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JOJO STONE OCEAN DINER was a collaboration diner with ANiMEL Cafe and Space to promote JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. It was held between November 12, 2022 and December 25, 2022 in Shanghai, China featuring exclusive themed food, drinks and merchandise. A reservation costed ¥[a]28 and included the ticket as well as limited edition heat insulation pad (random, one of three designs). It was exclusive to Bilibili members.


Entrees and desserts included Stone Free's Pasta with basil sauce and salad for ¥68, Jail Meal with a unique prisoner number card included for ¥68, F.F.'s Plankton Omurice for ¥72, Stone Ocean Sandwich for ¥58, Anasui's Beetroot Cheese Soup for ¥58, Weather Report's Rainbow Cake for ¥58, Father Pucci's Chocolate Cake for ¥68, Emporio's Dessert Set with chocolate pudding and orange jelly for ¥68 and Stone Ocean's Ice Cream, blue sea salt ice cream for ¥38.

Drinks included Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum Special, grape juice with vanilla ice cream for ¥48, Ermes' Kiss Drink, mango juice with mint ice cream and chocolate lips for ¥48, Stone Free's Special Drink for ¥48 as well as Character Coffees featuring the main eight characters with their stands.

For every meal ordered, guests would receive a random paper coaster of the main characters (8 types) themed like Stand DISCs. If customers spent over ¥100 on food at the diner they could receive a random sticker of the main characters (8 types) themed like neon signs.


A variety of goods were available to purchase at the diner. If customers spent over ¥200 at the store they could receive a random photo card (8 types). Goods included can badges (8 types) for ¥28, magnets (8 types) for ¥28, acrylic stands (8 types) for ¥68, sticky notes (2 types) for ¥28, acrylic keychains (8 types) for ¥36, cushions (8 types) for ¥98, postcard set for ¥60, sticker set (2 types) for ¥45, glasses (3 types) for ¥50, t-shirts (2 types) for ¥198, tote bags (3 types) for ¥268, posters (8 types) for ¥36, pins (16 types) for ¥36 and entire pin set for ¥669.



  1. Chinese yuan.

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