plane turn into piranhas, which cause the plane to ignite and start to dive into the island. Joseph uses his parachute to lure Kars into the path of the plane as it heads towards the volcano's crater. Kars attempts to escape, but Stroheim appears inside the plane and stops him. He rescues Joseph once the plane explodes by sacrificing his own robotic legs when they hit the ground. The volcano begins to erupt, and Kars is flung into the lava and begins to melt.
26 Episode 26.png The Ascendant One
Kami to Natta Otoko)
April 5, 2013
Joseph's victory, along with his arm, is cut short when Kars manages to survive the volcano by forming a shield of air bubbles to protect him from its deadly lava. Joseph attempts to fight back but becomes shocked to discover that Kars has also learned how to use the Ripple, and at a potency one hundred times more powerful than JoJo's, causing his leg to start melting away. As Kars prepares to kill JoJo using his Ripple, JoJo subconsciously holds up the Red Stone of Aja just as Kars is about to strike, causing the island to erupt, launching both JoJo and Kars into the sky. Distracted by JoJo's severed arm hitting him, Kars is launched further into the sky by volcanic debris, pushing him outside of the Earth's gravitational pull. His body freezes, and with being unable to move and unable to die, Kars eventually stops thinking. It is now 1987. In New York's JFK Airport, a 67-year-old Joseph Joestar lashes out at a Japanese tourist after the man runs over his foot with a luggage cart, sorely upset that he has not seen his daughter in such a long since she married a Japanese man and moved to Tokyo. Four years earlier, a strange coffin is salvaged from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Canary Islands, engraved with the name "DIO". Back in the present in Tokyo, Jotaro Kujo sits in a jail cell.
27 Episode 27.png A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit
Akuryō ni Toritsukareta Otoko)
April 4, 2014
In the year 1987, 17-year-old delinquent, Jotaro Kujo, grandson of Joseph Joestar, is sent to prison after beating up three armed men and a trained boxer. Despite Holy's insistence, he refuses to leave, claiming that he is possessed by an evil spirit. To demonstrate, he takes a prison guard's gun and shoots himself in the head, but the bullet is stopped by a mysterious floating arm that only he and his mother can see. Holy mentions that his grandfather also possessed similar powers. Joseph Joestar arrives in Japan with a mysterious partner and is greeted by Holy. The three head to the prison, where Joseph confronts Jotaro and asks him to leave the jail cell. Jotaro refuses at first due to his "evil spirit" and rips the pinkie off Joseph's prosthetic hand. Joseph reveals his partner to be an Egyptian fortune teller by the name of Muhammad Avdol, who also reveals a spirit of his own. Avdol's spirit manifests itself as a humanoid with a bird-like head and the ability to produce flames named Magician's Red. The spirit launches a projectile of flames causing Jotaro to get pinned against the back wall of the jail cell. Having no other choice, Jotaro releases his own spirit and briefly engages Avdol, but not before the latter halts the fight after pointing out that he had accomplished his goal of removing Jotaro from the cell. The group leaves the prison and at a local cafe, Joseph demonstrates using his Stand, Hermit Purple, that the sudden appearance of their strange manifestations had erupted from the recent resurrection of the Joestar Arch-nemesis, Dio Brando. Joseph also reveals that this link is due to the fact DIO had managed to take over Jonathan's body. Somewhere else, DIO lies in the shadows fully aware that the group had been watching him with Joseph's Stand. DIO walks off mentioning that while this may be fate, he had already prepared to take care of the Joestars.
28 Episode 28.png Who Will Be the Judge?!
Sabaku no wa Dare da!?)
April 11, 2014
On his way to school, Jotaro is suddenly attacked by a mysterious student in a green uniform. Jotaro ends up falling down a large set of stairs, though is able to lessen the fall by grabbing onto a nearby branch with his Stand. The new student comes to Jotaro's aid with a handkerchief and reveals his name to be Noriaki Kakyoin. Later, Jotaro visits the nurse's office to have his wound treated, but discovers the nurse had gone into a mad frenzy and stabbed one of the other students with a pen. On the handkerchief he had received earlier, Jotaro finds a message from Kakyoin stating that he will kill him, and moments later Kakyoin appears at the window. Kakyoin reveals that he had used his Stand, Hierophant Green, to possess the nurse's body from the inside and uses it to force her to stab Jotaro. Jotaro is able to drag Hierophant out of the Nurse's body via his Stand and once out, Kakyoin counterattacks with an Emerald Splash; catching Jotaro off guard and sending him flying across the room. At that point, Jotaro declares that due to the invisible nature of Stands that he would be the one to judge Kakyoin and engages him. Jotaro is briefly trapped by Hierophant's tentacles, but is able to easily deflect the attack and follows through with pummeling Hierophant Green until Kakyoin is rendered unconscious. Jotaro decides to take Kakyoin with him back to Joseph in order to get some questions answered regarding the attack and DIO.
