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This is Versus's Stand... Under World takes those memories and 'excavates' them.
Sports Maxx (from Under World's ability), SO Chapter 120: Under World, Part 2

Under World (アンダー・ワールド Andā Wārudo) is the Stand of Donatello Versus, featured in the sixth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean. It allows Versus to drag memories from the ground, forcing others to relive them.


Under World Front and Back Render Anime.png

Under World manifests as a humanoid Stand resembling Donatello's physique. Though Under World lacks a face, tube-shaped appendages shoot out from its eye-sockets directly into its back. The Stand bears a maze-like symbol and the Star of Life on its chest, along with a loincloth skirt made of feathers and a checkered vambrace.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

(Light blue body, blue and gold badges, orange appendages and armbands, gray accessories.)

(White tinted blue body, gold badges, orange appendages and armbands with black squares, gray accessories)


Although Under World's versatility allows Versus to be equipped with a wide array of actions to his advantage, the Stand has limited fighting abilities. Oftentimes, Versus is left defenseless when fighting another Stand user through brute strength. The Stand and its user are vulnerable to damage even while unearthing memories, as seen when Jolyne's Stone Free injures Under World by pinning it with a plane part while the group was trapped in a memory of a passenger plane.[1]

Memory Unearthing

Under World unearths a memory of Jolyne

Under World's ability is to excavate memories of events and people from the past through the assumption that the ground contains a memory of anything that happens upon it.[2] Versus uses this to summon any historical event that happened in Orlando, Florida[3] by digging through and uncovering the soil, and later trap anyone in it. Memories include, but are not limited to car crashes, shootings,[4] plane crashes,[5] NFL football games,[6] minerals,[6] and even people involved in the event.[7] As long as Under World is not interrupted from digging up the ground, Versus can create a reenactment of the event and can also be granted knowledge of the past.[3][8]

The memories of individuals who experienced the original event are aware of their status yet do not mind it, such as when one stewardess calmly informs Jolyne of their plane's impending crash.[2] These memories are also composed of the earth and can be seen by non-Stand users. As such, if anyone is caught in an event, they will experience what has happened in the past and cannot interfere or change anything in any form. For example, if one is caught in a memory of a plane crash, they will inevitably experience said crash and die.[9] To avoid this, one must find a loophole or condition within the memory, such as an area where nobody died or was only injured.[7] Individuals who did not die in the original event will also not die.[1]

Apart from trapping people in lethal events, past individuals within the memory can be interrogated for information.[10] Anything caught in the original memory, such as stray bullets, can also indirectly attack victims within the vicinity without having to trap them in the event.[5]

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  • Under World was inspired by Araki's fascination with psychology, along with social issues at the time.[11]


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