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San Giorgio Maggiore (サン・ジョルジョ・マッジョーレ島 San Jorujo Majjōre-tō) is a church and island in Italy featured in the fifth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Vento Aureo.

It is the location where Team Bucciarati first confronts the Boss of Passione.


The Bell Tower of the Chruch

San Giorgio Maggiore is a 16th-century Benedictine church located on an island of the same name in Venice, Italy. The island is only accessible by boat.

After retrieving the disk at Santa Lucia, Bucciarati and his team are ordered by the Boss to travel to the island to meet him. Upon reaching it, Bucciarati is tasked with accompanying the Boss's daughter, Trish Una to the top of bell tower by lift. However, before the pair could reach the top of the tower, Trish is attacked by the Boss's Stand, King Crimson, and is carried further down into the elevator shaft. Bucciarati pursues him to a confrontation in the church's basement.[1]


A staircase leads to the dark crypt in the basement of the church. The place is distinctive for the great numbers of columns and arches, allowing one to easily hide. It is there that Bucciarati tries to confront the Boss, although the latter remains unseen because his King Crimson appears in front of him. Bucciarati is mortally wounded but manages to bring Trish to the chapel by zipping through the ceiling.[2]



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