29 Episode 29.png DIO's Curse
DIO no Jubaku)
April 18, 2014
Back at the Kujo Estate, Joseph explains that Kakyoin's mind had been taken control by DIO and the culprit was a flesh bud attached to Kakyoin's brain. According to Joseph, the flesh bud attached to Kakyoin's brain allowed DIO to force allegiance from him through charisma. Avdol recalls having almost fell victim to one back in Egypt where he met DIO, though was fortunate enough to escape. Despite the odds, Jotaro takes it upon himself to surgically remove the bud from Kakyoin's head, claiming that Star Platinum's sharp precision would give him an advantage. Jotaro successfully removes the bud after some effort, and Joseph finishes it off with a Ripple Overdrive. The next day, as Avdol walks to the kitchen, he stumbles upon a spoon on the ground, and soon after Holy's unconscious body slumped in front of the refrigerator. He discovers translucent rose vines growing from her backside and concludes it to be a Stand. Though due to Holy's kind nature, she lacked the willpower to manifest it properly and it was slowly killing her instead. Jotaro and Joseph arrive at the scene, where Joseph acts out in rage having his worst fears assured. Taking the initiative, Jotaro asks for a way to save her, but apparently, the only way to do so is to kill DIO. Using a photo previously taken with Hermit Purple, Jotaro uses Star Platinum to identify a fly lingering in the darkness behind DIO. Avdol recognizes this fly and determines it to be of a certain species found only in the Aswan region of Egypt, thus leading them to assume DIO was in that location. Kakyoin appears and confirms their suspicions, stating that he had met DIO in that area on a family vacation. With approximately fifty days before Holy dies, Joseph calls in the Speedwagon foundation to watch over her while the group sets off for Egypt by plane.
30 Episode 30.png Tower of Gray
Tawā Obu Gurē)
April 25, 2014
DIO is informed by one of his subordinates, an old hag by the name of Enya, that the Joestar group was on their way, but reassures him that one of their assassins is already in position. Back on the plane, the group discovers a large stag beetle flying about, which Avdol recognizes as the Tower of Gray, a Stand known for causing numerous mass murders and disasters in the past. Jotaro engages the Stand first, but is overwhelmed by its incredible speed. The user of the Stand taunts the group by ripping out the tongues of several passengers in a row and uses it to write massacre on the plane wall. Kakyoin decides to take on the Stand himself, claiming that it was the most logical choice given the destructive power of Avdol and Jotaro's Stands. The battle begins with Kakyoin releasing a healthy barrage of Emerald Splash, though these too were easily dodged by the Tower of Gray. The enemy Stand manages to strike Hierophant Green just before Kakyoin reveals the previous attacks were a diversion as several of Hierophant's tentacles sprout forth from the plane seats and impale Tower of Gray from all sides. With the Stand mutilated, the user of the Stand, Gray Fly, is revealed to be an old man Kakyoin had knocked out earlier. Upon further inspection, the group discovers the old man was not under DIO's control and was inherently evil. Joseph then realizes that the plane appeared to be tilting and so the group head towards the cockpit. At the cockpit, they find all of the pilots murdered and the plane descending at an alarming rate. Gray Fly briefly appears again to warn the group that even if they survive the crash, they would not make it in time. At this point, Gray fly falls backward and dies, while Joseph tries to land the plane. The plane lands off the coast of Hong Kong, where the group decides to take an alternative route to reach Egypt. At a nearby restaurant, Joseph and Avdol decide that the safest route to Egypt would be by boat. They are then interrupted by a French tourist who asks them for help reading the menu. Joseph decides to let the man join them as he orders the wrong food. The French man reveals himself to be another assassin sent by DIO and is immediately attacked by Avdol's Magician's Red. The French swordsman summons a Stand of his own, by the name of Silver Chariot, and deflects the attack at a turned over table. The flames hit the table and turn into a clock, at which point Silver Chariot's user claims he would defeat Avdol before the clock strikes twelve.

Episode 31 to 40

# Image Episode Title Original Air Date
31 Episode 31.png Silver Chariot
Shirubā Chariottsu)
May 2, 2014
The Stand-wielding Frenchman introduces himself as Jean Pierre Polnareff, another assassin sent by DIO with the ability to cut through fire itself. After a brief demonstration of his Stand, he leads the group to the nearby Tiger Balm Garden to allow Avdol to use his flame abilities without restraint. The fight begins almost immediately, though not before Polnareff makes a prediction of Avdol's defeat at the hands of his own Stand. Silver Chariot starts the fight off with a flurry of sword strikes, most of which Magician's Red quickly dodges and counters with a several fire blasts. Polnareff further demonstrates Chariot's power by deflecting the shots toward a nearby statue and carves it to resemble Magician's Red. Avdol retaliates with his special technique, Crossfire Hurricane, and launches an Ankh-shaped flame at Polnareff, whom is able to once again deflect the blast at Avdol himself. Seemingly burnt by his own Stand, as predicted by Polnareff, Avdol launches Magician's Red at Chariot. Polnareff strikes back, but upon contact realizes the figure he had lit on fire earlier was not Magician's Red, but the statue he had carved himself. Avdol follows through with yet another Crossfire Hurricane with Polnareff taking the full force of the attack and is severely burnt. Avdol reveals a variation to his previous technique, Crossfire Hurricane Special, which is able to strike Polnareff by shooting several ankhs, one of which comes straight out of the ground. Defeated, Polnareff accepts his fate to die, but is spared when Avdol recognizes his act of chivalry. The group discovers another flesh bud on Polnareff's forehead, which Jotaro is easily able to remove. At the docks, Polnareff introduces himself once more and shares a story of how his sister was murdered years ago by a man with two right hands. He reveals that he had met DIO in Cairo days before and had been promised help finding the man who killed his sister. Polnareff realizes that the culprit is likely working for DIO and decides to join the group on their journey to Egypt.
