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For other usages of the term, see the Stone Ocean (Disambiguation).
Gwess, you said everything has a name. I'll give my power a name too. Stone Free! Because I'm going to break free from this stone ocean.

Stone Free (ストーン・フリー, Sutōn Furī) is the Stand of Jolyne Cujoh, featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

Stone Free usually manifests as Jolyne's ability to unravel her body into string, but ultimately has a base form of a powerful close-range humanoid Stand.


Stone Free Fullbody.png

Stone Free is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Jolyne's.

It wears what appears to be a pair of sunglasses varying in darkness, obscuring vertically ridged eyes. Four blade-like protrusions run over its head from the top of the jaw to the back of its neck, bordering the sides of both eyes. Cones truncated at a length of one-third the width of its head protrudes from the region of the ears.

It wears elliptical shoulder pads with a python snakeskin pattern,[5] and hexagonal knee pads. Several patches of its lightly-shaded body reveal a fibrous interior, wound horizontally. Its forehead, neck, arms, and the area from its midriff to the top of its feet bear small, evenly spaced studs/bumps.

Its body is composed of string. When unraveled, its texture is like silk, apparently smelling of soap.[6]

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Body(Cyan and metal gray)
(Light blue and silver with golden accents)
Sunglasses(Light green)
Body(Light Blue and metal gray)
Sunglasses(Light Green)
Body(Cyan and metal gray with yellow studs)
Sunglasses(Dark Green)


Stone Free is powerful enough at close-range to send a man flying by pummeling him

Stone Free is a unique close-range Stand that can not only be summoned to fight, but also provides Jolyne with integrated abilities. Like her father's Star Platinum, Jolyne's Stone Free is a close-range power Stand, making it great for fighting physically. Moreover, its string power gives it great versatility that allows Jolyne a wide array of actions in combat.

When Stone Free's string is completely wound or compacted, it gains a physical form and the ability to engage in hand-to-hand combat. However, the Stand's strength is initially considered to be weak by Jolyne; it isn't strong enough to break through prison bars and crushing a coin is the limit of its strength.[7] Later on, when Jolyne's strength and fighting capabilities are enhanced by Survivor, the destructive force of its punch is increased to be roughly equivalent to that exerted by a small, extremely fast meteor.[6] When fighting Whitesnake, Pucci considers Jolyne's Stand to be stronger than his.[8] It is heavily implied that Stone Free's strength increased naturally over time by overcoming many battles.[9] It is also fast enough to deflect several bullets aimed at it.[10] Due to Stone Free's integrated ability of her own body becoming her Stand power, Jolyne is shown to be able to physically touch and harm Stands, despite herself being human.[11]

String Decomposition

Stone Free enables Jolyne to unravel her body into string, typically beginning with her hands,[12] and freely manipulate it.[13]

Jolyne can unravel into strings

Stone Free's string is invisible to non-Stand Users. It is also sharp as it can slice through flesh if sufficient force is applied.[12] On the other hand, the string is not particularly strong and may snap under enough strain,[13] although Jolyne can create a stronger rope out of several strings. With enough precision, the string can pickpocket small objects that way.[14] The string can contract and expand like muscles, allowing Stone Free to control the grip a string has.

If Jolyne gathers the string and meshes it, she can concentrate her power and form Stone Free's humanoid appearance, who may fight in her stead,[15] but Stone Free's range is shortened to around 2 meters.[7] Stone Free, composed of strings, can naturally be unraveled too.[16]

Jolyne may unravel around 70% of her body harmlessly, as well as quickly rewind. It notably allows her to be supernaturally flexible and be able to hide in cramped spaces like someone's mouth.[17] At harm to herself, Jolyne may also cut her string for a further variety of applications. Stone Free's maximum range, unraveled to 70%, is about 24 meters, as long as the string's length.[6][18]

Stone Free's string manipulation makes it exceptionally versatile in battle. With the string, Jolyne is able to:

  • Eavesdrop on distant conversations in the form of sound vibrations through her string by the same principles behind the tin can telephone[12] but also converse through them.[19]
  • Slice people with the sharpness of the strings.[12]
  • Pickpocket small objects.[14]
  • Weave a tight net instantly strong enough to stop bullets to protect herself.[20][21]
  • Create a large net to capture enemies.[22]
  • Tie people up for various uses, mainly pulling them in range[10] or choking them.[13][23]
  • Stitch her wounds.[24]
  • Deploy a "string barrier" to detect movements over a large area.[25]
  • Create complex patterns to the point where Stone Free can make a portrait.[26]
  • Swing from place to place.[27]
  • Counteract C-MOON's ability to turn things inside-out, by meshing affected areas of her body into a Möbius strip.[28]
  • Pick a car lock to start the engine without the key.[29]
  • Create a net strong enough for her to run on.[30]

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Video Games

Monster Strike (Android/iOS)

Stone Free was obtainable for a limited time as a Guardian Beast in Monster Strike by completing the Foo Fighters boss event.

MS Stone Free.png
Jolyne's Stand, Stone Free (徐倫のスタンド ストーン・フリー)
Guardian Beast
String Power
Conditions for Use
Collect two items in a single turn (2x)
Increases damage dealt to a boss by 1% and has a 10% chance of paralyzing it for two turns.
Increases damage dealt to a boss by 2% and has a 15% chance of paralyzing it for two turns.
Increases damage dealt to a boss by 3% and has a 20% chance of paralyzing it for two turns.
Increases damage dealt to a boss by 4% and has a 25% chance of paralyzing it for two turns.
Increases damage dealt to a boss by 5% and has a 30% chance of paralyzing it for two turns.
Increases damage dealt to a boss by 6% and has a 35% chance of paralyzing it for two turns.
Increases damage dealt to a boss by 7% and has a 50% chance of paralyzing it for two turns.
Increases damage dealt to a boss by 8% and has a 65% chance of paralyzing it for two turns.
Increases damage dealt to a boss by 9% and has a 80% chance of paralyzing it for two turns.
Increases damage dealt to a boss by 10% and has a 99% chance of paralyzing it for two turns.

Puzzle & Dragons (Android/iOS)

Stone Free was obtainable for a limited time as an Assist Evolution in the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons.

PAD Stone Free Assist.png
Stone Free
Attributes: WaterIcon2.png
Rarity: 8★ (Assist Evolution)
No. 9563
6,066 (Lvl.99)
4,940 (Lvl.99)
316 (Lvl.99)
Active Skill: "String That Becomes Three-Dimensional" (Localized Name: "Yarn weaves into form.")
2x Orb move time & vastly reduces damage for 3 turns; board becomes 7x6 for 3 turns
Leader Skill: "N/A"



  • Araki tried to keep Stone Free from looking like any previous Stand, and put more focus on how Jolyne has to tear her body apart to fight than on the design.[5]


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