32 Episode 32.png Dark Blue Moon
Dāku Burū Mūn)
May 9, 2014
The Joestar group was currently on their way from Hong Kong to Singapore by ship when a child stowaway was discovered in the ship's storage by a member of the ship's crew. The child managed to escape from said member and jumped into the ocean. The group tries to tell the child to come back to the ship as the ocean is shark-infested. Just before the child was about to be attacked by a shark, Star Platinum managed to save the child by punching the shark several times and incapacitating it. Jotaro rescues the child only to discover that the child was a girl. Joseph notices the shark resurfacing and sees it bisected by an unknown aquatic creature. Kakyoin proceeds to rescue Jotaro and the girl from long range with Hierophant Green. Polnareff assumed that the creature is a Stand and the group started to speculate if the girl was a Stand user and if she purposely led Jotaro into the ocean. They immediately confirm that she does not work for DIO. The captain of the ship, Captain Tennille was going to have his crew take her down to the brig but before doing so, puts out Jotaro's cigarette and places it in his pocket. Jotaro accuses the captain of being an impostor and a Stand user. He manages to trick the captain into confirming that he is a Stand user. Jotaro explains that he did not actually know he was one and originally planned to use the trick with all of the crew on board. The impostor confirms that he is not the captain and immediately reveals his Stand, Dark Blue Moon, to take the girl hostage. Jotaro managed to reverse the situation by using Star Platinum to quickly incapacitate the impostor and his Stand and rescue the girl. The impostor explains the extent of Dark Blue Moon's abilities and proceeds to create a whirlpool filled with its sharp scales to attack the disabled Jotaro whose Stand's body was covered almost entirely in barnacles. Jotaro goes limp and manages to focus his energy into Star Platinum's fingers. His fingers manage to extend to a long range, cut through Dark Blue Moon's head and effectively defeat the impostor. Joseph was about to throw a life raft to Jotaro when parts of the ship suddenly started to explode. Joseph came to the conclusion that the impostor placed bombs on the ships. The group and the rest of the ship's crew manage to save themselves by using the emergency boats. While they were at sea, the girl discovers a gigantic freighter.
33 Episode 33.png Strength
May 16, 2014
As DIO stares at his reflection in a mirror, he and Enya debate what it means to live. After the discussion, Enya tells him that there are seven Stand users already on their way to eliminate the Joestar group. On the ocean, the Joestar group and the crew of sailors that followed board a large freighter. The group searches the freighter only to find it completely abandoned but with all its machinery still functioning. The girl, Anne, finds an orangutan in a cage but Joseph dismisses it and suggests they split up to find its owner. While the group was on the deck, a sailor was impaled by the hook of a crane even though it was not functional and the sailors claim that the crane moved on its own. Joseph instructs the sailors to head down to the cabin and Kakyoin uses Hierophant Green to search the ship for any signs of a Stand. As Ann observes the sailors trying to use the radio, she realizes that the saltwater was making her body sticky and heads to the shower room to wash it off. The sailors are shown dead as the orangutan opens the door to the shower room. Jotaro sees the orangutan's cage door open. Just as the orangutan attempts to attack Anne, Jotaro hits it in the head with a lock. As he fights with it, he is suddenly hit by a fan and confirms the orangutan is a Stand user but wonders where the Stand is. The orangutan disappears into the wall after fighting him. On the deck, the Joestar group is shown sinking into the ship and they, along with Jotaro, assume that the freighter is the Stand. The orangutan returns to the showers and presents the name of his Stand, "Strength" based on the Tarot card Strength as he taunts Jotaro with his intelligence. Jotaro flicks a button from his jacket at the orangutan while it's distracted by Anne to anger it. The orangutan jumps at him to attack him but is shot in the head by another button delivered by Star Platinum's Star Finger technique. It surrenders to Jotaro but he states that it had already broken the rules of being an animal and proceeds to finish it off with a barrage of Star Platinum's punches. Soon after, the freighter starts distorting and the group manages to board the emergency boats they came with as the freighter changed into a small boat. DIO is then informed by Enya of Strength's defeat and the remaining six Stand users, one of which is her son as she shows her two right hands linking her relationship with the man with two right hands.
34 Episode 34.png The Devil
May 23, 2014
Jotaro's group arrives in Singapore and checks into the hotel. After they split up due to the overcrowded hotel preventing them from getting rooms close to each other, Polnareff discovers an eerie looking doll with a spear on its back sitting on his nightstand. He detects someone hiding in the room and demands they come out, and a large man emerges from the fridge. He introduces himself as Devo the Cursed, with the Stand of the Devil tarot card. Devo asks how Polnareff knew he was in the fridge, and an angry Polnareff points him towards the contents Devo left on top of the fridge. Devo then summons his Stand, Ebony Devil, which prompts Polnareff to summon Silver Chariot and quickly stab Devo in the face. Devo maniacally curses his killer with his Stand's ability before falling off the hotel balcony. Something slices Polnareff's ankle, and in response he calls Joseph and Avdol while he bandages himself. After Polnareff makes a second call to room service for medical assistance, the scene cuts to Avdol explaining Devo the Cursed to Joseph, stating that he is an assassin hired by criminals from all over the world, and that his Stand is powered by grudges against his attackers. After concluding it's dangerous for any of them to be alone, Joseph then calls Jotaro to have all four of them meet up in Polnareff's room. Polnareff searches for his room key, which he finds under his bed. However, as soon as he crawls under to get it, he hears footsteps and suddenly finds himself tied to the underside of the bed. Something takes a bottle of shampoo and squirts him in the eyes with it, blinding him. It then begins sawing off the legs of the bed, which ends up pinning Polnareff to the ground. The hotel room service comes to the door, and doesn't listen to Polnareff warning him of the danger in the room. The attendant is promptly killed with a razor slicing through his neck. The murderer reveals himself as the doll Polnareff found earlier, possessed by Ebony Devil. Polnareff attempts to attack the doll with Silver Chariot, but as he is unable to see his enemy, it is futile. The doll then soaks the entire room with the beer and other drinks in the fridge, intending to fry Polnareff with a short-circuiting hairdryer. However, just as the doll drops the hairdryer, Polnareff reveals he was purposely scattering the shards of the bedroom mirror to let himself see above the bed, as Chariot skewers both the hairdryer and the doll's head. Chariot slices Ebony Devil to pieces. The scene cuts to Devo hiding in the bathroom, now a mangled corpse due to his Stand being destroyed. Polnareff then joins up with the others, and Joseph reveals Hermit Purple can create spirit photos using TVs instead of Polaroids if he so desires, though it will be in the format of jumbling audio across channels into words. Joseph gathers through the audio that Kakyoin is a traitor, but DIO appears in the screen and blows up the television Joseph and Avdol are trying to use. Joseph concludes there must be something more to the story, and the episode ends with a cut showing Kakyoin with Jotaro outside the hotel, the former with a menacing look on his face.
35 Episode 35.png Yellow Temperance
Ierō Tenparansu)
May 30, 2014
Jotaro, Anne and Kakyoin are walking together somewhere in Singapore. Jotaro decides to buy some chilled coconut juice for everyone at an ice cream kiosk. Kakyoin attempts to pay the cashier when a man suddenly snatches his wallet. Kakyoin uses his Stand, Hierophant Green, to trip the snatch thief. With a crazed expression, he proceeds to break the thief's nose and torture him by repeatedly breaking his back nonstop. Jotaro stops Kakyoin from doing so and becomes suspicious of Kakyoin. Kakyoin explains that he was just exhausted from the trip so he was in a bad mood. Jotaro however thinks he was enjoying it. Jotaro informs Kakyoin that the group will be leaving for India tomorrow so he plans on taking a cable car to Singapore Station to reserve tickets. Kakyoin notices four rhinoceros beetles on a tree nearby. Anne calls Kakyoin and sees a rhinoceros beetle's leg in his mouth. He proceeds to swallow it and appears to expand in size. Anne runs towards Jotaro out of fear towards Kakyoin's bizarre attitude. At the cable car station, Kakyoin asks for the cherry on Jotaro's ice cream and attempts to push him over the rail guard. Jotaro manages to save himself and pull himself up as Kakyoin states that he was just kidding and proceeds to play with the cherry on his tongue. Jotaro punches Kakyoin in the jaw when Kakyoin's jaw unexpectedly dislocates and is launched into the cable car. Kakyoin refutes Jotaro's statement by saying that he's not actually possessed rather he is a completely different person as Jotaro immediately realizes. The impostor reveals that he has been growing in size. After Jotaro boards the cable car, the impostor reveals that he has a Stand that combines with whatever flesh that he consumes and even normal people can see and touch the Stand, which goes by the name of Yellow Temperance after the Tarot card Temperance. Jotaro tries to use his Stand, Star Platinum, to attack the Stand user but ends up having his arm burnt by Yellow Temperance. As Anne calls Joseph Joestar to inform him of the current situation, Jotaro jumps out out of the cable car to escape from the Stand user. He tries to burn off the blob but ends up making it spread across his hand. He jumps onto and enters another cable car in an futile attempt to cool down the blob with a boy's ice pop but ends up making the blob dig deeper into his hand. A woman on the same cable car tells him that fire and ice don't work on it and consumes a puppy as she reveals herself to be the Stand user in disguise. The Stand user tells Jotaro that Yellow Temperance is nigh invincible but Jotaro reverts to a secret Joestar technique, running away, as he uses his Stand, Star Platinum, to punch a hole in the cable car and jump down along with the Stand user. As the Stand user lands in water with Jotaro, he opens his Stand's guard to allow himself to breathe. Jotaro finally manages to attack the Stand user and interrogates him about the remaining Stand users coming to assassinate them. He also reveals the identity of a Stand user by the name of J. Geil, a man with two right hands, with a Stand named after The Hanged Man Tarot card, the same man who killed Jean Pierre Polnareff's sister. He explains that J. Geil's abilities revolve around mirrors. The Stand user spots an opportunity to disable Jotaro by transporting his Stand through a manhole into a drainage pipe and catches him. Jotaro states that the Stand user was only lucky until that point and manages to counter it by using Star Platinum to punch the drain and increase water pressure which was enough to break the manhole open and send him flying back into the water. The Stand user begs for mercy but Jotaro responds by saying he's too pathetic to talk to anymore and proceeds to finish him off with a barrage of punches by Star Platinum. The Joestar group is now seen on a train to India. Polnareff now knows the identity of the man with two right hands, J.Geil. Avdol informs the group that Anne has left the group to try and find her father back in Singapore. Although doubtful of her purpose, Polnareff states that he'll miss her.
36 Episode 36.png Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 1
(皇帝(エンペラー)吊られた男(ハングドマン) その1
Enperā to Hangudoman Sono 1)
June 6, 2014
The group is finally crossing India, but are worried about the place, known for having beggars, thieves, curry-eating and disease-ridden people. Avdol assures them that it is a nice country and all these stories are false. Polnareff goes to the bathroom and is given a stick to use. Confused as to why he would need one, he finds a pig sticking its head out of the toilet. One of the employees informs Polnareff that the bathroom was built with a pig sty right underneath it. Disgusted, Polnareff decides to hold it until they get to the hotel. As he washes his hands, Polnareff looks into the mirror and is surprised by a Stand with two right hands that he can only see in the mirror. Determined to avenge his sister, killed by the user of this Stand, Polnareff breaks the mirror and searches for the Stand user among the crowd. Jean Pierre Polnareff decides to separate from the group in order to find his sister's killer. Muhammad Avdol tries to stop him, sure that separating Polnareff from them is part of a trap. Polnareff accuses him of being a coward for running away from DIO, and a fight almost starts between them before Joseph Joestar stops Avdol's punch, telling him that Polnareff has made his own decision. Meanwhile, a cowboy named Hol Horse and his lover Nena are seen riding an elephant. Nena begs him to marry her, but Hol Horse tells her she shouldn't think about this since she is only 16 and is from a good family. He denies her request, saying he's a traveler destined to die on the streets, and he won't marry her because he loves her too much to make her suffer. He asks her to get off the elephant because he's going to see a friend., who is revealed to be J. Geil, the man with two right hands and the user of the Hanged Man. Hol Horse tells him that he's just using Nena because she's a woman who would do anything for her love. Before they are able to discuss their plans, a snake attacks J. Geil. Combining their Stands Emperor and Hanged Man, the duo completely mutilate the snake. Later, as Polnareff searches for a lead, he sees the two Stand users slowly approaching him. Even though Jean Pierre Polnareff just saw Hol Horse and J. Geil approaching him, J. Geil suddenly vanishes from his view. The one left, Hol Horse, introduces himself and tells Polnareff how "the gun is mightier than the sword". Polnareff asks him about J. Geil, but the cowboy still insists how his Stand-shaped gun Emperor is stronger than Silver Chariot's sword. The french Stand user makes fun of this comparison by falsely mishearing his line, which makes Hol Horse laugh with him. Suddenly the cowboy summons his Stand Emperor and shoots Polnareff. To intercept the bullet fast enough, Silver Chariot takes off his armor, but the bullet avoids the sword by itself and goes to strike Polnareff. Muhammad Avdol appears just in time and saves Polnareff, but the bullet changes directions again to hit him instead. As Avdol summons Magician's Red to burn the bullet, he is stabbed by Hanged Man, only seen in the reflection of a puddle behind Avdol, and hit in the head by Emperor's bullet. Noriaki Kakyoin arrives just in time to see Avdol's demise and a crying Polnareff.
37 Episode 37.png Emperor and Hanged Man, Part 2
(皇帝(エンペラー)吊られた男(ハングドマン) その2
Enperā to Hangudoman Sono 2)
June 13, 2014
Noriaki Kakyoin hopes that Muhammad Avdol's wound is not fatal, wanting to believe he's about to say something or get up. However, Avdol's body shows no reaction. Jean Pierre Polnareff approaches Hol Horse, but is warned by Kakyoin that this was something Avdol was against. Even though he's reluctant, Polnareff agrees to get away with Kakyoin in a nearby truck, but he sees Hanged Man inside another mirror. The Stand taunts Polnareff by telling him that he will soon join Avdol and Sherry in hell. Kakyoin jumps into the jeep, pulls Polnareff in and drives away, out of Emperor's range. J. Geil decides to go after the heroes. Polnareff tells Kakyoin he finally understands what Avdol was trying to tell him, and Kakyoin elbows him in the face in place of a handshake. He then tells Polnareff that now they are going to fight together. In the jeep, Kakyoin and Polnareff discuss how they can defeat Hanged Man and whether a world in the mirror really exists. In the middle of their conversation Kakyoin notices Hanged Man inside a metal part of the steering wheel. He hits the brakes to avoid the Stand, and the jeep flips over. At that moment Polnareff sees Hanged Man jumping from one reflective surface to another. Now that they know how Hanged Man works, they try to hide from all reflective surfaces. A boy trying to sell medicine approaches them, unaware that Hanged Man has moved into his eye. The Stand challenges them to cut the child's eye out, but Polnareff kicks sand into his eyes instead, forcing Hanged Man to move into the only reflective view available: Polnareff's eye. Since he can now predict Hanged Man's trajectory, Polnareff easily cuts the Stand before it manages to enter his eye. They hear J. Geil screaming at a distance and swear to avenge both Muhammad Avdol and Sherry Polnareff. Noriaki Kakyoin and Jean Pierre Polnareff find a man whom they assume to be J. Geil, but Kakyoin notes that this man has a right and left hand. J. Geil draws a crowd around them by claiming that Polnareff and Kakyoin want to give money to everyone. With so many people's eyes to travel between, Hanged Man's path becomes too unpredictable for them to hit the Stand. Kakyoin throws a coin into the air, making everyone look at it and leaving only one reflective surface for Hanged Man to travel to. Polnareff kicks sand into the eye Hanged Man is in currently, forcing the Stand to move to the coin, and slashes its path. J. Geil is incapacitated, and Polnareff attacks him personally with Silver Chariot, leaving holes all over his body. The body is thrown into the air and lands on a fence, hanging upside down. Hol Horse finally catches up to Polnareff and Kakyoin, confident that they are ignoring him out of fear. After Hol Horse insists on fighting them and starts shooting at glass with Emperor to help Hanged Man's attack, Polnareff tells him that J. Geil is already dead and his body a short distance from them. As Polnareff prepares to fight him, Hol Horse runs away under the pretext of checking his partner's body, but is stopped in his tracks by Jotaro Kujo and Joseph Joestar, who have just arrived after burying Muhammad Avdol. Surrounded on all sides, Hol Horse watches helpless as Polnareff sentences him to death and goes for the killing blow, but he is stopped by Nena, allowing Hol Horse to escape. Polnareff tries to run after him even though the woman continues to hold his leg, and, in the confusion, gets her hurt to the point of bleeding as he tries to drag her along the ground. The group leaves, unaware that a drop of Nena's blood has fallen on Joseph's arm. A talking wart grows from it, and eats a fly when it comes near. As the group continues their journey, Nena reveals another talking wart on her tongue, which makes an ominous noise.
38 Episode 38.png Empress
June 20, 2014
Sensing J. Geil's death through the connection in her bloodline, Enya prepares to take revenge on his assailants with her minion who uses the Empress Stand. Elsewhere, Jotaro's group travel by bus towards Varanasi, joined by the woman from before, who introduces herself as Nena. Upon arriving in the city, Joseph, growing concerned about what he assumed to be a bug bite on his arm, goes to the local hospital to get it treated, as Nena sticks out her tongue which has a strange wart on it and remains with Polnareff. When the doctor attempts to cut the growth off, he is killed by the "bug bite", which has grown its own face and reveals itself to be the Empress. As Joseph tries to fight off the Stand attached to his arm, he is put into a further pinch when the Empress implicates Joseph for the murder of the doctor, putting the police on alert. Joseph attempts to hide from the police, but the Empress grows arms and manages to keep Joseph in one place, alerting the police towards his location. With the Stand unaffected by his Hamon techniques, since it is a part of his own body, Joseph instead uses Hermit Purple to squeeze and ensnare Empress, allowing him to break free. As Joseph searches for user of the Empress while trying to avoid attacks from the Stand as it grows larger and stronger, he comes across a barrel containing a black substance and sticks his arm inside. Though the Empress is initially undeterred in its attacks on Joseph, stating that it cannot be suffocated as it is not a living organism, the substance suddenly solidifies around it, stopping its movements. Joseph reveals that the barrel contained coal tar that he had sought out with a map created by Hermit Purple and some ashes. Joseph then proceeds to use Hermit Purple to rip the immobilized Empress to shreds, while elsewhere Nena is also torn to shreds, revealing her as the Stand's user and her true form as an obese woman who was using the skin of the younger woman as a disguise. After regrouping with Jotaro and Kakyoin, the group decides to travel by car to Pakistan, unaware that they are being followed by another car.
39 Episode 39.png Wheel of Fortune
Howīru Obu Fōchun)
June 27, 2014
On their way driving to Pakistan, the group finds Anne hitchhiking at the side of the road and they reluctantly take her along with them. Upon continuing their journey, a red car gets in their way and leads them into the path of an oncoming truck. Jotaro quickly uses Star Platinum to avoid a fatal collision. After stopping at a roadside tea house later on, the group, believing the owner of the red car to be a Stand user, spots the car parked nearby and they start pressing the other customers, only for the car to drive off. They chase after the car, following a signpost that the car had switched around in advance, and wind up at a dead end, where the car appears from behind them and pushes them off of a cliff. Kakyoin manages to stop their fall by having Hierophant Green hook a cable to the other car, before Jotaro uses Star Platinum to pull themselves to safety, knocking the other car down the cliff in the process. Just then, a voice comes from their own car's radio, revealing the red car to actually be the Wheel of Fortune Stand, which emerges from the ground and destroys their vehicle, transforming into a stronger form. The Stand starts attacking Jotaro and the others with a seemingly unseen projectile, forcing the group to try and escape. Jotaro prepares to unleash an attack on Wheel of Fortune's underside, only to learn that the purpose of the earlier attacks was to soak them in gasoline. Wheel of Fortune's user, ZZ,[h] uses the sparks on his car to set Jotaro ablaze, seemingly killing him. However, Jotaro manages to avoid the flames by digging underneath the ground and uses Star Platinum to destroy Wheel of Fortune and send ZZ flying out into the open. After chaining ZZ to a rock, the group borrows the car, which had reverted to its original dilapidated form, and they continue their journey. Meanwhile, Enya, frustrated that all of her Stand wielders have been defeated, decides to confront them personally with her own Stand: Justice.
40 Episode 40.png Justice, Part 1
(正義(ジャスティス) その1
Jasutisu Sono 1)
July 4, 2014
After explaining Holy's situation to her, Joseph manages to convince Anne to return back to her home in Hong Kong. With heavy fog making it dangerous to continue driving near the cliffs towards Karachi, the group stops by a nearby town to look for a hotel. After failing to get directions from a strangely silent restaurant owner, the group comes across a dead body lying on the street, uncertain of what has caused the man's death. With no one else in the town seeming to acknowledge the corpse's presence, the group becomes wary and suspects a Stand user is involved, with their suspicions growing when they discover the body is riddled with bloodless holes. Feeling they should leave the town, Joseph jumps towards what he believes to be their car, only to narrowly avoid being impaled by a spiked gate. It is then that Enya appears before the group, claiming to be an innocent old woman and she leads them to a nearby hotel. As the group checks into their rooms, Hol Horse shows up at the hotel, having tracked the Joestar group to their location. However, Enya, believing Hol Horse needs to die for abandoning J. Geil, attacks his wrist with some scissors before using Justice, her Stand which takes the form of the fog itself, to make a hole from his wound. Justice then uses the wound to control Hol Horse's arm like a puppet and make him shoot himself with his own Emperor, allowing Enya to set her sights on her next target: Polnareff.

Episode 41 to 50

# Image Episode Title Original Air Date
41 Episode 41.png Justice, Part 2
(正義(ジャスティス) その2
Jasutisu Sono 2)
July 11, 2014
Enya rushes to hide Hol Horse's body from Polnareff to avoid alerting the others, struggling to suppress her rage when Polnareff shows his appreciation of her "hospitality". However, Hol Horse, who is still alive, alerts Polnareff to an attack from Enya, who uses Justice's fog to control the dead civilians of the village like zombies. Retreating to a bathroom to hide from the zombies, Polnareff is hit by a surprise attack from the bathroom door's keyhole, allowing Justice to take control of his tongue. While making Polnareff lick the toilet in humiliation, Enya is approached by Jotaro, who has suspected something was amiss with her and sees through her ploy when she refers to him by his real name, as the group had all used fake names when signing the hotel ledger earlier. Enya manages to inflict a wound on Jotaro's leg, but Jotaro manages to overcome Justice's fog-like form by having Star Platinum inhale it, suffocating Enya until she passes out. With the village revealed to have been a cemetery the entire time, Jotaro suggests to the group that they take Enya with them to learn more about Dio, while Hol Horse makes off with their car, advising the group to kill Enya while they still can.
42 Episode 42.png Lovers, Part 1
(恋人(ラバーズ) その1
Rabāzu Sono 1)
July 18, 2014
As the group stop by a kebab shop in Karachi, the store owner turns out to be Steely Dan,[i] wielder of the Lovers Stand, who gloats as Enya is killed by some of Dio's flesh buds that Steely Dan had implanted in her body to keep her from revealing the truth. She dies, still believing in Dio rather than telling Joseph the truth about Dio's Stand. Jotaro has Star Platinum attack Steely Dan, only for Joseph to be simultaneously thrown back. Steely Dan reveals he has used his microscopic Stand the Lovers to enter Joseph's ear, where it causes any pain inflicted on himself to be amplified and sent to Joseph, even paying a child to hit him with a stick to prove he is not lying. He also reveals the Lovers will begin implanting a flesh bud which will kill Joseph in 10 minutes. Jotaro, though angry, restrains himself as he caters to Steely Dan's whims to prevent him from hurting his grandfather. Meanwhile, Joseph, Kakyoin, and Polnareff seek out a television so Joseph can use Hermit Purple to make an image of the inside of his brain, allowing Kakyoin and Polnareff to shrink down their Stands to enter his body and locate the Lovers in order to save his life.
43 Episode 43.png Lovers, Part 2
(恋人(ラバーズ) その2
Rabāzu Sono 2)
July 25, 2014
As Jotaro continues to put up with Steely Dan's whims, Kakyoin and Polnareff's Stands arrive in Joseph's brain where the Lovers and the flesh bud is. Although Polnareff acts first, he is hurt when the Lovers uses Joseph's brain cells to disguise himself as Hierophant Green and make several dummies of itself, leaving them unable to determine which one is the real Stand. Elsewhere, Jotaro shines Steely Dan's shoes, and takes a beating from him, all while taking note of everything he is doing for him so he can make Steely Dan pay later. He is enraged when he takes a beating because Steely Dan forced him to steal from a jewelry shop. In Joseph's brain, Kakyoin manages to use Hierophant Green to find and attack the real Stand and force it out of Joseph's body, giving Joseph the opportunity to destroy the flesh bud in his brain with the Hamon. Realizing he has been defeated, Steely Dan tries to divert Jotaro's attention so the Lovers can enter him instead, but he is quickly spotted and caught by Star Platinum. In desperation, Steely Dan tries to have the Lovers enter a young girl's ear, but it is stopped by Hierophant Green's tentacle, which Kakyoin attached before it escaped. This stops Steely Dan's movements completely, allowing Jotaro to finally get his revenge for all Steely Dan put him through.
44 Episode 44.png Sun
August 1, 2014
Upon arriving in the United Arab Emirates, Joseph purchases an expensive car, which he later trades for a group of camels to ride through the Arabian Desert, despite having never ridden one before. After the group eventually manages to get on their way, Jotaro and Kakyoin feel like someone is watching them, but cannot find anyone suspicious. Once they realize that the sun is still in the sky, even at 8 o'clock in the evening, with the temperature rapidly increasing, the group realizes what they thought was the sun is actually the Stand the Sun. Kakyoin attempts to judge the distance of the Stand, but comes under attack from the Sun, which also ruins their water supply. All seems lost, particularly to Joseph when his companions all begin to laugh, which he worries is a heatstroke-induced delirium, but Kakyoin clues him in on their discovery. He has found a rock in the middle of the desert identical to another, and when Jotaro throws a rock in its direction, a crack seemingly appears in the sky, and the Sun is defeated, restoring the night sky. The group goes over to the crack to find the Sun's user, Arabia Fats, out cold, having been hiding behind a mirrored duck blind to keep the group from spotting him.
45 Episode 45.png Death Thirteen, Part 1
(死神13(デスサーティーン) その1
Desu Sātīn Sono 1)
August 8, 2014
Kakyoin has a dream where he is in a deserted amusement park, accompanied only by a dog. Suddenly, the Death tarot card appears, and he is attacked by its image, the Stand Death Thirteen, killing the dog, before Polnareff wakes him up to tell him that they are on the way out of town. Kakyoin becomes concerned when he finds his hand has been cut in his sleep, and more so when he spots the dog he saw in his dreams, killed in the same manner as he saw in the dream. When the two catch up with the others, Joseph is arguing with a man he had planned to rent a plane from, who has now refused to let him go as they need to get a baby to the hospital. Joseph offers to take the child with them, and a woman with the child agrees. As the group takes off, the woman says she must find the child's mother, admitting that the child, Mannish Boy,[j] is not her own, and she was scared of his fangs. While in flight, both Kakyoin and Polnareff fall asleep and find themselves at the amusement park, again. Kakyoin tries to warn Polnareff that he was attacked in his dreams by a Stand, using the dead dog as proof, but Polnareff does not seem to pay much attention, until Death Thirteen makes itself known once more, attacking the two of them. They find that in their dreams they cannot summon their Stands to fight back, but before Death Thirteen lands a mortal blow on Polnareff, Joseph wakes him up to have him change the baby's diaper, leaving Kakyoin on his own. As Death 13 is revealed to be the Stand of Mannish Boy, Kakyoin cuts his own arm, as he thrashes about in his sleep, causing Joseph to crash the plane. As the team sets up camp to prepare for rescue, Kakyoin sees that he has cut the words "Baby Stand" into his arm, leading him to realize that the child they have been taking with them is their attacker. He tries to warn the others, but they do not believe him, as Mannish Boy is pleased that his plans to kill the group are succeeding.
46 Episode 46.png Death Thirteen, Part 2
(死神13(デスサーティーン) その2
Desu Sātīn Sono 2)
August 15, 2014
Kakyoin's suspicions are confirmed after he witnesses Mannish Boy skillfully killing a scorpion that had crept into his basket, but the baby manages to hide the evidence so that the others do not believe him. After failing to convince everyone with the message on his arm, Kakyoin attempts to attack Mannish Boy, but he is knocked out by Polnareff, who believes he has gone insane. Upon falling asleep, Jotaro, Joseph, and Polnareff end up in the dream amusement park, which Polnareff remembers, and where they are all subjected to the whims of Death 13. Fortunately for them, Kakyoin, who had summoned Hierophant Green before he was knocked out, is able to bring him into the dream world to fight against Death Thirteen. Mannish Boy attempts to use the dream world to his advantage and slice Hierophant Green in half, but Kakyoin manages to instead send his Stand into Death Thirteen's ear, forcing Mannish Boy to heal his wounds and accept defeat. The next morning, as everyone else forgets what happened in the dream, Kakyoin decides to spare Mannish Boy and leave him in a nearby town, making sure that he does not dare try anything again by mixing the child's feces into his food that Joseph later feeds him. As the group crosses the Red Sea, Joseph makes a detour towards an island to meet someone important.
47 Episode 47.png Judgement, Part 1
(審判(ジャッジメント) その1
Jajjimento Sono 1)
August 22, 2014
Arriving on an island by the Red Sea, Joseph reveals that the person he needs to meet is Avdol's father, who lives as a hermit. Polnareff, still struck with grief over him causing Avdol's death, runs away. On the shore of the island, Polnareff discovers an aged lamp that, after he rubs it, causes a genie named Cameo to appear. Cameo grants Polnareff three wishes, with Polnareff being skeptical until a wish for money causes a treasure chest full of gold coins to appear. Wondering if his wishes can bring people back from the dead, Polnareff wishes that his sister Cherie and Avdol were brought back to life. Cherie seems to be revived, only for her to viciously attack Polnareff to consume his flesh. As Cameo explains, he is actually the Stand Judgement, who can create zombie-like creatures from the earth based on the wisher's desires. Polnareff, terrified, tries to use his final wish to wish Cherie away. However, Cameo tells Polnareff he had already used his third wish: to revive Avdol.
48 Episode 48.png Judgement, Part 2
(審判(ジャッジメント) その2
Jajjimento Sono 2)
August 29, 2014
Corresponding with Polnareff's third wish, Cameo makes a clay doll of Avdol, who joins the Cherie doll in attacking Polnareff, biting off his flesh. Before the dolls can kill off Polnareff, he is suddenly saved by the real Avdol, who had actually survived his encounter with Hol Horse as the seemingly fatal bullet had only grazed him. With the two managing to overcome the dolls, Avdol brings out the full strength of Magician's Red against Cameo's Judgement, effectively dissipating it. After the fight, Polnareff and Avdol find a piece of bamboo sticking out from the ground, surmising that the real Cameo is hidden below. The pair drop spiders and mud down to block his breathing, and they finishing by urinating into the bamboo, which forces him to the surface, where Avdol properly deals with him. After reuniting with the group, Polnareff is shocked to find that the others knew Avdol was alive the entire time, keeping it a secret from him to prevent the enemy from finding out. Avdol further reveals he had disguised himself as his father in order to purchase a submarine for the group.
49 Episode 49.png High Priestess, Part 1
(女教皇(ハイプリエステス) その1
Hai Puriesutesu Sono 1)
September 5, 2014
The group begins their underwater journey beneath the Red Sea via submarine. Along the way, Joseph makes a call to his wife Suzi Q, who is unaware about his circumstances, making sure she does not travel to Japan to check up on Holy, whose condition continues to worsen. Just as the group approaches the Egyptian shore, Joseph is suddenly attacked by a Stand, which had been disguising itself as a mug and soon transforms itself to hide in the submarine. Avdol recognises the Stand as that of the High Priestess, wielded from far away by a woman named Midler,[k] which has the ability to transform into any mineral substance. As the submarine is put into chaos from the Stand's attacks, the submarine begins to leak and sink. Jotaro answers another call from Suzi Q, who becomes concerned about what she hears. With the submarine at the bottom of the ocean and running low on oxygen, Jotaro attempts to crush High Priestess with Star Platinum, but it escapes by transforming into a razor. Unable to directly attack High Priestess, the group attempts to escape to the surface while Suzi Q and her butler Roses head to Japan.
50 Episode 50.png High Priestess, Part 2
(女教皇(ハイプリエステス) その2
Hai Puriesutesu Sono 2)
September 12, 2014
After finding some scuba equipment, Joseph gives a quick lesson before the group prepares to exit the submarine. However, they discover High Priestess has already caught on to them by disguising itself as Polnareff's regulator, with Joseph and Kakyoin narrowly managing to save him from certain death. The group manages to exit the submarine safely and start swimming across some rocks, only to discover it is High Priestess disguising itself as the sea bed, sucking them inside its mouth. As the Stand's user, Midler, gloats from the surface, the group tries to play to Midler's femininity, but this only serves to anger her further, leading her to try to crush Jotaro between High Priestess' teeth. However, Jotaro manages to break the teeth with Star Platinum and they all break free from High Priestess' mouth, escaping to the surface, where Midler is incapacitated (and disfigured) as a result of Jotaro's attack. Having finally arrived in Egypt, Jotaro and Joseph assure Suzi Q of their safety before joining the others in their pursuit of Dio. Meanwhile, as Dio makes his own move, killing several members of the Speedwagon Foundation, a helicopter is seen carrying an unusual passenger.


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